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Hell To Pay (eBook II)

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Hell To Pay
Hell To Pay eBook Cover, written by Jackie Kessler
Hell To Pay eBook Cover,
written by Jackie Kessler
Author(s) Jackie Kessler
Series Hell On Earth
Publisher Kessler Ink
Publication date February 25, 2011
Media type eBook
Length 285 Pages
Preceded by Hotter than Hell
Followed by A Hell of a Time (Short Story)

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Hell To Pay is an eBook written by Jackie Kessler. It is the fourth work in the Hell On Earth series by this author. In this work the character Jezebel is a Succubus.


  • Title: Hell To Pay
  • Author: Jackie Kessler
  • Published By: Kessler Ink
  • Length: 285 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: February 25, 2011

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Plot Summary

After turning her back on Hell and becoming human, the former demon Jezebel — now the mortal dancer Jesse Harris — is ready to settle down with her true love, Paul Hamilton, and make with the Happily Ever After. But that’s not in the cards. Jesse is accidentally wielding her former Hellish power — with devastating results. Another former succubus has targeted Paul. Someone is killing the dancers at Jesse’s club. And the King of Hell is leading the world to the brink of Armageddon. All in all, it’s not looking good for Jesse, or for anyone she loves. And there’s going to be…

In this fourth and final Hell on Earth novel, everything changes.

Book Review

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Ex-succubus Jezebel just can't be left alone by Hell so that she can live her life in peace. On top of a serial killer marking the dancers in the strip club she works in for death, she's suffering from homesickness for her old domain and longings for old friends (one old friend in particular) and trying to keep her head low to keep from attracting the attention of her nemesis, Archangel Michael, King of Hell. Whereas she was told she would live her life as an ensouled human, she finds herself displaying episodes of using her former demonic powers. Her love for her human lover, Paul, is being tested by Hell and she's being torn between a man she loves and one she desires. Hell let Jezzie go once, but now, it wants her back!

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