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Halloween Succubus Shift (eBook)

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Halloween Succubus Shift
Halloween Succubus Shift eBook Cover, written by Maxwell Avoi
Halloween Succubus Shift eBook Cover,
written by Maxwell Avoi
Author(s) Maxwell Avoi
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date October 4, 2017
Media type eBook
Length 46 Pages

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Halloween Succubus Shift is an eBook written by Maxwell Avoi. In this work the characters David and Nathan are transformed into Succubi.


  • Title: Halloween Succubus Shift
  • Author: Maxwell Avoi
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 46 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0765TCNTP
  • Publishing Date: October 4, 2017

Plot Summary

Nathan’s cousin David hasn’t been the same since he caught his now-ex sleeping with the UPS guy. But Nathan has a plan to get David’s mind off she-who-shall-not-be-named, a plan that involves the use of a family trait that both share: the ability to take another form for the three days of Halloween. Nathan’s in charge of coming up with the forms, and the details about them, and he thinks that he has the perfect bodies in mind to take David’s mind off everything: Nathan and his cousin are both going to take the form of succubae.

It should be a hell of a Halloween.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on October 17, 2017

Nathan and David have an interesting family quirk, they can transform their forms around Halloween when they work together. A choice made, possibly not the best, and the two become succubi and discover the highs, and needs, being succubi brings.

The work is more or less balanced between gender transformation, a tale of becoming succubi, and some various erotic explorations of what being a succubus means. The transformation isn’t shown, but the aftermath of self discovery is interesting, even if the gender change trope of self-discovery felt like it went on too long. That said, the discovery of what it means to be a succubus is a well done slow burn through the middle of the work until things turned towards the erotica. How the addition of wings, horns and tail to their new female forms was enjoyable, and how they dealt with them in the world outside of their door worked well.

The erotica has mild heat in it, most of that coming from David and Nathan trying to resolve their new selves and deal with their struggle internally. There’s a lot of encounters which merge together into one long feeding by the succubi themselves. Overall it reads well and it amused me much of the time. I just felt like the heat was missing something which was a shame.

Written well, the characters have depth and I liked that the succubi weren’t stereotypical. But the framing of the story says they are both transformed for three days and I don’t think that was explored as well as it could have been. It also would have been interesting for them to discover the changes were permanent and what that would mean.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A cute succubi transformation story, but it doesn’t really go far or wind up in a place that suggests there’s a future beyond the moment. It might have been nice to push things past Halloween and see what happens after. There are lovely moments to be sure, but getting away from the sex scenes and turning towards more of what the characters have to deal with, and if there’s repercussions beyond their needs would have been nice.

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