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Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales Boxset Books 1-4 (eBook)

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Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales
Boxset Books 1-4
Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales Boxset Books 1-4 eBook Cover, written by Ina Morata
Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales
Boxset Books 1-4 eBook Cover,
written by Ina Morata
Author(s) Ina Morata
Series Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales
Publisher Clarian Press
Publication date April 14, 2020
Media type eBook
Length 381 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales Boxset Books 1-4 is an eBook written by Ina Morata. It is a collection of the first four works in the Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales series by this author. In this work one of the characters is a Succubus.


  • Title: Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales Boxset Books 1-4
  • Author: Ina Morata
  • Published By: Clarian Press
  • Length: 381 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: April 14, 2020

Plot Summary

Four steamy stories from the Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales series.

  • Lilitu: A steamy love triangle...with death at its heart... Lila is a descendant of Lilith, out to prove herself worthy of such heritage, and in desperate need of a human man who can satisfy her desires and give himself to her wholeheartedly. Having abandoned her previous lover to his doom, she sets her sights on Porphyro. There is just one problem: she has some serious competition – and a problem that she’s been hiding from herself. Undeterred, Lila seeks out all manner of sexy, luscious ways to get into Porphyro's head, his pants – and his heart – while trying to dispose of her competition.
  • The Chocolatier: Lust, love and seduction in the sweetest, most delicious of steamy ways... Edward the chocolatier lives a frustrating life in his family's shop in a backstreet of 1920s London. Unable to escape his disastrous love life, ghosts of the past haunt him (literally!). Everywhere Edward looks, he is taunted by their lusty, lascivious and bawdy antics, while he spends every night kissing the image of the chocolate goddess, Ixcacao and wishing she was in his bed. But when the mysterious Lilith enters his shop, he discovers that fulfilling his desires come at a price. What, and who, does he have to sacrifice to get the love – and lust – of his life? And what will he become if he succumbs to everything Lilith has to teach him?
  • The Greenwood Goddess: One goddess. Five men. A bewitching tale of seduction and the ultimate prize... Captivating each one of her potential candidates in turn at the Beltane festivities, the mesmerising Gaia tells her five "finalists" they are to battle for the most wonderful of prizes by taking it in turns telling erotic stories. Gaia has already completely managed to seduce every part of Ben, from his brain to his body to his senses. Desperate to win, Ben just doesn’t know how he’s going to beat all the others to the mysterious prize. One by one, the men relate their tales. But strange things happen during this Beltane, and there are consequences to their storytelling. Someone has to be the last one standing – but is the prize quite what they all thought it would be?
  • Desires on Kiska: A steamy, dark and dangerous love triangle in the wilds of an Alaskan winter. What happens when an ice goddess falls hard for a human man who has no idea that he's about to get caught in a hot and sexy war between her and her sister? And this sister will do anything carnal and devious – including enlisting the help of the most evil ancient mountain god – to ensure she never lets her own sylph-like sibling find the love she so desperately wants. So begins a race against time, one goddess pitting her wits, love, lust – and life – against the other, as the stakes are unexpectedly raised. Because only they know what will happen when Spring comes...

Book Review

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