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Erotic Demon Hunter Collection (eBook)

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Erotic Demon Hunter Collection
Erotic Demon Hunter Collection eBook Cover, written by Julianne Reyer
Erotic Demon Hunter Collection eBook Cover, written by Julianne Reyer
Author(s) Julianne Reyer
Publisher Quirky Nights Publishing
Publication date October 7, 2012
Media type eBook
Length 109 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Erotic Demon Hunter Collection is an anthology eBook written by Julianne Reyer. In this work the story The Demon Sisters has two Succubi sisters appear.


  • Title: Erotic Demon Hunter Collection
  • Author: Julianne Reyer
  • Published By: Quirky Nights Publishing
  • Length: 109 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: October 7, 2012

Plot Summary

Follow the kinky paranormal exploits of Casey and Nick as they overcome demons, vampires, and their own personal struggles, to build a lasting bond with each other. The Erotic Demon Hunter Collection combines all three stories chronicling their journey into one 36k+ word erotic novella. Intended for adult readers only.

  • The Devil's Taint - Demon hunter with a flair for sex magic. She understands the paranormal, and knows just how to deal with the most indecent encounters. But when her newest job draws her into the troubles of a handsome young executive with a past, she finds herself shaken and the magic going awry. Can she control the demon before it's too late?
  • The Demon Sisters - Tough-girl Casey is trying to unravel a demonic problem, along with Nick, the sexy young executive with a mysterious past. She learns more about Nick's kinky side, and just might surprise him herself. But will things go too far when they're faced with two perverted succubi who are packing heat?
  • The Vampire's Glamour - Casey is a tough-girl demon hunter who's falling for her cocky partner, Nick. He's a wealthy man with a dark past who isn’t really her type, but after facing demons and black magic together, their connection might be more than it seems. Now, as they attend a gala vampire event in search of answers, they find both danger and perversion. Can they overcome vampires and demons to save Nick’s soul?

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on January 18, 2015

As a whole I understand the focus on erotica that happens… well… in erotic works. There must be heat in the story of course, but then it needs something more. Erotica without story is simply a hot flash that quickly vanishes into nothingness. But how much is too much? Where is the line which marks the difference between an erotic story and something more? That can be in the characters, the adventure, or, sometimes. what is unspoken as the story progresses.

Casey meets Nick. Nick has a problem, Casey tries to solve it, and quite literally all hell breaks loose before the story is finished. The focus in this series is Casey and Nick and they do meet, summon, and encounter a various number of supernatural beings. There are Succubi, a fleeting scene for the most part, and what could be an Incubus, but they appear for only a short time and are no more. Again, the point of the story are Casey and Nick, so this has to be expected, but their running from one encounter to the next felt forced and unfocused at times and I’m not sure it needed to be as such.

The main characters, and really all of the others as well, are very interesting and speak with their own voices. I enjoyed seeing each of their personalities appear and as the series went along there was actually quite a lot to be told. The vignettes between each of the moments of erotica told a story and built upon what had been revealed in the past.

The problem with the series as a whole is that the core of the work tends towards the erotic moments that Casey and Nick go through on their quest. Whether between the two of them or demons they summon, or vampires or whatever, more is spent on those moments than on the main plot of the story which is Nick’s predicament.

The erotica itself has some very hot moments in it, but there are also some points which made me stop and wonder what was happening exactly before continuing on. By that I mean the situation that Casey and Nick find themselves in seemed odd. It also felt like there was some repetitiveness in what the two of them are involved in.

There are Succubi in this work, two sisters, who are somewhat stereotypical in nature in that all they really care about is sex. They are different in that they do not have a stereotypical form however. But the erotic scenes with them aren’t quite as hot as I thought they could have been. There is also an appearance of what could be called an Incubus, but again that scene seemed a bit too clinical and its heat was muted for me at least.

The author writes excellent characters, their settings are well thought out, and as a whole I wasn’t taken out of the story because of a mistake in editing. The erotica might have been a little bit more emotionally and tied the main characters together more than it did.

As a whole I give this series three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A bit more story, a little less over the top sex and it would have been a lot better I think. There’s so much in the background of both Casey and Nick that isn’t really explored and I think that it should have been. More flashbacks or reveals or… something. I’m not honestly sure what, but as the work is the heat overcomes story and it need not.

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