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Goddess of Debased Eros (Vestige)

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Goddess of Debased Eros (Vestige)
Shami-Amourae Pact Symbol
Game background
Title(s) Goddess of Debased Eros Vestige
Type Pact with Shami-Amourae
Effects knowledge of Forgotten Lore
Charms and Compulsions
Enhanced Suggestion
Source Paizo.com
Design details
Settings Savage Tide Adventure Path

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Goddess of Debased Eros Vestige is a pact which is made with the former Queen of Succubi Shami-Amourae and provides additional abilities to player characters in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.

When successful, Shami-Amourae, The Lady of Delights, a forgotten Succubus figure of the great wheel, grants her summoner the power of charms and knowledge of the deepest secrets of others as well as knowledge of charms and compulsions.


As one of the first of the succubi birthed from the raw matter of the Abyss, Shami-Amourae's existence predates most mortal races, including humans. She had been once Queen of Succubi and her cult flourished on the Prime Plane. However, other ambitious succubi also claimed the title and this struggle, known as the War of Ripe Flesh, became a battle for supremacy among the Succubi. Shami-Amourae discovered a secret so dark that several Demon Lords imprisoned her within the Wells of Darkness and as a result, she became a Vestige…


  • Vestige Level: 5th
  • Binding DC: 26
  • Special Requirements: Yes
  • Special Requirement: You must have a gender, and must not be immune to charms and compulsions through means other then Binder (Or Soul Binding prestige Class) class features.
  • Sign: Your skin becomes pale, almost white, and your hair takes on a lustrous golden hue.
  • Influence: You fall under Shami-Amourae’s influence. This manifests as an all-consuming desire for attention and companionship. It also makes you vain and somewhat haughty. Whenever another person compliments you on your beauty, they gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Bluff checks made against you. In addition when you have no allies within 30 feet, a -1 penalty on Will saves occurs. This influence persists on good pacts as well.

Granted Abilities

Shami-Amourae grants knowledge of forgotten lore from ages past and charms and compulsions against your enemies.

  • Seduction: You find it easy to foil minds with your enticing words, as a standard action you may make a touch attack and use Suggestion as the spell. At level 16 and up cast you cast Mass Suggestion as the spell instead of Suggestion, you no longer require a touch attack. You may only use this ability once every 5 rounds. You may add +2 to the Save DC if the suggestion is of a sexual nature.
  • Lust: Your touch incites an overwhelming lust in any corporeal living creature. As a free action, when you touch a creature they must make a Will Save or suffer a -20 penalty on grapple checks against you for the next hour. You may only use this ability once every 5 rounds.
  • Enthrall and Extort: You treat any Charisma based skill, Sense motive, Gather Information, or Knowledge: Local checks as class and trained skills. At the time you make a Pact with Shami-Amourae choose four of any Charisma based skill, Sense motive, Gather Information, or Knowledge: Local and gain an enchantments bonus equal to half your EBL to those skills for as long as you bind with Shami-Amourae.
  • Knowledge: Local checks as class and trained skills. At the time you make a Pact with Shami-Amourae choose four of any Charisma based skill, Sense motive, Gather Information, or Knowledge: Local and gain an enchantments bonus equal to half your EBL to those skills for as long as you bind with Shami-Amourae.
  • Notice Peculiarity: As a Standard Action the caster may use Detect thoughts as the spell however it manifests itself in such a way that creatures around you feel uneasy or intimidated and occasionally let partial words, sentences, or body language slip in a manner only you can interrupt. If you under the effects of the Detect thoughts spell by some other means reduce the time required to study a subject by 1 round.
  • Savage Compulsion: You are able to contact the Lady of Delights herself beyond the veil of time and space once per day. She speaks in riddles and often confusing rhymes as she attempts to impart alluring knowledge of events yet to occur. This ability acts as the Hypercognition psionic power or affects the caster with a suggestion, as determined by the Dungeon Master. The end result is determined by the Dungeon Master however the effect will always be benefaction to the caster. This ability may only be used once per day.

Designer Notes

The Vestige was constructed as follows: Vestige level- 5th. Fifth because it is roughly the same level a Wizard is able to cast/prepare 3 suggestion spells, and 1 extended detect thought… Sixth was certainly too high for the granted abilities as there are better choices for vestige at that level, and fourth seemed too low.

  • Legend: Feel free to change the Legend to anything your Campaign requires. It’s flavor for the campaign and the players will eventually find out the truth near the campaign’s end regardless.
  • Abilities: Most Vestige grant 4 to 6 powers usually something along the lines of:
  • A feat or Constant ability (or both)
  • Numerous Skill Bonuses
  • Mimic a spell or psinoic Power
  • One Unique Abilities to Vestige (or two if it lacks a Mimicked Spell)
  • The Unique Abilities or Mimiced spell (or both) have the “Usable only once every 5 rounds” clause.
  • Sign, Influence, Suggestion: Same as the Sign, Influence, and power the Dahlver-nar-Tooth of Shami-Amourae would grant. A Binder that receives the tooth will simply be getting redundant abilities in this case. Alternately it can be ruled that if a Binder places the tooth in his mouth he becomes constantly bound to Shami-Amourae without using up any of the normal allotment of Vestiges. She/He will still have to roll to make a good or bad pact each day.
  • Lust Ability: A copy of the very same abilities in Shami-Amourae’s stat block, only the DC is based off the character's normal binder DC. The penalty is at -20 because not only is it limited to 1 per 5 round use, but if you plan on using it you would have had to spend a feat or another vestige bind to gain Improved Grapple.
  • Notice Peculiarity: Reflects the player's sudden ability to suddenly extract information from allies or foes. However this seems to trip on Danataions abilities (A 4th level vestige), so the clause of reducing study time was added to give a binder a reason to bind both.
  • Savage Compulsion: Allows the player to ask “Where should we be going or what should we be doing next.” The Dungeon Master should never outright players that information. Any information given through this ability should be cryptic but related to the next path in the campaign that players should be taking. This effect should never force the players to do anything, it merely suggests. This ability should only function within the Savage Tide Campaign itself.
  • Debased Eros: This ability does not truly reflect how sexually debased Shami-Amourae is. There should be something more substantial, but in doing so the player character would likely be overwhelmed by it.
  • Ending of Vestige Pact: This Vestige completely ceases to function once an obvious campaign event occurs, which is a reason why Binder’s should have access to this vestige at earlier levels.
  • Additional Notes: A lot of this vestige is based off of Shami-Amourae’s Tooth which appears in the Savage Tide Adventure Path campaign. It sohuld be noted that her Dahlvernar Tooth, or any Dahlvernar Tooth for that matter, should never incur a Vestiges Influence. Both influences impart negative effect onto a player which is not allowed in the pact magic world. The Four other existing Savage Tide Vestiges grant X per day powers, which is also not allowed. Vestige abilities are either meant to be used once per 5 rounds or have unlimited use. These oversights are easily forgiven however because the designers were probably focusing on how to finish writing the campaign instead of balancing a rarely used class.

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