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Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams

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Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams
Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams eBook Cover, written by Marc Cabot
Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams eBook Cover, written by Marc Cabot
Author(s) Marc Cabot
Series Hell To Pay
Publisher Unspeakable Publications
Publication date February 2, 2013
Media type eBook
Length 31 Pages
ISBN 9781301993369
Preceded by Hell To Pay
Followed by Hell To Pay: Carnival of Lust

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams is an eBook written by Marc Cabot and set in the fictional Dreams of Control universe, where magic and mad science are allowed, usually in the service of erotic mind control. This story is a "tweenquel," which is set during the main storyline of Hell To Pay and takes place at the Vampire's Ball, a Halloween party held in Houston, Texas. In this work, the character Lily is a Succubus.


  • Title: Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams
  • Author: Marc Cabot
  • Published By: Unspeakable Publications
  • Length: 31 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781301993369
  • Publishing Date: February 2, 2013

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Plot Summary

Simon Marshall and Lily the Succubus are off to the best Halloween party in the US - the Vampire's Ball. For once, Lily can strut her stuff and really show off what it means to be a sex demon!

After whetting their carnal appetites with the beautiful Estrella, Simon and Lily are off, hunting a playmate - for once, another man for Lily - and encountering a mysterious stranger who reminds Simon just how little he knows about the world of magic and danger he's fallen into by chance. Lily's got her eye on Michael the gorgeous Afro-French DJ and Simon's just along for the ride... assuming things stay on the rails!

Book Review

The following review was published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on February 17th, 2013

During the year that Simon is given with Lily, the two of them travel the world and while doing so have all sorts of pleasurable moments together, but they are only hinted at in the first work. In the second that omission is taken care of and we discover that Lily can be very imaginative when she puts her mind… and more… to such things…

The one striking thing for me is the moment when Lily transforms herself for the Halloween Ball into what she says is the internet’s view of Succubi. That means horns, tail, and of course, hooves. When I read what she was described as looking like, I did, i admit, sigh a bit. I do not like hooves, I have said that many times in the past. I had expected Simon to agree with her look and let things pass by… but he didn’t. He wasn’t thrilled by the hooves either and that just made me like him even more. Lily doesn’t give them up mind you, she has a good reason for it just as much as Simon’s reasons for her not having them but still… there was that moment and I really liked that a lot.

I also liked how Lily made Simon up for the ball, the costume I loved and the little touches in how it was described again made him very real in my thoughts. Beyond that, his actions, manners, and what transpires within the club again made him if not perfect, right for him.

Having read the first work and knowing what happens to both Lily and Simon, I was concerned that there might be something off about this story whether in that the resolution of their relationship would be revealed or that how their story within the larger story would seem off somehow. This, thankfully, didn’t happen. It felt like it could have been slipped into the first work with little effort and ring very true. This moment in their lives shows the signs and portents of what would come, but does not give that away which was the right thing to do.

Again as in the first work, the point of the story isn’t the erotica, which is very hot and has a wonderfully hot D/s scene in the climax which… well, it is a different look for Lily, but it is still her and in the happening comes, besides all three of the characters, another piece of understanding between Lily and Simon that you wouldn’t expect.

There is one moment that felt a little bit like a tease and that is when Lily and Simon come face to face with a character for a little chat. Those that read this work will know the character I mean and they appear in other works by this author as well. The thing of it is that the repartee while well done and feeling right, leaves you wondering about them and wanting to have something more happen than does. But that is the point isn’t it?

I’m giving this work five out of five pitchforks as well.

All of the deliciousness and horns and tails too…

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