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Erika by DarkShadow
Name Erika
Title(s) Tera's Aunt
Noted Dominatrix of the Realm
AngelKitty Saffron
Age Physically mid-40s, though she is actually several centuries old
Gender Female
Hair Colour Purple
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Red
Personality Very dominant, almost single-mindedly so
Strength(s) Ability to 'read' the needs of submissives
Weakness(es) Short temper with the inept or foolish
Favorite Place The Palace Dungeons (Now known as The Playrooms)
Home in the Realm Ascendant Court
Alias Mistress Erika
Created By TeraS
Quote Time for your lessons... pet.

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Erika, better known as one of the most renowned Dominatrixes of the Realm, and Tera's Aunt, is a Collective Succubi. She is a red-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty is Saffron.

Erika, being Tera's Aunt, is a member of Tera's immediate family and appears in physical form to have some family traits as such, even if her hair colour is strikingly different than might be expected. She is not, nor has ever been, involved in the Realm bureaucracy, seeing it as a necessary evil and knowing her sister Simone has things well in hand. Her focus in the past was the training of captured souls taken as prizes in battle to obey the succubi and incubi of the Realm. With the coming of Tera as Queen of the Realm, her role has changed to that of teacher and guide for those trying to come to terms with either their submissive or dominant natures.

Physical Description

Erika is a mature member of the Succubi who appears to be in her middle-to-late-fourties. She is a red tailed succubi and is about as tall as her niece Tera. Her normal scent is smoke. Erika has purple hair, unlike her niece Tera, but instead of being somewhat curled, it is mainly straight, if curled at the tips and reaches midway down her back. She has dark and moody green eyes which always have a gleam in them.

Erika is not one of the most "endowed" of the succubi, though her body shape is unmistakably sexual. She normally dresses informally, usually in mid-tones of red, tending towards low cut tops and mid-thigh dresses or skirts. However, in her role of a Dominatrix, she tends towards deeply black latex or leather corsets and associated dominant styles. Thigh-high boots with tall heels are her signature style. she rarely being seen without them.


Powers and Abilities



Erika's Tailself has not appeared since the beginning of Tera's reign. Known in Realm history as Callisto, she is a green tailed succubi, known for being somewhat cruel in her nature when dealing with others. She can be said to be very much a "traditional" succubus in her drives and appetites, save for Callisto being almost fanatical in her dealings with others. Callisto is a black tail, her hair colour is shockingly white and she has black eyes.


Erika's AngelKitty is known as Saffron and takes on the role of being Erika's assistant in what once where dungeons and now are referred to as "Playrooms". In her kitten form, Saffron is purple in colour with black wings. Her human form is that of a wisp of a woman, having purple hair like Erika, but in a ponytail. Her usual dress is a black leather bodysuit which covers her from neck to toes, her normal footwear something similar to leather booties. It has been rumoured that Saffron first appeared in ancient Egypt and may have been part of the mythos of the cat legends from that time in Earth's history.


  • Erika has a leather fetish, such gifts, when accepted, can alter her view of others to the positive.
  • Has never visited the Realm Library, sending her submissives to collect any texts she requires instead.
  • Owns a carriage which is drawn by submissives being punished when she needs to travel about the Realm.
  • Owns possibly the largest collection of whips and cat-of-nine tails in the Realm, or any universe for that matter.


  • Prefers wine to all other beverages.
  • Suffers no fools and has been known to use a riding crop to get her point across to others if need be.
  • Possesses all secrets to the Realm's Playrooms and Dungeons, regardless of their location or ownership.
  • Her one guilty pleasure, which she never has admitted to, is her delight in seeing Tera when her dominant side comes fully out.

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