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Ice Succubus (Dream World)

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Ice Succubus
Dream World character
Ice Succubus from the Dream World Role Playing Game
First game Dream World
Fictional profile
A creature found at the Ice Gate

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

An Ice Succubus is a monster that appears in the Dream World online role playing game originally developed by Playmage. It was adapted to be a social game for FaceBook and other online sites. The goal of the game is to save Dream World from being destroyed by undertaking various quests and battles against various different kinds of monsters and settings. The Ice Succubus is encountered at the Ice Gate during one of the adventures.


  • Name: Ice Succubus
  • Location: Ice Gate
  • Level: 56
  • Description: Demon
  • Hitpoints: 24 500
  • Drops: 500,000 Coins

Skills List

  • Normal Attack (~300-500 damage)
  • Ice Whip (~1000-1250 damage)

Ice Gate

The Ice Gate location in this game is the source of various demon beings that appear including: Ice Giant, Ice Succubus, Ice Golem, Ice Sorceress, Ice Dragon and the "boss" creature of this quest, Lysiana.

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