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Virtueverse character
The Virtueverse Character known as Enerix
First appearance Virtueverse
First game City of Heroes
Virtueverse Wiki
Created by Bright Shadow

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Enerix is a player character in the Vitueverse game setting for the City of Heroes role playing game who has some Succubus-like abilities. The character is the creation of Bright Shadow.

Character Setting

Sometimes a tragedy can overwhelm the human nature. It is the simple concept of cause and effect that creates unstoppable and devastating chain reactions. The oddity of it all is that not always the cause and the effect are balanced. Something as simple as a mere illusion can bring forth a monstrosity: the desire for revenge is a complicated and destructive force that can drive a human to the very edge of insanity.


  • Name: Enerix
  • Player: Bright Shadow
  • Origin: Science/Magic
  • Archetype: Brute
  • Threat Level: 50
  • Real Name: Scarlet Rochette
  • Known Aliases Enerix, Sor'kh
  • Species: Human/Bar'zakh Demon
  • Date of Birth: February 14, 1984
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Eye Color: Maroon
  • Hair Color: Raven Black
  • Known Abilities: Energy Manipulation, Other Unclassified Abilities

Character Origin


Desdemona and Viktor were a happily married couple who lived a simple life in Russia. Desdemona was a respectable military official while Viktor was a brilliant scientist. They were both two important figures within all of Russia, especially during the 1980s as the fruit of Viktor’s tireless research was spread across the globe. His discovery of several higher dimensions and realms not known to man was a very stunning breakthrough at the time. This captured the interest of a lot of western countries. Several prestigious research companies were literally competing with each other to have a chance at hiring Viktor for themselves. Finally, Portal Corporation, thanks to the funding provided by the American government, attracted Viktor’s attention.

Not too long after Viktor’s sudden rise in the scientific world, he realized that he needed to physically travel to another dimension to uncover mysteries of great value to the scientific community. This required him to travel to America and work within the Portal Corporation headquarters and develop a gateway to the dimension that later became known as the ‘Qor’ dimension. Thus, Viktor left his most precious lover behind in the pursuit of a happier life for himself, Desdemona, and their future offspring.

Meanwhile, another organization was keeping close eye on Viktor. They were very much interested in his discoveries and the potential power they held. However, they were private. They called themselves ‘Arachnos’. They were most dominant in Italy and other parts of Europe. The organization was known for a history of acts of conspiracy, murder, and numerous other acts to upset the society.

Nearly two years passed since Viktor left Desdemona. She was growing tired of the absence of her husband. During the whole two years, Viktor never called her. He never even sent a letter. Rumours began to spread. People began to make up stories; and inevitably, among the rumours, was the horrific news of Viktor’s death. From what Desdemona gathered from people, apparently Viktor was murdered by accident by the hands of a rival research organization: Arachnos. Seemingly, the new leader of Arachnos, Lord Recluse, was too interested in the hidden powers of the Qor dimension. Thus, he made an effort to kidnap Viktor. However, according to the rumours, the attempt resulted in the accidental death of Desdemona’s one and only love.

After deciding to accept the widely-spread rumour of Viktor’s death, Desdemona’s life broke apart. She could never live happily ever again. Her life turned into torturous pain that was reborn every time she noticed the absence of Viktor in her heart. Soon, she realized the only way to end this would be to satisfy her desire for revenge; her desire to kill Lord Recluse and make him suffer for what he did to her happy life.

As a result, Desdemona began searching for a way to destroy Arachnos. At the time, Arachnos was very strong thanks to the success of its new leader. Desdemona, who also believed that it was her responsibility to destroy Arachnos for the sake of her country, decided to take extreme measures. She realized simple lawsuits and militaristic operations will not slow Arachnos down. Hence, she began researching about the forces that did not belong to this universe: Demons. Desdemona's search was making demons realize the potential for a great opportunity. Lord Recluse and his band of minions have always been trying to play with the demons and use their powers for their own benefits. As a result, the demons were more than happy to indirectly teach Recluse a lesson. During this whole time, the demons kept close eyes on both Desdemona and Arachnos; especially a particular breed of demons.

The demons of Bar’zakh[1] are a very special, extremely powerful, and highly intelligent breed among demons who live in a dimension higher than Heaven, Hell, and most of the other realms discovered by man. They consider themselves far superior to normal demons. Ancient magicians have even gone as far as referring to them as ‘Elite Demons’. These Elite Demons have their own government system: The Grand Empire of Bar’zakh. Their only goal is to establish absolute equilibrium on Earth, Hell, Heaven, and every other realm beneath their own.

The demons of Bar’zakh soon realized that Lord Recluse is disturbing their definition of equilibrium. They needed a way to stop him without directly influencing the lower dimension. As soon as Desdemona began asking for demonic help, they found their opportunity. They decided to test their most powerful experimental weapon on Recluse and his army. The weapon was apparently a psychic bomb that was many orders of magnitude more powerful than any weapon created across the universe known to man. It was capable of permanently destroying the soul of any living entity around it within an instant. However, this weapon needed a carrier mind. They needed to fuse a Bar’zakh demon to a human on earth to activate it within that dimension. The only demon who was capable of doing this (for unknown reasons) was Princess Sor’kh: the beloved daughter of the Great Emperor of Bar’zakh.[2]. Finally, the Bar’zakh demons decided to give the princess to the lower demons, with the condition that they pass her along to Desdemona. Since the Bar’zakh demons did not want to further disturb their so-called equilibrium, they could not fuse the princess with a living human. They needed to create the host from scratch.

Desdemona’s cries for revenge went on for several months. She tried every possible way to summon the demons and none of them seemed to work. She was tired of researching demonology. However, just when she was beginning to lose hope, she managed to summon the demons of hell before her eyes. She asked them for Recluse’s life. The demons, by the orders of the Bar’zakh Empire, offered Desdemona a baby. They told her eight months later, when the baby is born, they will fuse the baby’s soul with that of the Princess. The baby would then house the most powerful weapon known to man. However, Desdemona was required to raise the baby to maturity with love and care. Only then the power of the weapon could be unleashed. After her thirst for revenge was satisfied, she was required to give up the soul of herself and that of her offspring to the demons as her own part of the deal. The lower demons could not afford losing the soul of a Bar’zakh princess.

Eight months passed. As predicted by the demons, Desdemona gave birth to a baby girl on February 14th, 1984. Viktor’s dream had always been to have a daughter of his own with the name of Scarlet. So, without hesitation, Desdemona named the baby Scarlet. However, seconds after her birth, the demons summoned themselves. Desdemona felt regret. She loved her baby. She knew she made a mistake. Desdemona cried and begged the demons to stop the rituals necessary to fuse Scarlet’s soul with that of the demonic princess. However, the demons simply laughed at how weak a human can be. With feeling sorry for the poor Desdemona, they began their rituals. It only took a few seconds before the ritual was done. The demons vanished into their own realm, leaving Desdemona alone with her beautiful daughter. Her innocent baby was marked by a demonic sign on her tiny left thigh, and her eyes were no longer innocent and black; they were maroon, and they were sparkling with thirst for chaos.

Early Childhood

Three years went by. Desdemona’s life was turned into a living hell. Every single day she knew her beautiful daughter was carrying a living part of a demon. She hated herself for being the cause of it. She constantly blamed herself for being so selfish and blind. However, this did not stop her from loving Scarlet. She adored her daughter like any other loving mother, if not more. Every single day she searched for any information on Viktor. She constantly sent letters to Portal Corporation, asking to provide her with any information regarding Viktor. None of her letters were replied.

Sadly, things were much more complicated than they appeared. The demonic half of Scarlet could not stand Desdemona. In her eyes, Desdemona was a pure definition of a mortal human. As a result, she decided to kill Desdemona. It appears that with the help of the demonic princess living inside her, Scarlet has been collecting and destroying the letters sent from Portal Corporation. Evidently, Portal Corporation knew that Viktor was alive and that it would take him only a few more months before he could return to Russia. Scarlet simply watched her own mother burn in the hell she created for herself. It did not take long for Desdemona to grow tired of her life.

Sometime in 1987, Desdemona Rochette committed suicide. The exact date is unknown.

It turns out that during this whole time, Recluse somehow knew about Scarlet and the power she was keeping inside her. However, Scarlet was not the only threat to Recluse and his organization. It appears that during the rise of Arachnos, many people were seeking revenge from them. As a result, Recluse decided to do something drastic to ensure his ground. He organized a secret group of assassins, magicians, and trained soldiers to seek out and eliminate potential threat to Arachnos. The official name of this group remains unknown. Soon families began to vanish from the face of the earth. Media was filled with news of families who were mass murdered across the globe by the hands of an unknown group that was later referred to as ‘The Seekers’. The mysterious thing, however, was that many people, and several children were missing. Their bodies were never found and their relatives were dead. Later it became known that these people were imprisoned for later use by Arachnos itself. The children, however, were kept in a secret orphanage run under Recluse's direct supervision.

With the help of the Seekers, Recluse knew about Scarlet. Coincidentally, a few days after Desdemona’s death, the Seekers decided to go after Scarlet and her family, only to witness the dead body of a mother and her perfectly alive and healthy daughter. By Recluse’s orders, the daughter was taken to the orphanage in Rogue Isles to live beside the rest of the children that were lethal to Arachnos.

The Orphanage

Several years passed and Scarlet grew up along with a dozen more children of the same age within a dreaded orphanage. During her life at the orphanage, Scarlet was under close inspection of many mages and demonologists. Recluse was very interested in Scarlet’s mysteries. Her aggressive behaviour at the orphanage terrified most of the staff and the other children. Many times, she threatened the other orphans; and it was not rare to see a kid with bruise marks that were not caused by the orphanage workers.

The situation got only more intense as years went by. Soon children were obeying Scarlet due to unknown reasons. The odd thing was that none of the staff members actually witnessed Scarlet boss the other kids around. She looked incredibly innocent except the occasional aggression towards the orphanage personnel. She also seemed extremely smart, mature, and polite for a girl at her age; not mentioning her unmatched beauty that was perfected with her exotic maroon eyes.

Scarlet and 'Mr. Muggles'

However, it was not long before things got serious. No one knows the exact details of that horrific night from which Scarlet was never seen again. It all started when a kid stabbed an orphanage security guard to death. For some reason, the children became wildly aggressive as they started attacking the orphanage staff with no sense of regret. It is unknown as to what caused this mayhem. During that night, two security guards were killed by the hands of the children, and an orphan was shot by an unknown staff member. That same night was the end of Recluse’s little orphanage. News broke out and media was on the verge of publishing the events of that night to the public. Some of the orphans escaped the orphanage, some were arrested, and many were injured. During the whole time, Scarlet was nowhere to be found. If the news were spread, Arachnos would have been on shaky grounds. Hence, Recluse did everything he could to stop the truth from exposure to public. It appears that a few hours after the event, the Rogue Isles Police closed investigation on the orphanage shooting incident. The media never published the true story, and the sudden disappearance of the nine year-old Scarlet remained a mystery. The incident was never spoken of again.

A few years after the orphanage shooting, an anonymous party released valuable information to media. It did not take long for the news to go public. According to the anonymous source, it turns out that some of the guards within the orphanage were working under cover for a high tech corporation known as Crey Biotech Industries at the time of the shooting, and that these guards were never seen again after the incident. This news revived the events of that dark night.

The Crey Conspiracy

Apparently Countess Crey, the owner of Crey Corporation, has also been interested in Scarlet. It is unknown how the Countess ever knew about Scarlet and her powers; however, it later became a known fact that Scarlet was kidnapped by Crey Security Forces minutes after the shooting started at the orphanage. Countess Crey never wanted this news to spread for the sake of her own safety. If Arachnos found out about Crey’s forced acquisition of one of the greatest threats to Arachnos and Lord Recluse, the Countess would have not remained safe from Recluse and his army. As a result, a few days after the news of the kidnapping got out, Crey Industries published a report that Scarlet Rochette committed suicide within their facilities. Thanks to Crey’s biotech research, providing solid evidence for that was not very difficult for the Countess.

After that report was published, the Countess ordered the destruction of every single document related to Scarlet Rochette on Crey archives. She also sent Scarlet to an underground secret Crey facility within Rogue Isles and assigned Colonel Darius Watson, one of her trustworthy bodyguards, to take constant care of Scarlet. She also created a codename for her: Enerix. Soon, Scarlet Rochette was wiped from existence, and instead, Enerix was born.

The reason for why the Countess hired Darius to take care of Scarlet is murky. However, it is assumed that Countess Crey, after Lord Recluse, was the second person who knew of Desdemona Rochette’s little deal with the demons. She knew that she needed to have Scarlet reach maturity in order to harvest her true potential, not knowing the contract was already nullified by Desdemona’s suicide. As a result, Darius was hired as Scarlet’s father until she reached the age of maturity.

This was not bad for Scarlet. Darius loved her like his own daughter; and Scarlet found this to be a good opportunity. Darius’ love for Scarlet only grew further by the second as he was never able to feel the joy of having a daughter due to devoting his entire life to Crey. Soon, this fatherly love that lived inside Darius made him do things he would regret.

In fear of losing Scarlet, Darius decided to enable Scarlet to defend herself as she was a potential target for many people; especially in a place like the Rogue Isles. Thanks to the biotech research of Crey, Darius was gifted with the ability to use pure energy for offensive and defensive purposes. Thus, he secretly paid some Crey bioengineers to apply genetic enhancements and modifications on Scarlet, and grant her the abilities that were even more powerful than his own. Once the operation was done, Darius began to teach Scarlet how to master her new powers. Of course, this was all done under the Countess Crey’s nose. Unfortunately, Scarlet was a fast learner. Soon, she became much more powerful than Darius himself.

A few years passed and Countess Crey was still unaware of what her bodyguard was doing. Scarlet reached the age of seventeen and mastered the art of manipulating energy, thanks to Darius. However, eventually the Countess found out about Scarlet and Darius. After all, nothing could be hidden from the Countess within Crey Industries. She decided to secretly arrest Darius for ‘misusing the Crey Technology for unintended purposes’. Of course, she could never let the public know about this. However, Scarlet could not feel indifferent towards her hired father. After all, she was thankful for things he did for her. As a result, she decided to defend Darius against the Countess and her agents which lead to a huge conflict between the Countess and Scarlet. No one knows the exact details of the conflict. However, minutes after the Countess ordered Darius Watson’s arrest, Scarlet escaped the Crey facility and heavily injured the Countess along with several security guards.

After escaping Crey, Scarlet moved to St. Martial and began her own life. During the first two years, she decided to work for Jezebel Jones. Jezebel offered her a permanent hotel suite within the Golden Giza and in return, Scarlet became Jezebel’s valuable assistant. During these two years, she further practiced her skills and soon Enerix became one of the most feared criminals within Rogue Isles. After the two years passed, Scarlet realized her potential. Her unmatched beauty and charm, combined with her extreme lethality, and her natural excellence in deception and espionage turned her into something much more than an ordinary thug. Thus, she decided to leave Jezebel. It is unknown whether or not Enerix still has connections with Jezebel Jones.

From the age of nineteen, Scarlet began her own life.

The Scarlet Life

"Your nostrils are filled with a sweet aroma more satisfying and desirable than anything you've imagined. It flows through you, intoxicating you, wrapping your brain in its sweet embrace. You are wholly consumed by it. Only then do you see, out of the corner of your eye at first, a sight which floods your very being with lust. You turn your head to see what divine force has wrought such pure, carnal passion, and you see her sitting there, sweet and innocent, a vision of all that you want, all which drives your very existence. You swallow hard, your pulse quickens, your breathing shallows, the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, and you begin to sweat. You must have her...but you won't..."[3]

Today, Scarlet spends most of her time collecting pets: rich, powerful, mindless men who praise her like a goddess and are willing to do anything for her. Of course, she does not let this opportunity pass. Thanks to the nearly unlimited funding, provided by her countless number of pets, she spends her life in five-star hotels of St. Martial. Occasionally, purely for her personal entertainment, she accepts missions from various clients. The missions vary from a highly challenging assassination to stealing valuable documents and kidnapping important figures. Usually, she ends up backstabbing both her client and her target to maximize her own gain from the deals. Often, this gain is not materialistic - she has access to nearly anything she needs. She simply enjoys deception and manipulation; and with the help of the numerous people under her influence in various organizations, nothing stops her from doing what she enjoys.

For Scarlet, a day would not be complete until the male population has decreased by at least one man. Although she adores being worshipped by men, she is also disgusted by them. She sees them as a plague to society and nothing makes her happier than humiliating, and pouring the blood of a man whose only crime was to kneel before her beauty and lust.

Enerix having fun

Due to how she sees men and how she treats them, Scarlet has developed a very high sense of superiority. Unless she is acting as part of her manipulation games, Scarlet sees herself to be vastly superior to nearly everyone else. Recently, she's learned to hide her sense of superiority in front of people she cares about, sensing it is needed to make strong alliances. After a few defeats, and a genuine feeling of love sparking within her, she learned that she can rely on friendship as well to accomplish what she desires. However, she still views her relatives as mere allies and if someone proves their worth in her eyes, she will only respect them for it. She may not even consider sparing their lives if they show disloyalty towards her, making her friendships to lie on shaky grounds. On the other hand, there are a few individuals that she genuinely care about beyond the realm of simple alliance: Darius Watson, Jezebel Jones, Cassandra Jacobs, and surprisingly Shade Wield, Nephilim-01, and Toy Dispenser with Psylencia cherished above all these other notables.

Meanwhile, Scarlet’s demonic side is in constant thirst for more power. Ever since Desdemona’s contract was nullified, the princess within her was free. From the very beginning, she hated being inferior to her father, who was the Emperor of Bar’zakh. Within Scarlet, her opportunities were endless. She was no longer bound to a contract. She no longer had a predetermined purpose. However, this freedom came at a cost. She could no longer unlock the godly powers that were stored within her before she was fused with her host. As a result, she is constantly seeking ways to unlock her true potential and turn herself into the most feared being on Earth; little does she know that her actions are upsetting the 'equilibrium' of the universe. The Bar’zakh Inquisitors would not leave such a disturbance ignored.

Powers and Abilities

Note: The following supernatural traits are listed in no particular order

Energy Manipulation

Enerix loves 'Freak Soup'

Thanks to the advanced biological modification that were done on Enerix by Darius Watson’s orders, her most dominant ability is to manipulate nearly all forms of energy; especially kinetic energy. Enerix can produce high magnitudes of kinetic energy for both offensive and defensive purposes.[4] By creating rapidly-expanding kinetic force fields, she can create effects nearly equal to an exploding bomb. She can also use layers of energy fields to deflect incoming attacks. After months of practice, she's taken her energy manipulation to the next level. Through sheer creativity, she's learned how to envelope 'packets' of pure kinetic energy inside layers of negative energy. The combination of these two energy types can provide her with deadly offensive techniques. The effect is almost equal to that of an explosive missile. However, this combination consumes so much energy, that she is usually almost knocked out after using it due to massive amounts of energy draining her body.

Her nearly perfect control over various forms of energy, combined with her unique fighting style and combat strategy makes her a very agile and deadly target. Due to the nature of his powers, Darius had to devise his own method of close combat to make the most efficient use of energy field manipulation. During his time with Scarlet, he passed on all his knowledge to her newly found daughter. Scarlet learned quickly and further improved his fighting style for her own use.

Very recently, Scarlet has also learned how to suck energy from other people. The first incident was when she literally used Satine Dubois as a human battery to enable herself to fight for a longer duration. She still does not have full control over this new ability.

Enerix during flight

After a few years of experience with energy manipulation, Scarlet learned how to use her abilities for things other than pure melee combat. She realized that by rapidly and constantly sending pulses of kinetic energy all around her, she could lift herself off the ground and literally fly at incredible speeds. However, this causes her to tire quickly due to the massive amounts of energy she is sending out. It must be noted that although Enerix has a pair of small, bat-like wings on her back, she does not use them to fly as they do not nearly provide enough thrust to lift her off the ground. Later on, she also learned how to use energy waves to deflect and scatter particles of light and consequently render her body invisible to the naked eye. Similarly, she learned how to apply these mechanics to thermal radiation. Because of this, Enerix is very hard to detect using pure sight, or thermal scanning.[5] Thanks to her reliable stealth abilities, Enerix’s favourite combat strategy soon became ambushing her opponents at the times they least expect her.

A natural talent that is very useful to Scarlet is her ability to sense kinetic fields around her. Anything that physically moves, even to the slightest degree, produces a kinetic field that propagates outwards in all directions. Enerix can pick up and sense these fields. However, this ability only works at maximum capacity at a short radius around her. As the distance between Enerix and the moving object increases, her ability to sense the movement decreases. This makes Enerix an incredibly difficult target to ambush by conventional means.

Rapid Cellular Regeneration

Among many talents of Enerix that are related to her demonic side, the most dominant one is her extremely fast tissue regeneration. If she is wounded (which happens very rarely due to her powerful protective energy shields), she is able to quickly heal herself and recover from most injuries[6]. Her body also seems to be very resilient to most poisons and harmful toxins. A notable example is the fact that Scarlet does not seem to get drunk regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed.

However, this ability has its limitations. Enerix’s rate of tissue regeneration can be slowed down significantly if the injury is very extreme; especially if her internal organs are severely damaged. Also, certain magically enchanted instruments have been able to cause permanent damage to her body. The nature of these mystic instruments is unknown, and their effectiveness has been based on pure luck. No magician has been able to fully unlock the true weaknesses of a Bar’zakh demon, or half-demon to this date.

This ability of Enerix has made her believe she is immortal. She does not know for sure whether or not this is a true fact; however, her experience makes her pretty confident in her immortality. Sor’kh (the Bar’zakh demon within her) knows that she is immortal, as she is part of the Royal Family of Bar’zakh; yet she is not completely sure whether or not her immortality is carried on to the body of her host like her other traits.

Physical Stamina and Combat Agility

Due to her nearly perfect domination over kinetic energy, Enerix knows how to produce kinetic energy and use it to boost her strength. She can endure prolonged durations of intense physical exercises that usually tire the average human very quickly. Scientists have confirmed that the quantity of energy output from Enerix is astonishing[7].

However, several things tire her very quickly, such as her version of ‘flight’ and manipulation of Negative Energy (see below). Also, her rapid regeneration consumes quite a heavy load of energy; making her very weak for a relatively short period after an extreme injury.

Enerix is also a very agile fighter. Though her agility is not anything beyond a highly trained human soldier. This fast-paced combat mechanism simply originated naturally in Enerix with Darius’ teachings. In fact, Enerix is quite handicapped against supernaturally fast and agile opponents.[8]

Negative Energy Manipulation

Sometime during her lifetime, Enerix found that the demon within her could grant her access to Negative Energy. This excited Enerix as the thought of combining physical energy and negative energy could make her even deadlier. As a result, she began to search for a way to unlock this ability; and Sor’kh was more than happy to guide her.

'Dark Obliteration'

The exact date is unknown; however, it seems that sometime during her early twenties, Enerix forced Ghost Widow to help her get access to manipulation of negative energy.[9] Apparently, she also ended up causing temporary damage to Ghost Widow with the help of her demonic side. After that, it was not rare to see Enerix project bolts of negative energy at her opponents, or cover her entire body in a thin coating of negative energy, further enhancing her defences. Later on, it was common to see Enerix literally mix negative energy with physical energy to launch even deadlier attacks on more physically resilient opponents. However, as mentioned before, Enerix prefers not to use negative energy as it may tire her quickly during intense combat situations.

Succubine Abilities

Since childhood, Scarlet was always gifted with an unnatural beauty and charm. Her elegant, maroon eyes, along with the small devilish horns that grew from her hair, combined with the petite wings that she grew during her late teenage years gave her an exotic and attractive allure that most people found incredibly hard to resist; especially men. Due to her exquisite charm, demonic appearance, and several other characteristics, many people believe Enerix to be a succubus. However, this is a highly inaccurate assumption, and Scarlet would go as far as killing people who accuse her of being a succubus.

On the other hand, it turns out that Sor’kh possesses many abilities that are similar, but not identical, to most succubae. Just like any other trait, these abilities were passed on to Scarlet when Sor’kh was fused to her body.

The first thing that people notice in the presence of Scarlet is a very unnatural, yet incredibly pleasant fragrance. Scarlet has perfect control over this aroma: she can control its concentration and the amount each chemical within the scent. This scent that propagates around Scarlet can be very poisonous if needed. She mostly uses it to play with the mind of her victims. In the most extreme cases, her scent can become addicting, which can force her victim to literally become addicted to her presence. Most of her ‘pets’ are under constant effect of her demonic fragrance. She has also been seen transferring very lethal doses of the toxins within her scent through kissing her opponent. It is very rare for her to kiss her foes, unless she is considering a more subtle way to bring them to their demise. The source of these chemicals is apparently a very small gland that is located inside her body, on her back, between her wings. The skin between her wings on her back is very porous and sensitive to the touch. As a result, she usually does not let anyone touch her wings or the area between them - not that she lets them touch her anywhere else. She uses the pores on her back to release her scent into the air.


Another astonishing ability of Enerix that can be related to succubae is her subtle form of shape shifting. Enerix can very easily tweak and modify her looks and attire by small magnitudes. However, these changes are so small (usually she only changes her outfit and hairstyle rather than changing her actual looks) that they cannot be classified as true shape shifting. The Bar’zakh demons do not have a physical body. Upon descending upon earth (which happens on very rare occasions), they tend to create a physical form for themselves; and because they create their own ‘host’, they have a degree of control on the physical appearance of it. The odd thing about Enerix is that usually, during combat, she changes her appearance into what she calls her ‘Demonic Form’. Apparently, this demonic form is how Sor’kh likes to appear when she wants to reveal her inner self; and her appearance has changed many times during Scarlet’s lifetime. As a result, the true nature of Enerix’s shape shifting ability is very murky.

For many years, enemies of Enerix, along with her countless lovers have been trying to use various methods to break into her mind and reveal her deepest secrets. However, it seems that Scarlet’s mind is heavily reinforced in very complex ways. Even though neither Scarlet, nor Sor’kh is aware of this, the members of the Royal Family and powerful demons within Bar’zakh have their mind sealed by the Emperor himself for the protection of the Empire. Hence, as of now, it is nearly impossible to read Scarlet’s thoughts and break into her mind.

Arch Nemeses


Soon after Desdemona’s death, the Royal Family of Bar’zakh, along with the Emperor were shocked. No one thought that the daughter of the Emperor would ever do something to permanently separate herself from Bar’zakh. As soon as Scarlet, with the help of Sor’kh caused the suicide of her mother, the contract that allowed Sor’kh to return to Bar’zakh was nullified. Sor’kh was perfectly aware of the consequence of Desdemona’s death, and she deliberately took the necessary actions to break the contract. She could be much more powerful on Earth than she could ever be on Bar’zakh. Besides, being bound to a contract was for the lower demons, not Sor’kh: an Elite Demon who carried the blood of the Emperor of Bar’zakh himself.

The nullification of the contract was against what was prophesied by the Seer Council of Bar’zakh. This could have devastating consequences on Bar’zakh, the Royal Family, and the equilibrium they were trying to preserve. However, the Emperor did not allow the Inquisition of Bar’zakh to interfere with Scarlet. This created a lot of conflict between the High Inquisitors within the Royal Family and the Emperor.


Many years passed and the Seers of Bar’zakh, by the direct order of the Emperor, simply observed Sor’kh and human half: Scarlet. The just watched as Scarlet became stronger and more powerful. Soon they began to feel threatened by her powers. After learning how to manipulate negative energy, Scarlet proved that she had the potential to gradually unlock her inner strengths that originally belonged to Sor’kh. Among these strengths and abilities, was the deadly psychic bomb that was embedded within the very soul of Sor’kh. If she ever unleashed her true power, all of the prophecies made by the Seer Council would turn into false hopes. As a result, the Emperor was left with no choice but to order the Inquisition to take direct action on Earth. The only option was to separate Sor’kh from Scarlet through activating the psychic bomb and shredding the soul of the daughter of Emperor, only to resurrect it within Bar’zakh immediately afterwards. This task was so delicate and vital, that Emperor only found one person suitable for the job among all the demons of Bar’zakh: Prime Inquisitor Rho’zh.[10]

Rho’zh, just like Sor’kh, was a member of the Royal Family. The Emperor heavily relied on Rho’zh for anything that required delicacy and trust. Rho’zh was loyal, disciplined, and above all, trustworthy. Soon, she was promoted by the Emperor himself to the Prime Inquisitor of the Ministry of Inquisition of Bar’zakh. She was the only connection between the Emperor and the Inquisition. Because of this promotion, she was gifted with various godlike abilities.

Once the Emperor gave her permission to appear on Earth and complete the mission of separating Sor’kh from her human half, Rho’zh felt highly honoured. However, the Emperor put many restrictions and conditions for Rho’zh during her time on Earth in order to prevent the mission from accidentally turning into a disaster. According to the Seer Council, by attempting to destroy demonic soul within Scarlet, the psychic bomb within her would be activated. If Rho’zh ever tried to destroy the demonic soul herself, she would never survive the power of the psychic bomb. The Emperor could not afford losing another member of the Royal Family.

As a result, the Rho’zh was sent to Earth with the condition that she could only use her powers for self defence, and only if she was granted permission by the Inquisition. Rho’zh personally made her own humanoid host (even though her host looks much more like an alien than an actual human) and summoned herself on Earth. She was also given a very special magical instrument known as the Soul Shredder. The device was a much weaker version of the psychic bomb within Scarlet and was made to damage only the demonic soul of Enerix. The device was harmless to anyone but Enerix. However, the most powerful weapon that was given to Rho’zh was the ability to know everything Enerix knew at any given time. This is the single most important ability that makes Rho’zh a serious threat to Scarlet.

Upon entering the Earth, Rho’zh was to search among Enerix’s countless enemies and find someone brave and strong enough to handle the Soul Shredder. She was then supposed to deceive and persuade the person into thinking that they will remain unharmed and rewarded. However, Rho’zh knew better than anyone else that once the psychic bomb was activated, countless innocent humans would die, including the person who was supposed to kill Enerix.

Ever since Rho’zh set foot on Earth, she has been trying to finish her mission. She has been partially successful for a few times; and this has made Scarlet to worry about Rho’zh and no longer underestimate her. So far, Rho’zh has been very subtle in accomplishing her task (except on a few rare occasions that made the Emperor reconsider his trust in Rho’zh). Enerix has only encountered Rho’zh once during her life time, and the encounter resulted in Rho’zh destroying a block of street within St. Martial.

No one, not even Scarlet, knows what Rho’zh is planning for her. However, Scarlet no longer underestimates the “creepy, obsessive, and pale-skinned fan girl with a taste for heavy makeup and a fetish for military and the concept of universal equilibrium”.


There are two short stories on the VirtueVerse Wiki:


Note: The following list of associates is in no particular order

  • Scarlet Doctor - It hurt. She could not talk properly, and every time she tried to cough, blood was splattered in every direction. Her hand was fixed tightly around her neck as streams of the crimson blood ran down from between her fingers, slowly descending towards her chest. She never thought about it. How could he? How could he just cut her throat like that? The thought of it made her laugh at her own stupidity. She should have never trusted him in the first place.

People around Pocket D were staring at her as she coughed blood. She couldn't keep it this way. The wound would not heal like it usually did. She needed help. Only then she heard a familiar voice.

"You know, I'm sure I could fix that problem if you needed", said the male voice.

She then glanced at the source of the voice. Who did he think he is? If she wasn't capable of healing the wound, how could he? She then tried to laugh, only to see herself choke and spray blood as she coughed.

"I'm afraid this wound is beyond your specialty...doctor...” she said.

However, deep within, she knew he was no ordinary doctor. She was still bleeding. She needed help. Finally, Enerix gave up her pride. Her life was more important. It could not be over for one foolish mistake. Not now...not here...

In that bloody night, he managed to heal Enerix, seal her wound, and save her life without expecting anything in return. To Enerix, men like this are rare. He deserves higher respect in her eyes, compared to most goons she encounters on daily basis.

  • High Jinks - Scarlet has always hated clowns since childhood. She really does not find them amusing in any way. High Jinks, however, has managed to entertain Scarlet with a few witty jokes every now and then; and because of that, she respects him just a little bit more than the average clown. Oh, and he makes a wonderful human leaning post after Shade Wield.
  • Shade Nefarious - To Scarlet, Shade is not your average demon. She tends to respect him for some odd reason; mostly because Shade also respects her in many ways even though she is usually frowned upon by demons because of being a half-breed and being related to succubae. She also has a great degree of trust in Shade, but not too much.
  • Nephilim - Scarlet and Adam have had alot of rough experiences together. They've both nearly killed one another, despised one another, and sometimes were truly disgusted by one another.

In the end, however, Scarlet and Adam have great respect towards each other even though both of them try their best to hide it. Scarlet cares about the 'pathetic giant' in her own way, while Adam has proven to go as far as sacrificing himself for Scarlet's sake. Today, they both spend some of their time fighting along side each other for Vanguard. Eventhough their tastes in combat are vastly different, and they usually end up fighting and arguing over their differences, they both rely one each other to great lengths. In Scarlet's words, "Adam is blunt...but effective...".

  • Shade Wield - Very few men happen to have Scarlet's utter respect; and no one, not even Scarlet would have thought Shade Wield would end up among them. To most people, Shade is the typical, billionaire, good-looking manwhore with the exotic accent. Most of these types of men end up being among Scarlet's army of mindless servants. However, there is something special about Shade that sparked Enerix's attention.

Days passed and Scarlet became more interested in Shade. She found him to quite a challenge in her little games, and thus, she decided to take more serious measures against him. Soon, a very subtle war burst into life between them.

After the little 'war', Scarlet realized Shade's potential. She respected him, and even cared for him as a friend. However, she never let Shade know that. He soon became the only person Enerix would heavily rely on when necessary. She counted on his opinion and judgment. No one, not even Shade knows how greatly Enerix respects Shade.

After his death, only a few individuals managed to witness a tear escape Scarlet's eyes.

  • Mobius Knight - Kyle is on an interesting ground with Scarlet. For some reason, Kyle was more than highly skilled in breaking the ice around Scarlet, using his trusty, old Airzooka. In the beginning, Scarlet and Kyle were constantly bickering at each other like two siblings, Scarlet being the uptight older sister, and Kyle being her devious little brother and her personal pet peeve. Especially when Scarlet saw Kyle around his 'sex doll'. However, things did not remain like that for long.

Soon enough, Kyle turned into Scarlet's arch-nemesis by Rho'zh's demands. After many explosions, cries of pain, and witty lines, they both decided to keep their childish games aside and focus on the real enemy who's made puppets of both them for far too long.

As of now, Kyle and Scarlet remain on 'neutral ground'. They still argue like two kids over silly thing, and to some extent, they enjoy. But Scarlet sees more in Kyle than he thinks; not that she's ever going to reveal that fact to him, thanks to her enormous, invincible ego.

  • Labal - Scarlet's relationship with a King of Hell is rather difficult to describe. Through the time they've spent together, Scarlet has realized that Labal is not an entity to be trusted. She always carries caution while around him, never letting the old 'Ash Tray' (Labal's 'street name') break through her solid wall of arrogance and pride.

However, even though Scarlet has learned not to trust on Labal, she does not hesitate relying on him. If she ever seeks assistance, Labal is usually one of the first, if not the first person she would approach. In her eyes, Labal makes a wonderful ally in truly dire situations, though it would be hard for Scarlet to ever confess this to him with her lack of trust in Labal's words.

From time to time, Scarlet tends to use him as a punching bag, knowing he is one of the few individuals who can take a beating from her deadly maneuvers and keep a smile on his face. At other times, they're seen arguing together, hurling death threats at one another. On rare occasions, they're seen cuddling and hugging. It's odd how they resemble a married couple...

"Scarlet has well placed curves, they are a roadmap to victory." - Labal's subtle comment on Scarlet's effectiveness in a conflict

  • Psylencia - The one and only person Scarlet cared about more than herself. She loved the playful, flirty half-succubus with all her heart; however, Psy never really realized it. Both of them went through alot. Scarlet even went as far as trying to kill Psy; because in her twisted mindset, that was the only way she could stop loving Psy.

Things changed, however. Scarlet became more and more disgusted by Psy's acts of mindless lust. She simply could not love her anymore, and soon enough, the two turned into sworn enemies for a while.

Today, Psy and Scarlet stand on neutral ground. Scarlet has decided to stop tormenting the poor girl, and she's trying to accept her for the half-succubus that she is. Even now, Scarlet feels obliged to protect Psy from harm if the need rises.

  • Alex Lowry - It is mysterious what goes on between the drug dealer known as Alex Lowry. Many times, Scarlet is seen pushing the poor girl around, playing with her ego. Other times, they're seen talking peacefully, with no sign of aggression. No one really knows where the two of them stand in regards to their relation.
  • Seer Malak - At first glance, the thought of Scarlet caring about Malak, or respecting him, is mind boggling. Oddly enough, Malak is one of the people Scarlet respects the most...in her own way. Only a few individuals are aware that Scarlet's feelings for the man go beyond simple respect. They both have had shaky stages between the two of them, which, in most cases, ended up in them fighting in a death match and Scarlet blowing up some part of his body.

They're both still unsure on where they stand relative to one another. However, one thing is for certain: Scarlet cherishes this man more than she's willing to admit.

  • Auricelia - She is one of Scarlet's most genuine, closest friends. She's always there whenever Scarlet needs back up, doing her best to prove to Scarlet just how much she cares about her. So far, she's been quite successful in breaking Scarlet's public facade. It is not an easy task to make Scarlet reveal her softer side to someone; but Auri has been more than victorious at achieving just that.

It is for these reasons that Scarlet truly relies on Auri on desperate situations, and for that, Scarlet cares about Auri as one of the closest people to herself.

  • Methea - If there is anyone Scarlet would genuinely look at as a true sister, it would have to be the grey-skinned, shy, and quiet half-succubus who goes by the name of Methea. Usually, Scarlet is seen degrading succubi, insulting them for being inferior to herself, but something about Methea reminds her of her younger, more innocent self due to the feeling and experiences they share. For that reason, Scarlet sees it as her responsibility to help and protect Methea in her own twisted ways, and so far she's been quite an influence on the half-demoness. However, as always, she cannot allow Methea too close; at least not yet. She's made too many enemies in her life to let people so close to her so easily.
  • Satine Dubois - Scarlet feels like she needs to learn more about this woman. In combat, she's been impressed by her subtle deadliness; and lately, subtlety is a rare trait in people around her. Only time will tell if Scarlet will see her as a threat, or an ally...or maybe a "cute little sidekick".

Other Notable Associates

Thug Master Carter, La Diablesse, Shi-Ran, Ryley Sharp, ShadowWings, Drake Fenix, Shadow Operator, Irmine, Valhalla Girl, Maki Aikawa, Asha, Lucy Xiao, Ruby Strike, Masqure Man, Sister Pandora, Gold Meteor, Mercy.Killing, Rocket Rebel, Xiphos Dark, Graviton Shield, Dead Eye Jake, Zaerek, Evey-01, Seraph, Operative Raze, Seba'eld, Mitsu Tanaka, Unit v4.0

Miscellaneous Notes

Note: The following information is a collection of random facts about Enerix, listed in no particular order.

  • Enerix has a very small, red tattoo on her left thigh. It is an arcane symbol found on all demons of Bar’zakh and carries many magical powers. Scarlet is not very familiar with its purpose. However, she knows how to use it to communicate with her ‘pets’ by branding her own pets with the same tattoo using a brief, not-so-complex magical ritual.
  • Even if made possible for her, Enerix usually refuses to communicate with people through telepathic means. She can receive telepathic messages; but she will not respond using the same medium.
  • If an attempt is made to break into Enerix’s mind and read her thoughts, the mind intruder would notice that Enerix’s mind is filled with random, vastly irrelevant, and useless information. This is the most dominant mechanism that protects her mind from potential psychic intruders.
  • Scarlet’s favourite drink is simple red wine in a cocktail glass. She has a whole philosophy for her interest in this particular drink. She also does not seem to care about the quality of the wine she is drinking unless it is just too bad.
  • Enerix does not have a permanent home or a place to live. She usually sleeps in five star hotels in St. Martial; and she does not sleep in the same hotel for two nights in a row for the sake of her own protection. She really does not pay for her hotel costs either. She has people to pay for her. Later in her life, one of her many obsessive fans gave her a high class residential suit in one of St. Martial condominiums. She still prefers the hotel life, however; and she is rarely seen spending time in this apartment aside from the relatively frequent visits into the small 'pet house' within the suit.


Documents about Enerix from Crey Industries
Documents about Enerix from Arachnos

These documents are the only official records that are available about Enerix from various organizations within the Rogue Isles, dominantly Arachnos and Crey Industries.

Note: If you wish to have your character 'research' about Enerix's past, these are the only 'hard' documents that they can find. These documents are very hard to access as most of these organizations have very secure data banks and archives (hopefully).

Author's Notes

  • Mature Roleplay: Enerix's most notable feature is her beauty and her nearly perfect body and shape. Her every act is elegant and carries a tint of sensuality to it, making her a very charming, sensual, and attractive lady. She is also rather generous when it comes to revealing skin in her attire as she's very proud of how she looks and likes to show off her smooth, flawless skin.

However, it must be noted, and re-emphasized, that I, as the player, did not add these qualities to Enerix for the sake of attracting genres of roleplay beyond the Teen rating. Enerix is not open to any sort of Erotic Roleplay and Cybersex. It is asked that players approaching Enerix to please respect this and do not try to interact with her for the sole purpose of sexual adventures.

Also, as a consequence of her character design, interacting with Enerix may often include dark and mature subjects, including but not limited to: extreme violence, coarse language, sexual themes, psychological and physical coercion, and highly immoral behavior. If you believe you may be offended by such themes, please refrain from approaching the character.

  • Offensive Nature: Due to her snobby, selfish attitude, Enerix is often seen talking down to people. She can be quite rude (not necessarily in her choice of words, but in her attitude as a whole) and may offend the people around her with ridiculous ease. She also tends to enjoy provoking others and 'pressing their buttons' purely for her own amusement. Enerix is also heavily sexist and humiliating the male population is a favorite hobby for her.

It is crucial to understand that, although Enerix is my creation, she does not reflect my opinions, ideas, and morals. If you believe you, as the player, may be offended by Enerix, please stay away from her and avoid judging me, the player, based on how she acts. I tend to separate myself from my character in most cases, and I like to believe I am a much more friendly person with far better moral standards than my creation. As a result, please refrain from showing aggression to me because of what Enerix does.

  • Player vs. Player Conflicts: Because of the previous note, it is not rare for Enerix to quickly find enemies who seek her death. This gives rise to certain conflicts that may or may not turn into physical combat situations. Enerix usually prefers to crush her enemies through tricking them and deceiving their minds instead of beating them down to pulp. However, physical fights are rather inevitable.

If you believe you need to settle things between Enerix and your character(s) through physically fighting her, it is asked that you respect the fact that I do not have any interest in PvP and Arena; and this forces me to resort to 'text-fighting'. Enerix is not nearly as strong and powerful as the game allows me to build her (especially in the PvP side of the game) and because of this, I usually avoid Arena fights. If you cannot or are not willing to text-fight, please avoid dragging the conflict of your character with her into an actual fight. If you tell me this, I will also cooperate and try to do the same.

None of this implies that I like to text-fight because I want to god-mode and that I am afraid of having Enerix lose during a conflict. I am perfectly aware that Enerix, being a super villain, usually has to lose at the end. Because of this, I try my best to make the text-fights I'm involved in as fair as possible for all the parties involved. However, this requires some brief planning of the fight between the players involved before the actual event. As a result, if you wish to have your character(s) fight Enerix, and have no problems with text-fighting, please contact me beforehand and I will be more than happy to discuss things with you.


  1. Not to be confused with Barzakh in Islamic eschatology. Bar'zakh, in this context, is an entirely fictional realm.
  2. "Sorkh" is the Persian translation of red or scarlet.
  3. Written by @Ironhide Soldier
  4. Energy Melee/Energy Aura
  5. Energy Cloak
  6. By game standards, this comes from +Regeneration Rate Invention Origin Set Bonuses.
  7. Health, Stamina, and Energy Drain
  8. Hurdle and Combat Jumping
  9. Soul Mastery
  10. Rho'zh is a derivation of the French word 'rouge' which also means red

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