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Ella Dee

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Ella Dee
Hex character
Ella Dee as played by Laura Pyper
First appearance

Series 2, Episode 1
Last appearance

The Showdown
Series 2, Episode 14
Portrayed by

Laura Pyper
Gender Female
Occupation Witch
Title Last of the Anointed Ones
Family John Dee (Father)
Katherine Constable (Mother)

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Ella Dee is a fictional character in the British television series Hex, played by Laura Pyper.

Hex is a British television programme developed by Shine Limited and aired on the Sky One satellite channel. The story is about a remote English country school that becomes the battleground between a demonic entity and the witches who oppose it.

Ella becomes the new heroine in the second season of Hex after the death of Cassie. She is a strong, smart and sexy, 446 year old witch, last of the Anointed Ones and daughter of John Dee. As an Anointed one she is sworn to prevent Azazeal from having a son by the McBain line of witches that Cassie is descended from. They have had many confrontations over the centuries before Medenham with Ella being successful in preventing Azazeals attempts at begetting a son. However this time she is late (for reasons mostly unknown) and her mission becomes to kill Malachi. However it is revealed that Ella has a weakness when it comes to love and Azazeal has used and continues to exploit this in his battle against Ella.

Character History

Ella Dee is the fictional daughter of real-world occultist John Dee and one Katherine Constable; Ella notes that her father did not treat her mother very well. Some previous encounters between Ella and Azazeal have been revealed. Perhaps their first encounter was the pharaohs' palace where presumably Ella trapped Azazeal with him noting he still could not stand the sight of sand. Azazeal mentioned that they encountered each other in the Civil War calling them "good times". The main confrontation that has been shown was in the 17th century. In 1666 Azazeal captured Ella and brutally tortured her before she was tried for witchcraft. She was found guilty and almost burnt at the stake until Thelma rescued her. Little else is revealed of Ella’s life before Medenham.

Powers and Abilities

As a witch/Anointed One Ella possesses telekinetic powers. She uses these many times during the season with one of the most impressive examples being in the first episode of season 2 where she uses her telekinesis to control strings of lights to catch a lunging Nephilim and then electrocute it to death. In some cases Ella is also able to control and maybe create fire which may be an extension of her telekinesis. As an Anointed One, Ella is immortal until she fulfills her destiny. Her years of training and experience as a witch/Anointed One also means she is adept at casting spells, skilled at hand to hand combat and can use many weapons such as swords proficiently.

Ella also possesses numerous objects of power to aid her such as the Volta which harnesses the power of lightning, The Knife of Orokiah that can cleave both body and soul, The Book/Vision of Orokiah which contains information on demons, witches and spells and incantations. She also briefly possessed the Stone Of Belial which allows its user to bend the laws of space and time.

Succubus Transformation

Ella and Malachi romance one another magically and otherwise, and their respective mentors, the Archangel Raphael and the demon Mephistopheles, both use psychological tactics to get them to do as they wish. Ella and Malachi eventually have sex, as the evil side had wanted, and by fulfilling Ella's true desire (to be normal), she is made a slave to Malachi – his succubus.

Malachi kills a lesbian girl named Maya so that her ghost can consort with Thelma and give him leverage. Ella's enslavement to Malachi is ended by Thelma, who invaded her dreams and invoked her greatest fear: fire. Leon attempts to kill Malachi, but is betrayed by Thelma (in hopes of keeping her and Maya together in the living world) and saved by Ella after Malachi sends a fallen Archangel, Sariel, to attack him.

Mephistopheles betrays the cause of evil by helping Ella save Leon, who he feels did not need to die, and is subsequently punished and has his eyes removed. Raphael falls from grace by trying to rape Ella, who announces at this point that she no longer works for Raphael's master, God, and is a freelance agent at last.

Ella loses all her feelings for Malachi, who quickly moves on to romancing Alex and other girls in the school. He eventually seduces the entire student body, creating an army of succubi and incubi that makes him too powerful for Ella to kill. The only students who are not converted are Roxanne (who becomes a "pure soul" in her quest for forgiveness from God for seducing Jez and causing his apparent suicide), Tom (who is secretly gay, in love with Leon, and impossible to convert because Malachi cannot make Leon love him back), Thelma (because after Ella later kills Maya, he has no hold over her), and Ella herself, who had already been freed from Malachi's spell.

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