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The Succubus Gulfora
Series Sodium Noir
Created by Spike
Game information
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Alignment Evil
Title The Whore of Babylon
Alias Orchid
Setting Sodium Noir Play-by-email Role Playing Game

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Gulfora is a succubus character in the Sodium Noir freeform play-by-email roleplaying game created by the game player Spike. The universe is based on the World of Darkness universe created by White Wolf Games. The original character Gulfora, as she first appeared in the Chicago by Night sourcebook can be found in the article Gulfora (Vampire: The Masquerade).


The Story of Gulfora is broader than any single setting or any single mind She has always existed and her history is as long as the world's. First mentioned by name in Babylonia, she since stalked the fevered dreams of men across the globe and beyond. It is said that when one looks closely at the Art of desire, the poetry of love, the shifting concepts of erotica and at the temptresses who brought great men low, you will see Gulfora and her sisters.

She is subject of every wet dream, having a pornstar figure with supermodel looks. Gulfora was formed by the physical lust of humanity and she deems to clothe herself in the same drives that gave her flesh. Gulfora is wanton and enticing and well knows this, which is why she covers herself when skimpy strips of cloth that serve to accentuate her ample figure.

Character Summary

  • Name: Gulfora (AKA Orchid)
  • Race: Demon
  • Splat: Succubus
  • Title: The Whore of Babylon, The Tempter of flesh, The mother of Demons and The Fall of Empires


Lust is a pure emotion, it shapes empires and dynasties, it destroys men and obliterates societies. Often it has been the only weapon in the arsenal of women, and with it they have done far more than any nuclear missile or army could achieve.

Gulfora is Lust given form, but her intellect has larger goals. Primal in conversation, she despises prolonged talk and word games and will make her displeasure evident. To her men are cattle to be used and discarded and the majority of women have fallen so far from their divinity as to be unworthy of her attention.

The entire tapestry of existence is a banquette to be enjoyed at the fastest pace possible and the concept of moderation is not in her vocabulary.

Note from the Character's Author

Gulfore the Succubus appeared originally in Chicago by Night by White Wolf Games. Since then I have used the character in my games and she has grown from that original concept. The ways that this biography of Gulfora differs are only with regards to the Spikeyverse.

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