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Futa's Throbbing Love (eBook)

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Futa's Throbbing Love
Futa's Throbbing Love eBook Cover, written by Reed James
Futa's Throbbing Love eBook Cover,
written by Reed James
Author(s) Reed James
Series Wicked Futa Succubus
Publisher Naughty Ladies Publications
Publication date December 1, 2016
Media type eBook
Length 36 Pages
Preceded by Futa and the Naughty Angel
Followed by Wicked Futa Succubi

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Futa's Throbbing Love is an eBook written by Reed James. It is the fourteenth work in the Wicked Futa Succubus series by this author. In this work the character Lilith is a Succubus and the characters Jane and Lizette are transformed into being Succubi.


  • Title: Futa's Throbbing Love
  • Author: Reed James
  • Published By: Naughty Ladies Publications
  • Length: 36 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: December 1, 2016

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Plot Summary

The futa and her lovers share their throbbing love bathed in the light of a naughty angel!

Jane shivers to recover from the futa-angel's embrace. And she is shocked to learn that her throbbing futa passion has doubled. Two extra bits dangle beneath her skirt. And her lovers, Septima and Chloe, are eager to have fun. Like Jane, they've been transformed by the naughty angel. The three futas revel in their love, experimenting with all the wonderful additions to their bodies. But while they writhe, Lizette and the futa-demon Lilith gain power. Lust spreads across the college campus. Jane and her lovers will have to take a stand against the futa-succubi and their wicked demon!

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's tale on June 23, 2017

Out of desperation, Jane seeks out a means for a bit of revenge upon the one that slighted her. But instead of what she expected, Lilith appears and the succubus has some ideas of her own for Jane. A deal struck transforms Jane into a futa-succubus and now the campus is her playground. Friends fall, enemies come and along the way a betrayal forces each soul touched by Lilith to make a choice.

The series is a collection of short works, a few chapters generally at the most, with the main focus on Jane using her futa succubus abilities on all of the female students around her. Some are transformed into succubi like Jane as well, some are changed, if not quite so much so. There’s also a force fighting against Lilith, who picks out many students as well, changing them along the way and this causes no end of shifting allegiances, problems, and many moments of trying to come to terms within each character of what they have done, and what they want.

Unlike many other works by this author, there’s a good deal of focus upon the characters developing, the internal struggles each has when Lilith’s gifts are passed on and what happens to each. I liked that Jane struggles with her fate, that other characters embrace the change or fear it. There are some moments of characters just falling into sex scenes at the drop of a skirt, but it’s not too overwhelming.

There’s a tremendous number of sex scenes in this work which run from romantic hot flashes to outright adult movie porn scenes with a futa twist. The variations are interesting and there is heat, but there are just so many of them, some books having three or four couplings which means that there are a lot of weak points in the series where the plot and story gets buried under the mass of bodies trying things out as futa-succubi, among other things.

Beneath all of the sex however, there’s a little truism that I liked, especially in the final pages of the series and looking back on the series as a whole, that truth kept coming up, over and over again. It isn’t pressed to the point of being burdening however, but it does make some of the relationships, the events and how they unfold, make a lot more sense by the last words.

While Jane and her friends are given time to develop, to tell their stories, I didn’t think that Lilith really had a chance to. She’s a whisper, a voice urging them on, but never appears fully, isn’t a physical part of the story and there’s so little of her appearing that I really was disappointed in that.

There are, however, so many characters that become futa-succubi that it almost makes up for that. But while they are succubi, of a kind, there’s no horns or tails to be found. Their transformation comes to the futa transformation and then walking around with things dangling out in search of someone to add to their numbers. It’s a little zombie-ish at times, often over the top in what happens, but overall the transformations were interesting in what they were.

The writing is good, the characters, at least most of them, have the chance to develop at points, but not so much as to get in the way of the erotica which is the focus of the series. If there’s a single problem, it comes to not telling enough of Lilith’s background, not allowing for time to pass far enough for things to happen at a reasonable speed. While the conclusion does offer closure, and tells something of what happened in the aftermath, it was really done quickly which didn’t feel right looking back on how much time was spent in sorting out the characters, Lilith’s desires and those that opposed her.

For the series as a whole, I’ll give it four out of five pitchforks.

There’s a really good, involved story here and for once the author actually took some time to develop the characters into being something a bit more than sex-crazed nymphomaniacs, even if, for the most part, there as no escaping that theme in this series. I really wanted Lilith to be more present, to actually appear, perhaps to do something more than partially “possess” the characters she did.

The erotica was up to the author’s standards, the story was a little more than it usually is. That made this series a bit more than I really expected, which was a delightful surprise. Perhaps the author might consider telling more story than erotica sometime, because that’s what’s missing so often in this series.

Need and want drive one onwards, how one comes to terms with that is where the story lurks in waiting. Telling more of this between the hot flashes is what was missing for me. But in the end, there’s a lot to like here, the series is well worth a read as a whole and I think it’s worth a look whether or not futa stories are what you are looking for.

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