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Hellfire Rose

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Hellfire Rose
Virtueverse character
The Virtueverse Character known as Hellfire Rose
First appearance Virtueverse
First game City of Heroes
Virtueverse Wiki
Created by Hellfire Reaper
Fictional profile
A demon from the hellish dimension who now lives free in the Rouge Isles

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Hellfire Rose is a player character in the Vitueverse game setting for the City of Heroes role playing game who is described as a Succubus. The character is the creation of Hellfire Reaper.


Hellfire Rose, a demon from the hellish dimension who now lives free in the Rouge Isles. Succubi in general are temptresses, stealing souls and either growing in power or giving that power to their masters. Rose would have been just like them.


  • Name: Hellfire Rose
  • Player: Hellfire Reaper
  • Origin: Magic
  • Archetype: Corrupter
  • Threat Level: 50
  • Real Name: Hellfire Rose (Human Name: Mary Silverman)
  • Known Aliases: Rose
  • Species: Demon (Succubus)
  • Age: 180
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue (red in demon form)
  • Hair Color: Dark red with hints of black
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Scholar
  • Place of Birth: New England
  • Base of Operations: Lives in the Midnighters Club
  • Marital Status: Unknown
  • Known Relatives: Unknown/None
  • Known Powers: Fire mastery and energy mastery
  • Known Abilities: Flight, soul magic.
  • Equipment: Confidential

Before Hellfire

Mary Silverman was born in 1828 in New England. Her life had not been that exciting, but as she grew into womanhood she showed great charisma and ability to influence others. She was loved by her town, and was pined after by several men. Though flattered by their advances she never let this go to her head, or become some harlot. After several years Mary finaly settled down with a man she wanted to be with the rest of her life,and was ready to start the life of a wife and mother. That is had not Valos not meddled.

Shortly after their wedding Mary was abducted, snatched up in the dead of night by some winged monstrosity. Though where were supernatual occurances and cults still in the world they were rare, but still some existed in that time. This cult worshiped a Daemon Lord named Valos, the ruler of a Dimension similar to hell but mostly comprised of succubus and incubus. No one really knows if she was chosen becuase of her charisma, her influence, or if it was a sick pleasure to tear apart a pair of lovers, but taken she was and offered to Valos. Their offering accepted, Mary was taken back to the hellish dimension of lust and pain. In some dark temple deep in the city, she was chained and slowly and painfully her soul was changed. The "siring" or transformation of a human to a daemon, her humananity would be lost and in its place a lustful, evil succubus. The concept and aspect of time lost to her she did not know how long she was changed physically and mentally, but when they were finished Mary Silverman dead and in her place was the succubus Rose.

Life as a Succubus

Many many years did she spend as the personal plaything of Valos, being sent to the human world to seduce, drain souls and finally return back to Dyval so those souls would feed and sustain him. In a very sadastic irony, he only sent her after the husbands of charasmatic and loved women of towns and cities, making her destroy the very thing she had yearned for so long as a human. Though what Valos was doing was considered odd, normally a succubus is sent on one job and then bring that soul back so the succubus does not absorb that energy and become stronger and harder to control, no one would dare question the lord of Dyval. So slowly Rose became more and more "free willed" until she had seen and fully understood what she had been doing and what she had done. She remembered who she was, what she had, what she lost, and most importantly who took it away from her. Though no where near powerful enough to defeat Valos, she was strong enough to make a dimensional portal to Earth and escape from Valos.

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