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Lost Girl character
The Light Fae Wolf-Shifter, Dyson
The Light Fae Wolf-Shifter, Dyson
First appearance

It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
Last appearance

Portrayed by

Kris Holden-Ried
Aliases Dyson Thornwood
Species Wolf-Shifter
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Piper - Girlfriend[1]
Children Mark - Son[2]
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 72 Episodes
Aligned Light Fae
Laignach Faelad (Formerly)
Fate Active
Last seen in Rise with Bo and Lauren at the Dal Riata

Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Dyson, proper name unknown, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was one of Bo's friends and was also her lover at one point in the series. Dyson has appeared in a total of thirteen First Season episodes, twenty Second Season episodes, twelve Third Season episodes, twelve Fourth Season episodes and fifteen Fifth Season episodes. Dyson was Fae in nature and specifically a Wolf-Shifter having powers and abilities similar to that of a werewolf. The role was played by the actor Kris Holden-Ried. He first appeared in the premiere episode of the series It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where he was in search of Bo, who had killed a human in public which brought her to the attention of the Fae leadership. With Hale's help, Dyson was able to bring both Bo and Kenzi into the world of the Fae beginning his relationship with Bo which lasted throughout the series.

Through the series, Dyson's role in the human world was as a Homicide Detective in the 39th Division of the local police force, his partner for the first two seasons being Hale. Dyson in his role with the Fae served the wishes of The Ash as one of their investigators with regards to Fae crimes. When Hale became the The Acting Ash in the Third Season of the series, Dyson was teamed up with Tamsin, a Dark Fae Valkyrie in what was called an experiment to improve relations between the Light Fae and Dark Fae. Throughout the series he also acted as Trick's confidant and lieutenant, knowing that Trick was in fact the Blood King and acting in his best interests when required to do so. While appearing middle-aged, Dyson was at least 1,500 year old and possibly older. His past included living in Ireland for a time and serving the King of Ailech with his friend Stefan and his wife Ciara. Dyson broke his connections with his pack at that time when the King betrayed Stefan, having him killed on a mission and making it possible for the King to marry Ciara. Upon doing so, Dyson became a lone wolf with no pack allegiance until he encountered Trick sometime in the past and swore allegiance to him. While Dyson appeared to serve The Ash of the local Fae community during the series, his true ties to Trick were kept secret.

Dyson was very protective of those he called his friends, placing his own life in jeopardy many times. He offered himself initially as a means for Bo to feed as he could survive her feedings, though he was weakened by them. As his relationship with Bo became more intimate, he came into conflict, at least with regards to Bo, with Lauren who also was a lover of Bo's. At the end of the First Season, Dyson sacrificed his love for Bo to The Norn in order to help her defeat her mother Aife. After this occurred, his relationship with Bo faded over the course of the Second Season and he eventually became involved with Ciara. He was unable to love Ciara however as he explained, his love was taken away and "wolves mate for life" meaning that even if his love was returned, he would not truly love anyone else save Bo. Kenzi eventually recovered what The Norn had taken at a price, and Dyson's love for Bo was revived one more.

In the Third Season, Dyson found that his inability to reveal to Bo that he did love her again allowed Lauren to have a closer relationship with Bo, eventually causing her to try to make a monogamous relationship with Lauren which failed when it became clear that Bo could not survive and her feeding on Lauren was harming her. Dyson still had a relationship with Bo, but out of respect for what Bo and Lauren had together, decided to wait and not push the issue as he knew that he could, and would, wait for Bo however long it might take. During the Third Season, with Hale becoming The Acting Ash, he was teamed up with Tamsin, a Dark Fae and had an adversarial relationship with her, especially when it came to Tamsin's opinions and actions against Bo. Dyson stood by Bo's side when she faced her Dawning and he died there, but was returned to life when Bo returned from her test with his body and used her powers to revive him. His final appearance in the third season was the finale Those Who Wander during which he was kidnapped by Doctor Isaac Taft and made to battle other Fae to survive. He was operated on by Lauren under the orders of Taft in order to help Taft become Fae. However, Lauren tricked him and while he did become Fae, he did not gain Dyson's powers and was killed by Dyson. After being rescued by Tamsin, the pair drove off a cliff when they encountered The Wanderer, Bo's father. Their fate at the end of that episode unknown and uncertain.

Dyson returned at the beginning of the Fourth Season, seemingly uninjured from the car crash, but the whereabouts of Tamsin were unknown. His memories were altered by unknown persons so that he no longer remembered Bo. As a result his relationship with Kenzi, Hale and Trick seemed to be changed to an extent. Encountering Aife with Kenzi, he realized that there were changes in his and other memories and set out with Kenzi to repair the damage. Upon regaining his memories, Dyson set out in search of Tamsin and Bo to find out what happened to them, eventually locating them both. His relationship with Bo was briefly rekindled with the absence of Lauren, but nonetheless he went in search of Lauren next, found her and they were reunited. However, the mystery of Bo's disappearance, and then the revelation that she had signed a pledge with the Dark Fae created some strife among Dyson and Bo. When Bo left for the Death Train and then returned with Rainer, The Wanderer at her side, the situation became worse when Bo declared Rainer to be her "destiny." Following this event, Dyson, along with Bo's other friends, were locked out of her life. Dyson also took it upon himself to train Kenzi to be a Shadow Thief. Following the death of Rainer, Dyson expressed his love to Bo and formally gave fealty to her, saying that he was meant to serve a Queen, not a King. When the portal that Bo's Father was intending to use to arrive on Earth was found, Dyson, along with Tamsin and Trick defended against the oncoming hordes of Remnants. Dyson attempted to stop Kenzi from sacrificing herself in order to close the portal, but did not manage to do so and was witness to Kenzi's death having to stop Bo from going to Kenzi's side. Following Kenzi's death, Dyson went to the gates of Valhalla where he found Tamsin who had taken both Kenzi and Rainer's souls there and helped her away. At the end of the Fourth Season, Dyson's whereabouts were not exactly known, though he was close by, possibly with Tamsin or Bo.

In the Fifth Season, Dyson assisted Bo in traveling to Valhalla in an attempt to return Kenzi to Earth. Dyson also was involved in an investigation of an elevator crash that quickly turned into a search to understand what the arrival of a group of Ancient Fae on Earth represented. Dyson's relationship with Bo ebbed and flowed over the season as well. At one point, Dyson seemed to become attracted to a human, but this relationship did not go anywhere. Dyson remained on the human police force, but had switched his allegiance from Trick to Bo, though he did still respect Trick's position as the Acting Ash. During the season, it was also revealed that Dyson had a son named Mark who then moved in with Dyson and become involved with the Fae. Towards the latter half of the season, Dyson became involved with Alycia Welles. a human that found herself involved with the Fae through the possession of her husband by an Ancient.

Eventually Dyson ended his relationship with Alycia shortly before Hades attempted to take over the Earth with Bo's unwilling assistance. Dyson was present when Bo confronted her father Hades and defeated him and during this event Dyson also came to terms with his relationship with Bo and how Lauren fit into both of their lives. Upon the passing of Trick, Dyson was given ownership of the Dal Riata along with Mark, his son. Following this, Dyson then retired from the police force and took over Trick's place at the Dal Riata with Mark becoming a rookie police officer.

Character History

First Season

Dyson's first appearance came in the series premiere episode It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where he and Hale, acting in their human world roles as police detectives, investigated a death. They came to the conclusion that the death was caused by one of the Fae and began a search. The death was caused by Bo feeding on a human being in order to save Kenzi from being raped. Dyson and Hale captured Bo and took her to the Light Fae where she was confronted by The Ash and then examined by the Light Fae doctor Lauren. Before Bo must fight for her life, Dyson, for reasons we are not told at that time, allowed Bo to feed from him. He does however stop Bo before she takes too much from him, thus giving her the strength to win her battle. Afterwards Dyson returns Bo and Kenzi back to the alley were he and Hale had captured Bo. Giving Bo his business card, he wishes her luck and drives off. While it is clear that Dyson is Fae, in this episode it is not made clear what kind of Fae he is.

During Where There's a Will, There's a Fae, Bo approached Dyson for help in solving a mystery at one point in the episode. Dyson also introduced Bo to Trick and the Dal Riata neutral Fae meeting place. During this point in the episode, Dyson met with Trick and it was made clear there was some sort of relationship between them and they were holding secrets about Bo's past. As a result of injuries that Bo suffered in the episode, Dyson allowed Bo to feed upon him as they shared a night together. It was also shown that Dyson had a number of tattoos on his body, but no information about them was revealed.

Oh Kappa, My Kappa found Dyson still with Bo and seeming to become very involved with her, if not possibly in love with her. This episode also marked the first time that Dyson shifted into his wolf form, that being a white haired wolf. It was shown that Dyson had secret Fae files on some crimes and he works to keep Fae matters and out of the official police files. Dyson was summoned by Trick and told that he needed to break up with Bo because he was becoming too involved with her. At the end of the episode, Bo decided to tell Dyson how she felt about him, but found him involved with another Fae. Dyson told Bo that when they were together it was only to heal her and that was all it could ever be in order to follow Trick's orders to him. After Bo left, Dyson's displeasure with what he did was made clear to Trick, but to no avail.

During Faetal Attraction, Dyson saw a police psychiatrist in an attempt to overcome his conflicting emotions and honor over Bo which was interfering with his human role as a detective among other issues. He did help Bo in her ongoing investigation during this episode as well.

As part of Dead Lucky, Dyson and Bo set out several ground rules about their relationship which included: Bo can take any job she wants in her detective agency, but Dyson would be kept informed to what she is doing and the other was that each of them can see other people outside of their relationship. Dyson assisted Bo in another case by providing information and the occasional muscle to back her up. Dyson was also confronted by Kenzi over his attitude and actions towards Bo, noting that she could see through his act if Bo couldn't. Kenzi also told Dyson that she was off "Team Dyson" and stuck a "I'm Stupid" post-it note on his jacket before leaving. Later in the episode, Bo and Dyson wound up in a back room together, the walls in the Dal Riata shaking, things falling off the walls, while Hale and Kenzi attempted to ignore what was happening.

Food for Thought found Dyson helping Bo in another investigation, but the episode was more notable for the change in relationship between Kenzi and Dyson. When Kenzi's life came to risk during the episode from something she ate in error, Dyson promises Kenzi that he would take her somewhere safe to stay. She agrees and in doing so, seemed to come to trust him more than she had in the past. After arriving at the Dal Riata, an interesting comment was made between Dyson and Trick that Dyson doesn’t always do what the Ash ordered. Trick noted that the Ash wasn’t supposed to know that. Dyson talked with Kenzi, the pair coming to an understanding between them. Kenzi told Dyson that she sees things because people look at Bo and not her. She told him that she could see that he was helping Bo in spite of the pain and damage he took. Kenzi then demanded that when she was gone, Dyson would watch Bo’s back. Dyson tried to avoid that promise, but the expressions from him proved that he would do what Kenzi asked. After Kenzi's life is saved, Bo and Dyson spent some time talking about how Bo had gotten some good points with The Ash for what she did. Bo told Dyson that she had better control over her feeding and could manage to control it better than before. She mentioned that she could probably have sex with humans again, but Dyson seemed none too happy about that idea. Dyson was even more unhappy when Bo suggested that she might see other people.

During ArachnoFaebia, Dyson fought to save Bo, Hale and Kenzi when they were bitten by a spinder-like Fae against the wishes of The Ash, and succeeded in during so barely in time with Lauren's help. He also confronted Lauren for her actions in the episode noting that what she did almost killed Bo. Dyson also warned Bo that Lauren was too close to the Ash and that Bo was too close to Lauren, which concerned him greatly.

In Vexed, Dyson and Bo were seen in another sexual feeding encounter and afterwards Dyson commented that Lauren could never love Bo, to which Bo replied that their relationship wasn’t about love. Dyson also warned Bo that he would no longer help her to heal, saying that she needs to learn something for her own good. During the episode Dyson and Bo come to blows over Bo's current case, but to no avail for either of them. Dyson also warned Bo that she must choose a side wit the Fae to stay alive once again. When Bo finally confronts Vex in this episode and attempted to kill him, Dyson stopped Bo and her rage turned to Dyson for a moment before Dyson admitted to Bo that he cared about her.

Fae Day revealed that Dyson was intimately connected to Trick and learned that Trick had arranged for Lou Ann, Bo’s midwife, who had been the focus of the previous episode, to not in fact be executed. Dyson confronted Trick and asked how long they would continue to keep Bo in the dark about who her mother is as Dyson admits that he hated lying to Bo and Trick responded that Dyson shouldn’t have gotten personally involved. A further question was asked by Dyson about what they would do if, or when, Bo's mother appeared, but no plans were mentioned by either. Dyson helped Bo to interrogate a Banshee during the episode and then helped Bo to locate the brother of a Fae who's life was threatened. Dyson told Bo at one point that he was doing everything that he could to protect her and Bo replied that she trusted him without reservations. As part of an attempt to solve an argument between the Far brothers, Bo intervenes, and when Trick told Bo that she needed to have someone chosen to kill her if the attempt failed, Dyson steps forward to take that duty. At the end of the episode, Dyson and Trick talk about Bo's actions, Dyson being proud of Bo that she did not crumble in the face of death, defending her to Trick and stressing that Bo is strong and deserved to know the truth from them both. At the end of the episode, Dyson toasts Trick as the Blood King, revealing Trick's secret past.

During The Mourning After Dyson examined a case that appeared to be a suicide, but turned out to be Fae related. As well, Dyson's relationship with Bo became stronger during the episode which laid out the path of their relationship and events in the rest of the first season.

Faetal Justice found Dyson accused of killing a Dark Fae. This brought him to seek sanctuary with Trick in an attempt to protect himself from The Ash and The Morrigan. Having no other choice, Dyson was forced to rely on Bo to prove his innocence. During the course of the episode that Dyson had once lived in Spain as well as Iceland in the past, and that he had not always been a cop. As part of his attempt to find answers, Dyson allowed a Fae called a Kirin to look through his memories, but to no avail. It is revealed that Dyson was a Stone Warrior until the past fifty years when he took on the role of a Detective. It is also noted that Dyson has a lot of enemies because of his past. When Dyson is taken to The Morrigan, she attempted to extract information about Bo from him, but Dyson refused her wishes. After Bo discovered the truth about what happened and rescued Dyson, their relationship moved to a new level of understanding.

In (Dis)Members Only Bo and Dyson posed as a married couple to investigate a country club where a series of murders took place. During the episode, it was clear that Bo and Dyson were moving their relationship onwards to being a couple, and falling in love with each other. Dyson tells Bo that wolfs mate for life and she should be careful what she asks for from him. After Dyson agrees that there will be no secrets between them he tells Trick that if he did not tell Bo everything by that evening, he would. At the end of the episode, Dyson is attacked by Aife, Bo's mother, masquerading as Sakia. It was clear during the attack that Dyson knew exactly who Aife was and what her relationship to Bo was. Bo managed to stop Aife before Dyson was killed and then used her power to breathed life back into Dyson and revived him.

The first season finale Blood Lines revealed much about Dyson that had been hidden to that point in the series. Dyson explained to Bo that Saskia was in fact Aife, who was Bo's mother and that Dyson had been expecting her to come after Bo for some time. Dyson also revealed to Bo that the truth was Trick's to reveal to her which created some conflict between Bo, Dyson and Trick in the episode. As Aife attacked the Fae with the intent to start a war, Dyson tried to make amends with Bo and heal their relationship, but this does not unfold as Dyson had hoped. When Bo left to confront Aife, Dyson then turned to The Norn and offered his most precious thing, which he believed was his wolf, to help Bo win the battle. But instead The Norn took Dyson's love for Bo which shattered him physically and emotionally. In the aftermath of the episode, the last image of Dyson is of him in pain somewhere in the darkness. He then shifted into his wolf form and raced off into the forest alone.

At the end of the First Season, Dyson had become very close to Bo and had become intimately involved with her against the wishes of Trick. Dyson had also begun a relationship, similar to that of siblings, between himself and Kenzi. Over the course of the season, it became clear that Dyson was hiding something from Bo and when that was revealed, their relationship suffered as a result. However, in spite of this, Dyson felt compelled to sacrifice what he valued most, Bo's love, in order to help Bo overcome Aife, her mother, and survive. The results of this decision and its implications would resonate throughout the following seasons of the series.

Second Season

Dyson's first appearance in the Second Season was in the season premiere Something Wicked This Fae Comes in which Dyson returned after being missing for three weeks since seeing The Norn, but upon his return Dyson seemed aloof to Bo and their relationship suffered as a result. During the episode Dyson admitted to Bo that The Norn took his love for her and that they could not be together as a result of he not having any feelings for her. However, this does not stop Dyson from helping Bo to overcome a plot against the Fae during the episode.

In I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won), Dyson continued to be moody and disconnected from Bo and everyone else. Hale noted that Dyson seemed to be "going feral" as he seemed to be spending more time in his wolf form hunting. Dyson comes to odds with Bo over her protection of a wanted Fae which then drew them both into the politics of the Light Fae as a result. Bo demanded that Dyson talk to her about what had happened and Dyson with some reservations, agreed. Dyson later worked with Bo and Hale in an attempt to influence the choice of the new Ash with the goal of attempting to save the Fae who was to be hunted as part of the ceremonies. Dyson directly assisted the Fae in the hunt and with the help of Lauren, managed to save her. Eventually Dyson met with Bo where he explained that everything was his fault and that wolves mate for life and that he did not regret giving that love to Bo, but The Norn took it. When Bo attempted to make Dyson believe that they could defeat The Norn, he did not accept that and told Bo to move on with her life before he left as he also had to.

During Scream a Little Dream Dyson appeared in two of Bo's dreams which turned into nightmares as the result of another Fae's actions. Dyson did not appear otherwise in the episode, though the appearances reflected Bo's own wants and fears about Dyson.

As part of Mirror, Mirror Kenzi, while drunk, accidentally invoked the witch Baba Yaga to put a curse on Dyson for breaking Bo's heart. Dyson discovered that all women now hated him and became furious with Kenzi; he accused her of meddling with things she didn't understand, and being a stupid human. In spite of this, when Kenzi is kidnapped, he assisted Bo in a rescue attempt and in the process of that attempt saved Bo's life when she almost drowned.

BrotherFae of the Wolves was the first Dyson-centric episode of the series and revealed much of Dyson's past. An old pack mate of Dyson, Cayden, arrived in town and asked for his help in tracking down a stolen Mongolian Death Worm. Cayden's arrival triggered memories of Dyson's past when he was part of a pack fighting for their King. The memories included a long dead friend, Stefan, and his mate, Ciara, who Dyson was attracted to. The episode also told of the events that led to Dyson's leaving the pack, including the moment when Dyson first met The Norn that eventually took his love for Bo. Eventually Dyson discovers that Cayden was responsible for the theft and defeated him. In the aftermath, Dyson discovered that Ciara who Dyson had been led to believe had died, was in fact alive and being held against her will by Cayden. At the end of the episode, as Lauren was with Bo, Dyson was with Ciara.

During Fae Gone Wild Dyson came to odds with Bo over a case she was working on, but they eventually did work together to solve the mystery. His relationship with Ciara was becoming more complex as well as Dyson attempted to move on without having love for Bo.

Death Didn't Become Him had Dyson look into the theft of a Fae's body on the request of Trick with Bo's help. In order to do so, Dyson tricked Hale into a security detail which went awry because of Kenzi's interference, but Dyson returned in time to rescue them both.

Original Skin was notable as Kenzi and Dyson swapped bodies for a time. It also marked the moment when Dyson's attitude about Kenzi changed and became one of admiration which then drove their relationship closer towards being one of big brother to little sister in tone. Dyson in Kenzi's body was able to defeat a Fae that had possessed Lauren's body and attempted to kill The Ash. After Dyson and Kenzi were returned to their rightful bodies, Dyson told Kenzi that “You very well may be the strongest person that I have ever met.” Kenzi replied: “You felt very empty and missing something.” Dyson did not reply to this however.

In Raging Fae Dyson attempted to shut down illegal Fae boxing matches, but came to odds with The Ash who would not support him in that action. During the investigation, Bo was injured and Dyson asked Bo to feed from him, but she refused to do so. When the case was solved, Dyson made a deal with The Ash to look after a human father and his adopted Fae son to protect them both which The Ash grudgingly agreed to.

Can't See the Fae-Rest had Dyson and Hale investigate a series of wealthy human murders that appeared to be Fae related which were solved with Bo and Kenzi's help. After some strife in their relationship, Ciara and Dyson talked, Ciara revealed that she loved him and Dyson promised to make her happy, but did not say he loved her as he could not love.

During Masks Dyson helped Bo in her search for a means to free Lauren's girlfriend Nadia from the curse she was under. Dyson also revealed to Trick that he could not come to terms with how he feels about Ciara and what his relationship with Bo was.

Barometz. Trick. Pressure., which was the mid-season finale, had Dyson admit that he could never love Ciara when he was forced to tell the truth by a Luduan. It was also shown that Ciara had purchased a house for them and she and Dyson were in the process of moving to it during the episode. Dyson also gave Bo a map to The Ash's compound so that she could confront him over his actions. When Trick attempted to find out the truth about what danger they were facing, things went wrong and as a result Dyson, Hale and Trick were rendered unconscious as the episode came to a close.

Midnight Lamp, the premiere episode of the second half of the second season, found that Dyson, along with Hale and Trick had survived the events at the end of the previous episode, but how was not revealed. Dyson sought out The Norn who told him that since wolves mate for life, and he gave his love of Bo to her, he has no love to give and therefore cannot love Ciara or anyone else. When Bo was trapped with a device meant to capture a Djinn, Dyson was the one that found the device and took it to Trick. Ciara confronted Dyson over what was going on with him and their relationship. He revealed to her that The Norn took his love in exchange for Bo's life and he cannot love her. She could not understand why he would not give up his wolf for her husband and left heartbroken.

In Table for Fae Dyson arrested the son of a powerful man and as a result of doing so, he was suspended from the police force. Hale put his job on the line for Dyson to have him reinstated again, but Dyson decided that he didn’t need to explain or answer to anyone again including, it seemed, The Ash.

During School's Out Dyson investigated a high school when a student collapsed after speaking nonsense while reading an assignment to her class. Dyson drew Bo and Kenzi into his investigation of the school, Bo as a teacher, Kenzi as a student, and Dyson acted as a student counselor. Dyson found that many of the students had issues similar to his own with Bo and this made him think further on their relationship. Dyson also warned Bo not to become involved with Ryan, a Dark Fae he saw Bo with.

The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire found Dyson and Hale coming to odds with each other. Hale told Kenzi at one point that he hated what Dyson had become: "totally unreliable and Dyson "doesn't give a damn." Dyson became intimate with Val, Hale's sister during the episode as well. Hale discovered them together and almost struck Dyson, but managed to restrain himself, but later does punch Dyson. At the end of the episode, Dyson stood apart from his friends, his attitude that of a lone wolf.

In Fae-nted Love Dyson was called in by The Ash to investigate a Fae prisoner that was connected to the deaths of many Fae. Dyson interrogated him, but found himself giving up as much information about himself as he was getting in return. Dyson's life and reason for living were questioned and he could not seemingly find a reason to live. His truth was given that Dyson could not live without love, and he was told to kill himself by the Fae Dyson was investigating. Dyson overcame him, and obtained an admission of his guilt for the deaths of the Fae. Afterwards, Dyson left town on a motorcycle for places unknown.

During Lachlan's Gambit Dyson returned from being away and explained that the Wolf spirit told him that he would kill The Garuda, but in truth that didn't explain exactly what he must do except in a riddle. Dyson told Bo he must do this in order to have his love for her returned to him. The Ash attempted to have Trick write a new future, but Bo and Dyson managed to stop him from doing so. Bo, Dyson, Hale, Kenzi and Ciara confronted The Garuda, but were captured and then The Garuda killed Ciara. Dyson sacrificed himself to allow the others to escape, soon falling to The Garuda's Beserkers. Kenzi did not escape with Hale and Bo however, and went back to save Dyson. Dyson was still alive, but close to death as a result of Kenzi not giving up on him.

Into the Dark showed Dyson being devastated by Ciara's death as he attended her wake, still recovering from his wounds. Kenzi confronted Dyson and made him understand that he could not give up for everyone's sake, and Bo's in particular. Dyson saw The Norn with Kenzi at his side, and demanded his love to be returned, but was rejected. Kenzi took things into her own hands and attacked The Norn's sacred tree which forced The Norn to agree to Kenzi's demands. Kenzi then brought Dyson's love back to him which changed Dyson's personality and attitude to what it should have been thus ending this part of his arc in the series and allowing him to love Bo again.

In the season finale Flesh and Blood, Dyson revealed to Vex that Trick was the Blood King at one point in the episode. Dyson was injected with Bo's blood as part of Bo's plan to defeat The Garuda as well. Dyson, while under Bo's influence, offered himself to her in order to strengthen her powers, but Bo refused to do so. Dyson then later attacked The Garuda as part of the team that Bo had assembled. During the attack, Dyson teamed up with Vex and when Vex was injured, helped him survive through the battle. Dyson was with Bo when she finally confronted The Garuda, and was witness to her winning the battle. At the end of the episode, Dyson offered Lauren her freedom as there was no Ash to hold her, but Lauren refused and Dyson accepted this.

At the end of the Second Season, Dyson had been given his love back and seemed to be attempting to rebuild his relationship with Bo. While this appeared to be the case, Bo's strengthened relationship with Lauren during the Second Season would complicate matters for everyone, especially Dyson, going forwards.

Third Season

Dyson's first appearance in the Third Season was in the season premiere Caged Fae where he arrested Bo as part of a plan to investigate a Fae prison. During the episode Vex suggested that Dyson take him on as his new partner as Hale had become the Acting Ash as well. Kenzi warned Dyson to get together with Bo again as Dyson had his love back, but at the end of the episode, Dyson had not done so and Bo was with Lauren.

In SubterrFaenean Dyson was partnered with Tamsin as an "experiment" to help with peace between the Light and Dark Fae. There was friction between the two from the beginning of their partnership, but as well there seemed to be some kind of attraction between them. Dyson states during the episode that Bo had been feeding cleanly and safely for two years as part of his defense against Tamsin's accusations against Bo. During the episode, Tamsin and Dyson also had a boxing match to settle an argument between them.

During ConFaegion The Morrigan planted a parasite on Vex which entered Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin and changed their personalities and regressed them so their Fae powers no longer existed.

Fae-de To Black had Dyson ask Bo to go undercover as a therapist at a New Age clinic to investigate a rash of human suicides. Dyson went undercover as a patient and fell victim to what was happening. After Bo was injured severely, she was forced to feed from Dyson against Lauren's wishes.

In Faes Wide ShutDyson and Tamsin investigated a Fae murder and discovered that Bo might be responsible as she was with that Fae previously. Dyson decided to take the investigation of Bo further as the evidence seemed to be pointing to her killing Fae and Lauren covering for Bo. Dyson and Tamsin also spoke to a Bacchus as part of their investigation, and fought with him.

During The Kenzi Scale Dyson revealed that they had found two bodies in the last few weeks which might be succubus feeds, but they had no hard evidence of that nor of Bo's involvement. Dyson imprisoned Bo when she claimed that Kenzi was not Kenzi, and this seemed to indicate the Bo was unstable. Dyson assumed that Bo was wrong and found himself fighting a Kitsune in Kenzi's form which he was forced to kill in self-defense. This devastated Dyson and he was inconsolable until Lauren proved that Dyson had not killed Kenzi. Following this, Dyson went in search of Kenzi and was present when Bo and Tamsin rescued Kenzi, his guilt in not having believed Bo very clear.

During There's Bo Place Like Home, Dyson confronted Trick over allowing Bo to return to see her human parents, Dyson being worried that he: "can't afford to lose Bo." Trick determined that Dyson had him love back but Dyson told Trick: "In the short-term I am not going to interfere. I love Bo too much to screw it up again." Dyson made this decision so that Lauren and Bo could have their relationship without being concerned about his feeling in the matter, with the knowledge that Lauren was human and her life span would not be as long as his or Bo's would be.

In The Ceremony Bo’s Dawning arrived and she entered the Temple alongside Dyson with Lauren’s blessing. They entered a mirror of the world they knew in search of a key to escape it. Dyson revealed that he loved Bo but would not interfere with her and Lauren’s happiness, being content to wait for her. Dyson realized that he was the key to escape and forcesd Bo to kill him. They returned to the real world and Bo pulled the Chi from everyone around her and uses it to revive Dyson. Dyson also revealed that he was at least 1,500 years old during this episode.

As part of Delinquents Bo, Kenzi and Dyson went undercover in a troubled youth camp to investigate a series of deaths and discovered that a Tikbalang was killing them and stop it. During the episode both Lauren and Dyson agreed that sex with Bo was the best that they would ever have.

In Adventures In Fae-bysitting Dyson discovered proof thanks to Tamsin that Bo could not have killed a Fae they had been investigating because there were six finger marks on the Fae's neck. Dyson and Tamsin discovered a field in which many Fae have been buried, Dyson calling it a mass grave.

During Hail, Hale Dyson reported to Hale that they had processed eighteen Fae bodies, both Light Fae and Dark Fae from the field they discovered in the previous episode so far, but there appeared to be many more. Evidence also pointed to all of them having been tortured and as well some of the victims were missing organs. There was a connection between Bo and Dyson that became present in this episode which seemed to allow Bo to know that Dyson was at least alive, if not where he was. Dyson was kidnapped by humans during this episode which caused Hale to be overthrown as the Acting Ash. Dyson also discovered that Aife was still alive, but imprisoned as Dyson was.

In the season finale Those Who Wander Dyson was forced to battle another Fae for his survival and wins that battle. As a result, he was used as a donor subject by Lauren in an attempt to give Doctor Taft Fae powers. This was a ruse however and Doctor Taft was not given Dyson's DNA and at the end of the episode was killed by Dyson. Dyson was then rescued by Tamsin afterwards and the pair drove off. However, the two of them drove off a cliff after encountering The Wanderer and Tamsin losing control of her truck.

At the end of the Third Season, Dyson had come to terms with Bo and Lauren's relationship in the intervening season. Dyson's fate was unknown as the last image seen was of him and Tamsin driving over a cliff after encountering The Wanderer.

Fourth Season

Dyson's first appearance in the Fourth Season was in the premiere episode In Memoriam. He had survived going over the cliff with Tamsin in the Third Season finale Those Who Wander, but the circumstances of how he survived and what Tamsin's condition was remained clear and unexplained. As a result of the actions of unknown persons, Dyson, along with everyone else that was aware of Bo, had their memories altered so that they were not aware of her. As a result, Dyson's relationship with Kenzi, Hale and Trick changed to various extents. Dyson became more adversarial towards the others, somewhat more emotionally attracted to Kenzi and slightly distant towards Trick. After encountering Aife, whom he did not remember meeting before, he became aware of memories being altered and set out with Kenzi and Hale to find a means to correct their memories. Dyson also confronted Vex about his becoming the New Morrigan and what happened to the previous The Morrigan. The result of that meeting was Vex gave Dyson invitations to a party they needed to attend. In doing so, Dyson, along with Kenzi and Hale, performed a Tango which gained Kenzi access to an item they needed to correct the changed memories. As this occurred, Dyson fought Vex for a time before Hale took over the fight. This allowed Dyson to save Kenzi and then help her to correct everyone's memories. Following this, Dyson remembered what happened to Tamsin and his love for Bo which drove him to find out what happened to them.

He next appeared in Sleeping Beauty School where he found Tamsin, who had reverted to the physical age of a child. After leaving her with Kenzi, Dyson went in search of a means to find Bo who had been removed from the plane of existence she should have been on by The Wanderer. After a long search and being misled, he found the Fae he needed, Cleo, who Dyson had met in the previous episode. With her help Dyson boarded what Cleo called a Death Train and left in search of Bo with her.

In Lovers. Apart., Dyson and Cleo found themselves on the Death Train, but Bo had left just before they arrived. Following her, they found Bo trying to help a family to deal with a curse which caused the murders of previous generations of their family due to being possessed by what they called a ghost. With the help of Cleo, he and Bo were able to end the curse and free both the family and the ghost. After Bo defeated Cleo, who tried to take Bo from Dyson as part of a deal she made with Vex, he then drove Bo home to be reunited with her friends and family.

During Turn to Stone, Dyson's relationship with Bo seemed to be rekindled after the events they had both been through, at one point becoming intimate. When Tamsin aged back to her previous physical age, Dyson looked after her for a time before she fell into the hands of the Druid Massimo. Dyson also made a promise to Kenzi in the aftermath of Massimo's seeming death to show her a means to be "equal" to the Fae when the time was right.

Dyson returned in Of All the Gin Joints and told Bo that Lauren had joined the Dark Fae, but she was already aware of that fact. Bo also told Dyson that she had joined the Dark Fae because of the Wanderer, which upset him, but Dyson was determined to find a solution. Over the course of the episode, Bo's more aggressive tendencies were seen by Dyson and they became intimate several times. At the end of the episode, Dyson was confronted by the Una Mens who accused Dyson of breaking the Blood Laws, but what laws he broke were not made clear at that time.

In La Fae Époque, it was revealed that Dyson was facing execution as a result of a crime which the Una Mens claimed he was guilty of from 1890s France. Bo entered Dyson's memories with the help of Lauren and discovered that several events had occurred during and around that time. According to those memories, Dyson was responsible for the events at Rotterdam in 1864, the fire at Boijmans. London 1817, and the Poyais scheme. He was known as a rogue, and had his way with many women across Europe. At this time he also came into contact with Trick who told him of the Helskór, a pair of shoes that were very valuable. At this point, Dyson called him Trick for the first time and this may have been the origin of Trick's name. Dyson attempted to steal those shoes with the help of Flora, a Fae he knew at that time. Flora was possessed by the shoes and went on a killing spree before Dyson stopped her. Flora was then killed by an, at that time, known person who demanded the shoes. Trick then intervened and Dyson took the shoes before meeting with Trick. Trick then revealed himself to be the Blood King and Dyson swore fealty to the Blood King, taking the role of second to Trick and joining him on a voyage to the New World to establish a Fae colony there. In the current time of the series, Dyson found himself imprisoned with Kenzi after she was discovered in an attempt to free him. While they were alone, Dyson promised Kenzi that when they were freed he would teach her to be a Shadow Thief, but did not explain what that meant. In order to save Kenzi, Dyson offered the Helskór to the Una Mens in trade. However, it turned out that Bo beat the Una Mens to the Helskór and proved they were guilty of the events of the past. Bo then made a deal with them to free both Dyson and Kenzi and Hale, who had been imprisoned elsewhere. Following this, Dyson joined Bo and his other friends in planning out their next move at the Dal Riata.

During Groundhog Fae, Dyson was involved in a drunken debate with Lauren over whether they should give Bo a package that Lauren found which was addressed to Bo in Bo's handwriting. The debate was moderated by a drunken Vex, who refereed the debate. No clear decision was made by the end of the debate, but Dyson and Lauren settled their strife with one another over their relationships with Bo. At the end of the episode, Dyson was unconscious when Kenzi found him, Vex and Lauren having left him with the package, and took the package to Bo, not knowing what was in it or the argument that Dyson and Lauren had.

In Destiny's Child, Dyson attempted, along with Lauren to travel with Bo to confront The Wanderer. but was refused. Afterwards, he and Lauren went in search of Bo, assuming that she was being double-crossed. They came to her aid and overcame a pair of brothers who were working for The Wanderer. However, again both he and Lauren were not allowed to accompany Bo when she was finally taken to The Wanderer. Returning to the Dal Riata, he was present along with Trick and Lauren when Bo returned with The Wanderer, now known by his true name Rainer, and watched as Bo declared Rainer to be her "destiny".

During Waves, Dyson had to deal with being locked out of Bo's life along with all of Bo's friends when Rainer, The Wanderer moved in with Bo. It was also revealed that Dyson had been teaching Kenzi to be a Shadow Thief and she had progressed far enough in her training that she was able to remove Lauren's panties without her knowing. Dyson claimed that he did not teach Kenzi how to do this however. Dyson joined Kenzi in going undercover to investigate why a Fae's legs where taken under mysterious circumstances, eventually discovering that merfolk were involved and overcoming them by the end of the episode with Lauren's help.

In End of a Line, Dyson was involved in Bo's search for answers when a zombie attacked her and it seemed as if Rainer was responsible. By the end of the episode, Dyson had confronted Bo about her relationship with Rainer and when Bo could not answer his questions, seemed to bring their relationship to a close at least on a personal level. In the aftermath of this, Tamsin seduced Dyson with the intention of being more than his partner on the police force.

During Origin, Dyson attended Hale's funeral with Bo, Kenzi and Tamsin, Dyson delivering the eulogy. Later he was with Bo and Kenzi when they confronted Massimo for his killing Hale. However, when Massimo whispered to Dyson that he would "watch friends die and do nothing about it" he did not allow Kenzi to obtain her revenge and imprisoned Massimo in Trick's lair. Later in the episode, Bo asked for advice about what to do with regards to Rainer, but Dyson refused to give Bo any advice. Soon after, Dyson revealed that Hale had bequeathed the Zamora family code and a crest to him. When Tamsin examined the crest, and the true family code was revealed, these events made Dyson tell Bo that she was "The One."

He appeared in the season finale Dark Horse where, following the death of Rainer, Dyson expressed his love to Bo and formally gave fealty to her, saying that he was meant to serve a Queen, not a King. When the portal that Bo's Father was intending to use to arrive on Earth was found, Dyson, along with Tamsin and Trick defended against the oncoming hordes of Remnants. Dyson attempted to stop Kenzi from sacrificing herself in order to close the portal, but did not manage to do so and was witness to Kenzi's death having to stop Bo from going to Kenzi's side. Following Kenzi's death, Dyson went to the gates of Valhalla where he found Tamsin who had taken both Kenzi and Rainer's souls there and helped her away.

At the end of the Fourth Season, Dyson's whereabouts where not exactly known, though he was close by, possibly with Tamsin or Bo.

Fifth Season

Dyson's first appearance in the Fifth Season was in the season premiere Like Hell, Part I where he worked with Lauren and Trick to understand Tamsin's diary which revealed information about Valhalla, Tamsin's past, and the purpose of the Helskor. Following this, Dyson accompanied Lauren to the Gates of Valhalla where Lauren used a lock of Tamsin's air and her diary to make the gates appear. Dyson then forced the gates open. He was then warned that he had trespassed on forbidden ground by the Valkyrie.

In Like Hell, Part II, Dyson and Lauren worked to free Kenzi from her grave and succeeded in doing so at the beginning of the episode. Dyson then returned to the Gates of Valhalla to keep them open for Bo until she returned. In doing so, Dyson encountered Stacey, a Valkyrie who was searching for a soul close to Bo in order to replace Kenzi's which had been returned to Earth. Dyson attempted to divert Stacey's attention, at one point suggesting to her that Vex was Bo's lover and using his own experiences with Bo, but saying that Vex was the one that had done so. Dyson was interrupted by Tamsin who diverted Dyson's attention and allowed Stacey to leave with Dyson's phone which revealed Lauren's relationship with Bo. Dyson returned to the Gates of Valhalla and kept them open until Bo returned, allowing her to escape and return to Earth. During a celebration at the Dal Riata for Bo and Kenzi's return, Dyson and Tamsin agreed to be friends and pinky-sweared to that. Dyson spoke with Kenzi as well and gave Kenzi a deed to some property in Spain that Hale had bequeathed Kenzi in his will.

During Big in Japan, Dyson investigated a strange elevator accident in which several people were killed, but some of the bodies seemed to be preserved. After asking Lauren for help, she indicated that the bodies were human, but further tests needed to be made. Dyson made light of his ability of smell, calling it "priceless" when Lauren compared him to an expensive blood analyzer her clinic had, but the answers he was looking for were not found. Dyson was present when Lauren received a death threat and attempted to make Lauren understand that her world had changed and she needed to protect herself. Following a scare, Lauren asked Dyson for his help in learning self-defence, but it was clear that Lauren did not have the skills for a physical fight. Turning to Lauren's medical knowledge, Dyson with Lauren's help, found a way to protect herself that worked for her and was proven to do so when Lauren was attacked. Following Bo being attacked and almost killed, Dyson found out that Bo was unable to feed and was present when Bo revealed that the reason for her not being able to feed was that she was afraid if losing everyone. After Lauren and Trick told Bo they were not going anywhere, Dyson added: "I'm not going anywhere. Ever." which helped Bo to overcome her fears. Bo then fed on Dyson and healed herself. Later, Dyson spoke with Tamsin in an attempt to convince her to team up with Bo in her investigations and leave the police force, which Tamsin considered. At the end of the episode, Dyson joined Bo, Lauren and Tamsin in a movie night at Bo's place.

When God Opens a Window... revealed a secret about Dyson's past that he was not aware of. Through the course of the episode, Bo came into contact with a young Fae Shifter named Mark who seemed very familiar to Bo. Eventually when Dyson came into contact with him, it was revealed that Mark was in fact Dyson's son from a relationship he had in the past with a Shifter named Piper. The relationship between Mark and Dyson however was strained from the beginning and Mark departed wanting to have nothing to do with Dyson. In the aftermath, Dyson attempted to make a deal with a Hunter that was trying to kill Mark, but when that failed, Dyson killed the Hunter with the help of Vex. Dyson came into contact with Vex through Trick's actions during the episode and at first intended to kill Vex in revenge for Massimo's actions which resulted in the death of Hale. At one point, Dyson had placed a gun to Vex's head and fully intended to kill him, but Lauren managed to defuse the situation. Vex and Dyson were partnered in order to investigate a series of deaths that were connected only by a strange mark placed on their bodies, and with Vex's help, Dyson deduced the connections and that there was the possible existence of a Fae cult. At the end of the episode, Dyson was drinking heavily, mourning the death of Piper and considering his own actions with regards to the Hunter and to his son Mark. Dyson was not aware that Mark had been intimate with Bo, asking her to be a "Big Sister" to his son, and reaffirming again to Bo that he did love her.

During It's Your Lucky Fae, Dyson was called to the Dal Riata when his son Mark and Vex were involved in a bar fight. At that same time Dyson was made aware that Trick's ledger of Fae names was also stolen, however neither Vex, nor Mark who was indirectly responsible for the theft, admitted to knowing anything. Confronting Mark over his needing to accept his heritage, Dyson and Mark had a argument which ended with Mark walking away in disgust. Later in the episode, Dyson revealed that a Fae that Bo had been investigating in the disappearance of a trio of Oracles, was one of the dead bodies from the elevator crash that Lauren had stolen from her clinic which left Dyson and Lauren with a mystery to solve.

In Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts, Dyson investigated the murder of a football player and in doing so brought in Bo and Tamsin to assist him by going undercover. It was also revealed that Mark was, if not living at Dyson's home, at least working out there. Mark also appeared to be tagging along when Dyson first investigated the murder. Dyson was approached by the wife of one of the possessed humans and through her discovered that the possessed humans seemed to be involved with the murder case. Dyson at one point took in for questioning a cheerleader because of circumstantial evidence, but he was cleared when his boyfriend vouched for him. Dyson was present at a meeting with Bo, Tamsin, Lauren and Trick where the return of the Ancients was discussed, but the reasons for them doing so were still unknown.

During Here Comes the Night, Dyson was present with Tamsin and Bo at the site of a tornado that the Ancients created that damaged part of the city. Dyson helped to rescue a family that were trapped in a car. Following this, Dyson accompanied Bo and Tamsin to Lauren's clinic and afterwards set out to assist in dealing with the disaster and its aftermath. After a conversation with Tamsin during which Dyson asked Tamsin to remove any evidence of the Ancients being involved and as well, to remove a series of posters that the wife of one of the possessed humans had put up. Going to see the wife, Dyson encountered the possessed human who was masquerading as the husband. Catching the Ancient in a lie, Dyson confronted them and discovered that the Ancient was named Hera. After being severely injured by the wife attacking, Hera left and Dyson took the wife, named Alycia to his home to protect her. While there, Dyson was visited by the Oracles who appeared in Bo's form to gain his truth, which was that Dyson still loved Bo. Dyson suspected that something was wrong, but did not trust his instincts. Later. Dyson was present when Trick explained about the purpose of the Oracles, their power, and what they were seeking which they figured out what Bo's truth or "light."

In End of Faes, Dyson attended a surprise party for Bo that the Ancients held. During this party, Dyson injected Hera with a syringe given to him by Lauren and then punched Hera afterwards. Dyson was present when Bo had to choose the means for the removal of her father's mark as well. Later, Lauren helped Dyson locate Mark who was suffering from a severe wound and then assisted Lauren in trying to save Mark's life.

In 44 Minutes to Save the World, Dyson was present when Hades appeared and helped Lauren to save Mark's life. He was also present when Bo revealed Hades' true identity to both he and Lauren. Dyson was also present when Bo and Hades confronted Iris at Dyson's gym, managing to save Alycia before she came to harm. At the end of the episode, Dyson met with Lauren and Tasmin when Tamsin brought Hera's body to Lauren's clinic. Dyson was also the one to break the news to Mark that Iris was killed.

As part of Like Father, Like Daughter, Dyson was on a stakeout with Bo, looking for Zee when Kenzi returned to their surprise. Dyson had to deal with Alycia as she became more frantic over the events she had been part of, initially assuming that Dyson was a believer in the supernatural, but later, after Mark revealed the truth about the Fae, was incensed with Dyson, striking him and demanding answers. Dyson took Alycia to see her husband Kevin, who was in a coma and attempted to console her. After a discussion with Trick about what to do, Dyson met with Alycia at the Dal Riata, had a drink with her, and then claimed her in order to protect her from the Fae.

During Judgement Fae, Dyson was seen having breakfast with Alycia, and then, before leaving, sharing a kiss with her. Dyson then revealed to Trick, Bo and Tamsin that Zee had not been banished and was captured on video killing a human at the local courthouse. Later, Dyson was present when Elizabeth, Zee's human host was encountered, Dyson confirming she was human as he could not sense any Fae in her and through her learned that Zee was at the courthouse to see Hephaestus, likely to have a new weapon made. Dyson then had a conversation with Trick over his becoming more intimate with Alycia and trying to come to terms with the possibility that he might be able to love someone else. Trick did tell Dyson that Bo was Dyson's greatest love, but he could, and should, love another. When Dyson returned home, he found a fire in his kitchen, Alycia making a mistake when she was cooking roast chicken for their dinner. The two then became intimate and their relationship seemed to be moving onwards. However, following the departure of Zee and Hera from Earth, Alycia's husband Kevin was freed from their control. Dyson escorted Alycia to Lauren's clinic where Alycia told Dyson she didn't regret their relationship and Dyson told her to: "You don't owe me anything. I want you to live your life the way it was" before walking away and out of her life.

In Family Portrait, Dyson was confronted by Bo over not being made aware that her mother, Aife, was alive and being held in an institution, Dyson claiming that the decision was not his to make. Following this, Dyson accompanied Bo to investigate how Aife escaped. Dyson was also present when Lauren called with the news that Hades had escaped. Eventually, when it was discovered that Hades had been impersonating Bo for some time, Dyson, along with Bo and Tamsin, attacked Hades. This attack failed and resulted in Dyson being stabbed by Hades using a knife, needing Lauren's assistance. At the end of the episode, Dyson found Bo kneeling beside the bodies of Trick and Aife, who were killed by Hades, Bo been unresponsive to Dyson's attempts to gain her attention.

During Follow the Yellow Trick Road, Dyson had gathered all of the surviving members of Bo's family and turning Bo's home into their fortress against Hades. Dyson had possession of Trick's will, but had not read it, preferring that Bo be the one to do so. It was shown that Dyson had lost his way without Bo, felt that he had failed Trick and caused Trick's death by not being there to help him. Dyson discovered that Bo had been bitten by something and did further research using some of the books from Trick's library which Mark and Vex had brought to Bo's home against Dyson's wishes. Dyson was present when Tamsin captured the Fae moth at the source of Bo's coma by striking it with a tennis racket as it rested on Kenzi's shoulder. Dyson was present when Bo came out of her coma as well. Following this, Dyson was present when Trick's will was read, he being the one to hand it to Bo and also to be the one that gave out items which Trick had bequeathed when the time came. Trick's will read: "To my lieutenant Dyson, to you and Mark, I leave my beloved bar, the Dal Riata. A place of sanctuary in dark times. There is no man more able to provide this service. You are my son Dyson, now and forever. Please show Mark the way." Trick therefore gave Dyson the Dal Riata in combination with Mark, his son. Following the reading of the will, Dyson held hands with the Family as they paused to mourn Trick's passing.

In Let Them Burn, Dyson was present in Lauren's clinic when it was revealed that Hades had kidnapped Tamsin and attacked Vex. Following this, Dyson made a decision to call the most powerful Fae Elders together at the Dal Riata. He intended to summon only Light Fae, but Mark, who Dyson put to the task, also summoned Dark Fae as well. This brought Dyson and Mark to confront each other, the two arguing and coming close to blows. Soon after, Mark had his first shift which revealed that he was a panther-shifter to Dyson's surprise. Dyson asked Mark to then choose Light or Dark, but he refused to Dyson's chagrin. Mark's actions eventually forced Dyson to call Sanctuary, which brought the conflict between the Light and Dark Fae Elders to a pause. Dyson then revealed in an impassioned speech that Trick was the Blood King and that Bo was his granddaughter. He then asked, in Trick's name, that the two sides join in battle against Hades and they did so. Later in the episode, Dyson arrived at the Clubhouse with Kenzi, Lauren and Mark, expecting to find Bo there with a plan to deal with Hades. Instead, they found themselves trapped by a fire which Bo had set at the urging of Hades. As the Clubhouse burned and fall apart, Dyson was forced to support a ceiling beam to keep it from falling upon the others. The last image of Dyson being he supporting the roof and the building continuing to burn.

Dyson appeared in the series finale Rise where, after escaping a fire set by Bo at the urging of Hades, Dyson, Lauren, Kenzi and Mark met up with Vex who used his motorhome to allow them to transit the city unseen. Dyson took command of the situation in an attempt to stop Hades' plans and in doing so found himself being confronted by Bo who had fallen to Hades' plots. During this time, Dyson had a long conversation with Lauren in which they cleared up their relationship and each of their own with Bo, coming to an understanding. When Bo overcame Hades' influence on her, she confronted Hades with Dyson, Mark and Vex assisting her. After Bo banished Hades, Dyson was present when Tamsin gave birth to her daughter Dagny. He was also present when Tamsin passed on and then ascended. At the end of the series, Dyson had retired from the police force and taken over control of the Dal Riata while Mark had become a rookie police officer and had begun to replace Dyson in his prior role there. After Bo and Lauren got back together for good, Dyson decided to wait to rekindle his relationship with the former.

Powers and Abilities

Dyson is a Light Fae Wolf-Shifter, or Lycan or what is colloquially called a werewolf. While there are apparently many different kinds of what are termed canine-shifters, they all tend to have the heightened senses of the canine in their human forms as well. Dyson possesses in his human form greater strength, reaction time, sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch than a normal human being would. It would appear, based on the other wolf-shifters that have appeared in the series that a characteristic of the wolf-shifters in that they tend to have warrior or similar types of personality which include having tattoos drawn on their bodies which represent various battles, significant moments in their lives and as well those they may have served with, fought for, or been intimate with.

As explained by Dyson, the mortal enemy of a wolf-shifter is a Lupercus, a Fae who's control of their shifting ability is not as advanced as a wolf-shifter's would be. They tend to be more violent and almost UnderFae in nature.[3]

Dyson also has the ability to shift into a form which resembles that of a wolf, but also he can alter his normal human appearance so that his facial and body features appear to be slightly wolfish in nature making him appear more fearsome to others. Dyson has stated that his kind of Fae "mate for life" and when he chose Bo as his mate he would be unable to love anyone else for the rest of this life.

Beyond his Fae abilities, Dyson is an excellent fighter, both with and without weapons, is highly intelligent, and knows a great deal about Fae culture. He has used his Fae abilities to solve many cases in his human role as a police Detective, using his senses to solve many crimes. However, he did note that kitty litter does interfere with his sense of smell.[4]

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Fifth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • Dyson is a Wolf-Shifter having powers and abilities similar to that of a werewolf.
  • Dyson's role in the human world was as a Homicide Detective in the 39th Division of the local police force, his partner for the first two seasons being Hale, then Tamsin.
  • Dyson in his role with the Fae served the wishes of The Ash as one of their investigators with regards to Fae crimes.
  • Dyson was well aware of who Bo was from the moment he met her, but was commanded by Trick not to reveal any information to Bo during the first season.
  • Dyson has a number of tribal tattoos on his body.
  • Dyson was apparently the first Fae that Bo fed from.
  • Bo's feeding always caused Dyson to be weakened, but be would rebound in a short period of time to his normal strength.
  • At various times during the first season Dyson's attitude towards Bo changed, going from aloof to deeply involved several times. This was mainly driven by Trick's orders to him not to become too involved with Bo.
  • Dyson keeps Fae files on some crimes and attempts to keep such things secret and out of the official files.
  • Dyson's wolf form is a white haired wolf.
  • Dyson once lived in Spain as well as Iceland in the past, and he had not always been a cop.
  • Dyson saw a police psychiatrist in the first season in an attempt to overcome his conflicting emotions and honor over Bo.
  • Dyson was the first to ask Kenzi about toothpaste after having spent a night at Bo's home.
  • The ground rules in Dyson's relationship with Bo were in the first season: Bo can take any job she wants in her Detective Agency, but Dyson would be kept informed to what she is doing and the other was that each of them could see other people outside of their relationship.
  • Dyson's relationship with Kenzi moved from confrontational to respect over the course of the series, telling her at one point "You very well may be the strongest person that I have ever met."
  • In the first season, Kenzi made Dyson promise that when she was gone, Dyson would watch Bo’s back. Dyson tried to avoid that promise, but the expressions from him proved that he would do what Kenzi asked.
  • Dyson and Lauren seemed to dislike each other from the beginning of the series, but their relationship changed over time as they came to understand their combined relationship with Bo.
  • Dyson was almost killed by Aife in the First Season, but Bo revived him.
  • Dyson revealed in the first season that when his kind of Fae mate, it is for life.
  • In the first season finale, The Norn took Dyson's love for Bo as her payment for helping Bo to overcome Aife, Bo's mother.
  • The taking of Dyson's love for Bo changed his personality and attitude drastically in the second season.
  • At the beginning of the Second Season, Dyson told Bo that he felt nothing for her anymore and that they would never kiss again.
  • Kenzi once cursed Dyson by summoning Baba Yaga who made all women hate Dyson.
  • During the middle ages, Dyson was part of a pack of wolves that served Fae King of Ailech in battle against his enemies.
  • The pack of shifters Dyson was part of was called the Laignach Faelad.
  • Dyson had two pack mates he was close to, Cayden and Stefan. Stefan's wife was Ciara and Dyson was attracted to her and seems to have continued to be in the present day.
  • Dyson originally met The Norn when Stefan was ordered by their King on a mission. Dyson attempted to save his life by bargaining with The Norn, but the cost was to be the loss of his wolf which he refused. After he met Bo, he went to the same Norn again and sacrificed his love for Bo in order to save her in the Season one finale: Blood Lines
  • Ciara taught Dyson, and the shifter pack he was with, the art of war.
  • Following the events of BrotherFae of the Wolves, Dyson started a relationship with Ciara.
  • Dyson had been responsible for looking after Tori, The Glave's daughter many times in the past and put a tracking device on her as a result of her actions.
  • In Original Skin Kenzi and Dyson swapped bodies for a time.
  • Dyson's favorite T-shirt reads "10th Annual Metro Police Darts Tournament - Take You Best Shot" and also has a drawing of Hale on it.
  • Dyson had known from the beginning of the series that Trick was The Blood King.
  • Dyson was forced to tell the truth about his feelings for Ciara by a Luduan, which were that he could never love her.
  • Dyson was unable to love Ciara because when a wolf mates, they mate for life. As a result when The Norn took his love for Bo, there was nothing left within him and, as such, the truth Dyson spoke in the episode Barometz. Trick. Pressure. is that he can't love anyone again as a result of the deal he struck with The Norn.
  • Dyson has been suspended at least once from the police force due to his actions, some of which have crossed the line.
  • Dyson acted as a student counselor once as part of an investigation. He and Bo also acted as a married couple in several other cases.
  • Dyson once was intimate with Hale's sister Val which strained his relationship with Hale.
  • During this time, Dyson's mood and personality was one of being a lone wolf.
  • Dyson owns at least one motorcycle.
  • Dyson has met the Wolf Spirit at least once.
  • When The Garuda was first confronted, Dyson was nearly killed in an attempt to make sure that Bo and the others escaped, but Kenzi rescued him.
  • Kenzi defeated The Norn and returned Dyson's love to him at the end of the second season of the series.
  • Dyson was present when Bo defeated The Garuda.
  • Dyson arrested Bo once and took her to jail as part of a plan to investigate a crime.
  • Tamsin was partnered with Dyson as an "experiment" to help with peace between the Light and Dark Fae.
  • Tamsin and Dyson have boxed against each other at least once.
  • Dyson had once been attacked by a parasite which regressed his personality and removed his Fae powers.
  • Dyson cannot smell as well as normal when there are massive numbers of scents in a room, the most powerful block being kitty litter.
  • Dyson had been attacked by a Rakshasa in the past.
  • Dyson battled a Bacchus with Tamsin's assistance.
  • Dyson was unable to sense the Kitsune who was impersonating Kenzi because she repeatedly took scent from Kenzi and rubbed it on herself thus masking her own scent.
  • Dyson decided to not interfere with Lauren's relationship with Bo calling it "short-term."
  • Dyson died during Bo's Dawning, but she revived him.
  • During Bo's Dawning, revealed that he was at least 1,500 years old.
  • Dyson served as Bo's "Hand" during her Dawning.
  • Both Lauren and Dyson agree that sex with Bo was the best that they will ever have.
  • Dyson and Tamsin discover a field in which many Fae have been buried, Dyson calling it a mass grave.
  • There is a connection between Bo and Dyson that seems to allow Bo to know that Dyson is at least alive, if not where he is.
  • Dyson was kidnapped once by humans under the orders of Doctor Taft.
  • Dyson was forced into a battle at the command of Doctor Taft.
  • Dyson was to be the donor source for the attempt to give Doctor Taft Fae powers, but this was a ruse by Lauren.
  • Dyson killed Doctor Taft.
  • Dyson was in a truck being driven by Tamsin as it drove over a cliff at the end of the Third Season.
  • Apparently Dyson survived Tamsin's truck going over the cliff by shifting into his wolf form, but had no idea where Tamsin was at the beginning of the Fourth Season.
  • Dyson's memories were altered at the beginning of the Fourth Season.
  • Before the return of memories, Hale and Dyson were both romantically linked with Kenzi.
  • It appeared that Dyson was no longer on the police force, at least in how he was spoken to at the beginning of the Fourth Season.
  • Upon the return of his memories of Bo, Dyson began a search for Bo, but also for Tamsin, who he found first, transformed into a young child.
  • Dyson entered the Death Train in search of Bo and continued to follow her until he found her and returned her to her friends and family.
  • Dyson made a promise to Kenzi to show her a way to be part of the Fae which eventually led to Kenzi being taught to be a Shadow Thief by Dyson.
  • Dyson claimed to be "changing" the spark plugs in Bo's car for her.
  • Dyson was accused of braking a law by the Una Mens and was imprisoned by them for murdering Fae and humans in the far distant past.
  • Dyson spent time in 1800s Paris.
  • Dyson had possession of the Helskór at one point in time, but at the time of the series, only had one in his possession which Bo used to gain his and Kenzi's freedom.
  • By the middle of the Fourth Season, Lauren and Dyson are not, apparently, mad at each other any longer and Dyson has not been mad at Lauren for some time.
  • Dyson can apparently track Bo wherever she may be.
  • Dyson trained Kenzi as a Shadow Thief but he claims that he did not teach Kenzi how to steal panties.
  • Dyson describes mermaids as the "psychopaths of the sea"
  • Dyson has resisted many attempts from Tamsin for the two to be more intimate.
  • Kenzi, Dyson, Bo and Tamsin were present at Hale's burial ceremony.
  • Dyson read Hale's eulogy.
  • Hale gave Dyson the Zamoran family code. "Complexity, Courage, Strength and Beauty. Mindful always of your duty. To ties of blood and those who love. The gentle hands, the wings of a dove. Ready thyself on guard be keen."
  • Dyson claims that Bo is "The One."
  • Hale's death was a massive blow to Dyson.
  • Dyson pledged his fealty to Bo at the end of the Fourth Season, changing it from being with Trick.
  • Dyson clearly told Bo that he loves her at the end of the Fourth Season.
  • Dyson has pulled Bo back several times from going completely dark in nature.
  • Tamsin warned Dyson not to allow Bo to gain possession of the Hel shoes.
  • Dyson has been to the gates of Valhalla at least twice.
  • Dyson has been warned that he has "trespassed on forbidden ground" when he forced open the gates of Valhalla at the beginning of the Fifth Season.
  • Lauren and Dyson dug up Kenzi's grave to free her.
  • Dyson didn't exactly lie to Stacey when he said that he didn't exactly know Bo as, in truth, no one really knows everything about Bo.
  • According to Dyson it appears that everyone is happy that Bo killed the Una Mens.
  • Evony is no longer The Morrigan according to Dyson.
  • With the ending of the Una Mens, Dyson calls the Dal Riata "Ground Zero for DemocroFaecy"
  • According to Dyson: "Everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of the unaligned Succubus."
  • Dyson attempted to divert Stacey's attention towards Vex by relating his own relationship with Bo and then attributing it to Vex instead.
  • Dyson held the Gates to Valhalla open for Bo so that she could return to Earth.
  • According to Stacey, Dyson does not love Bo, but loves someone else.
  • Kenzi received from Hale property in Spain as part of his will, Dyson delivering the deed to Kenzi.
  • Dyson trained Lauren in self-defense, in a way following in the footsteps of Kenzi who Dyson had trained in the past.
  • Dyson "helped" Bo paint her home once.
  • Apparently, Dyson and Bo have used a pool table for something other than for playing pool.
  • Dyson at one point was investigating a strange elevator crash with Lauren's help.
  • Apparently Dyson's nose is as good, if not better, than a blood analyzer worth one hundred thousand dollars.
  • Dyson's view of his relationship with Bo at the beginning of the Fifth Season is, from his perspective, on shaky ground because he believes that Bo blames him for stopping Bo from saving Kenzi when Bo's father was trying to return to Earth.
  • Dyson was present when Bo almost died when she was unable to feed. Dyson was part of the solution when he explained to Bo that: "I'm not going anywhere. Ever."
  • Following this, Dyson helped Bo to feed and saved her life.
  • Dyson encouraged Tamsin to leave the police force and help Bo in her investigations, telling her that Bo needed her.
  • Dyson has been to at least one movie night at Bo's place.
  • Trick used his position as the Acting Ash to help drive Dyson into working with Vex.
  • Dyson clearly stated to Trick that he swore fealty to Bo and no longer served the Blood King's will.
  • Dyson sees Vex as being the one indirectly responsible for Hale's death.
  • Dyson reveals that Mark is a Shifter.
  • The Hunter apparently knew Dyson from the past.
  • Dyson tells the Hunter's name as being Kelly.
  • Dyson describes Mark as a Shifter that has not shifted yet.
  • Bo realizes the truth about Mark when she sees both he and Dyson making the same gestures and movements eating and then Dyson confirms that Mark is his son.
  • Mark's mother was named Piper.
  • Dyson has accepted that Mark is his son, but Mark wants nothing to do with him.
  • Dyson attempted to make a deal with the Hunter to protect Mark's life, but when that failed, Dyson killed the Hunter with Vex's assistance.
  • Dyson told Bo, again, that he loves her.
  • Trick's ledger of Fae names was stolen by Iris using Mark as a means to gain access to Trick's lair. Dyson confronted both Mark and Vex over this, but neither claimed to know what Dyson was talking about.
  • Tamsin and Dyson tricked Seymour into absorbing the Aitvaras which removed the curse from Bo and transferred it to Seymour.
  • Dyson hates cats.
  • Lauren and Dyson are both aware that Heratio is using one of the bodies from the elevator crash, but not the reason why.
  • It appears that Mark is tagging along with Dyson to crime scenes, using Dyson's gym and possibly living at Dyson's place.
  • The symbol that has been appearing in the series during the Fifth Season is called a triskelion or triskele and is usually a motif consisting of three interlocked spirals, three bent human legs, or three bent/curved lines extending from the center of the symbol.
  • Dyson describes the triskele as being a "symbol of death and reincarnation." He also notes that the triskele is used by end of days cults.
  • A continuity error in the episode appears when Dyson reveals the image of the triskele he took to Bo, Lauren and Tamsin. The image is not the same as the one he was shown taking earlier, nor does it match the last image of the triskele seen before the opening credits rolled.
  • It appears that Heratio took over a public relations company soon after taking over Kevin Brown's body. In doing so he came into contact with the wife of the deceased man which then helped Dyson to connect the dots about what was going on.
  • Bo, Tamsin, Lauren, Dyson and Trick are all aware of all of the information they have gathered, that all three stolen human bodies are alive and pose a threat. It is not clear however if any of them are aware that Mark has been seeing Iris.
  • The Oracles found that Dyson's truth was his love for Bo.
  • For the first time in quite a while, Dyson gave Tamsin the "Bo's a succubus" speech.
  • Dyson encountered Heratio who attempted to masquerade as Alycia's husband, but when he commented that he liked marshmallows, she was convinced it was not her husband and she stabbed him. Dyson also learned that Heratio's real name was Hera.
  • Dyson was suspicious of the false Bo that visited him, noting that her scent didn't quite fit his experience with Bo.
  • Dyson said that he could smell Bo "from a mile away."
  • Dyson was invited to a surprise party held by the Ancients for Bo.
  • Lauren gave Dyson a syringe of "bug spray" to use on Hera to "reduce the possibility of bug showers."
  • Dyson obtained a sample of Hera's blood for Lauren by punching Hera in the face. He also injected Hera with Lauren's bug spray which seemed to have some effect, but how much was unclear.
  • Dyson, with Lauren's help in focusing, located Mark who was being helped by Vex, Mark having called Vex for help. After giving Mark to Lauren and Dyson, Vex left in search of more aid, leaving Lauren and Dyson to deal with Mark's injuries as he slowly faded away.
  • Both Dyson and Lauren are aware of whom Hades is because of Bo confronting him in Lauren's Clinic when all were present.
  • Apparently, Dyson likes mustard as his fridge has five different kinds in it.
  • Mark is aware that Iris is dead as Dyson told him.
  • Bo and Dyson have been searching for Zee, at one point staking out her condominium.
  • Dyson was present with Bo when Kenzi returned.
  • Dyson took Alycia to see her husband, who remains in a coma at Lauren's clinic.
  • Dyson told Alycia that he has lost someone: "in a way" and that he isn't over it.
  • Dyson has claimed Alycia in much the same way as Bo claimed Kenzi so long ago in the series.
  • Dyson's relationship with Alycia became more intimate, the two making love, before Alycia returned to her husband, Dyson breaking off their relationship just after he had admitted to himself that he loved Alycia.
  • Dyson became aware that Zee had not been banished when he investigated a murder at the courthouse and found a video of Zee as a result.
  • Dyson confirmed that Elizabeth was not being possessed by Zee when she was encountered by not smelling her being Fae.
  • Dyson claimed that, by the rules of his kind, he is allowed only one love. Trick disputed this, telling him while Bo is his greatest love, there is room for another.
  • Bo mused: "Maybe Jack's right. Maybe I'm not made for love." Dyson told Bo: "I think the opposite is true. But if there's one thing I have learned from loving you, better to have loved and lost."
  • Dyson claimed that he wanted to tell Bo that Aife was alive, but couldn't.
  • Dyson told Bo they decided not to tell her about Aife out of their love for her.
  • Bo, Tamsin and Dyson attacked Hades at his condominium, but to no effect. Tamsin struck him, Bo plunged the Amethusto Dagger in his chest, and when Dyson moved to attack, Hades threw the dagger at Dyson, wounding him severely.
  • Dyson was present when Hades revealed that his ability to impersonate others was learned from Zeus, but Hades had the limitation that he can only impersonate those he shares blood with.
  • At the end of Family Portrait, Dyson found Bo kneeling at the side of both Trick and Aife, their bodies laid on the floor. Bo's chest was bleeding and she was unresponsive to Dyson's attempts to gain her attention.
  • At the beginning of Follow the Yellow Trick Road, Dyson had possession of Trick's last will, holding it unread until Bo was able to hear it.
  • Dyson was present when Trick's will was read.
  • The will stated: "To my lieutenant Dyson, to you and Mark, I leave my beloved bar, the Dal Riata. A place of sanctuary in dark times. There is no man more able to provide this service. You are my son Dyson, now and forever. Please show Mark the way."
  • Dyson, along with Mark, now own the Dal Riata as per Trick's wishes.
  • Dyson held hands with the rest of the Family in a moment of remembrance for Trick after the will was read.
  • Dyson was present when Vex was taken to Lauren's clinic after Hades attacked him.
  • Mark pushed Dyson into going from a follower to a leader.
  • Dyson angrily told Mark: We don't work with the Dark!" The thing is, that Dyson has been working with Tamsin, who is Dark Fae, Vex, who is Dark Fae. This statement is easily refuted.
  • Dyson's actions against the Dark Fae, in part, have coloured his view of the Light Fae, and likely have pushed Mark towards choosing to be Dark.
  • Because of the argument that Mark and Dyson had, this triggered Mark's first shift which revealed him to be a panther-shifter. This seems to indicate that Mark took on the traits of his mother, which seems to indicate that she was a panther-shifter.
  • The Fae Elders were unable to come to a decision, or to trust one another themselves, at one point the suggesting being made to summon the Frost Giants, but this was rejected out of hand.
  • Dyson proclaimed Sanctuary in the Dal Riata to gain control of the situation. After doing so, he revealed that Trick was the Blood King and that Bo was Trick's Granddaughter. He then demanded, in Trick's memory, that the Fae come together as one to overcome Hades. This was accepted by the Elders, but their plans were unrevealed.
  • Dyson stated: "The Light and Dark have been on the edge of war for over a thousand years."
  • Dyson notes: "Hades is neither Light nor Dark, he transcends both."
  • Dyson revealed to the Fae Elders: "Bo is Hades' daughter. But she is also the Granddaughter of the Blood King."
  • Referring to Trick, Dyson said: "He could have killed you all, but instead he chose peace. To him the Dal Riata was a place of Sanctuary. So, as a tribute to the Blood King, I ask you to join me in creating that peace. We must unite our strength if we are to vanquish Hades."
  • In response, the collected Fae offer their weapons and selves to the fight including a blade called Naginata and a staff called Kalidanda, Ballast of Death.
  • Bo set the Clubhouse as a trap for Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren and Mark, setting it on fire to Hades' approval when they were all inside.
  • Bruce rescued Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren and Mark from the burning clubhouse.
  • Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson and Mark were protected by Bo's horseshoe which set up an apparent forcefield between them and the fire as it did when Bo had confronted the fire breathing stallion.
  • After escaping the clubhouse fire, Vex used his motorhome to help Dyson, Lauren, Kenzi, Mark and himself move without being noticed.
  • Lauren and Dyson admitted to each other that when Bo was with the other, they didn't worry so much about Bo.
  • Bo's taking of Chi killed the Dark and Light Fae Elders that Dyson had waiting to help at the Dal Riata.
  • When Bo appeared and confronted her family, Kenzi told Dyson: "I'll handle this. I'm the only one that can bring her back. I'm her heart remember?"
  • When Bo doubts herself, Tamsin intervenes, and when Dyon wants to stop her, Lauren tells Dyson: "You know what? Let her. She's actually pretty good at this."
  • Bo tells Dyson: "My mom wasn't able to suck the Dark Lord's Chi, how can I fight him?"
  • Dyson, Vex and Mark confronted the Elder Fae while Bo faced Hades.
  • Dyson, Mark, Vex Lauren and Kenzi were present when Tamsin first held her newborn child.
  • Dyson tells Bo after Kenzi leaves that Kenzi is: "...obeying the speed limit. No texting and driving. Little singing and eating. They're safe."
  • Dyson appears to have retired from the police force and runs the Dal Riata full time.
  • When Dagny asked if she was to choose a side after signing Trick's ledger, Dyson revealed: "Not in this colony. We're fighting to change some old rules."
  • Dyson's last appearance in the series is an image of him standing beside Bo and Lauren as Bo promises Dagny that they will be ready for whatever comes.


  1. Dyson was never actually married to Piper as was explained in When God Opens a Window... but he was intimate with her and had a son named Mark by her.
  2. Revealed in When God Opens a Window... to be Dyson's son through an unwedded birth with a Shifter named Piper.
  3. As seen in Hail, Hale
  4. As noted in Fae-de To Black

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