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Donna Mia

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Donna Mia
Donna Mia as seen on the cover of
Donna Mia Giant Size Issue #1
Publication information
Publisher Dark Fantasy Productions
Avatar Press
First Appearance Dark Fantasies #3 (1994)
Created By Trevlin Lee Utz
In-story information
Alter Ego Donna Mia
Species Succubus
Half Mortal, Half Demon
Abilities Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Speed
Life Force Absorption
Supernatural Beauty

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Donna Mia is a fictional Succubus character who appeared in a series of one-off and limited run comic books that were originally published by Dark Fantasy Productions and then by Avatar Press from 1994 through 2001.

She was described as being a spirit that came from the Cave of Sirens, a place in Hell where dwelled all the demons that refused to serve Lucifer. Through the course of her story, she possessed a woman on Earth and became a Succubus-like being. Donna Mia first appeared in Dark Fantasies #3 in 1994. She was created by Trevlin Lee Utz.


Donna Mia at one point in her appearances, described herself as being a Fallen Angel who managed to escape the Cave of Sirens, which she described as being a place in Hell where all demons that refused to serve Lucifer dwelled. Upon being freed from Hell, she possessed the body of a young woman and continued a merged existence with her host. Donna Mia herself is at least 576 years old, and at one point revealed that she was originally born in the 15th century.

She can be harmed by seeing a cross, she cannot pray, nor can she truly die. However, she must feed on men, usually sexually, in order to remain alive on Earth and not return to Hell. In the course of doing so, she came to odds with Humans and, as well, Vampires.

Donna Mia has several classic features of a Succubus including a long prehensile tail, large bat-like wings, and hooves. She has the ability to make two of these disappear at any one time, for example hiding her wings and tail completely, but her hooves would still be visible. This was generally her preferred method as at a distance it was possible to mistake her hooves for a pair of black high heels as they physically resembled them.


  • Real Name: Donna Mia
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Identity: No Dual Identity
  • Species: Succubus
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair: Black
  • Height: 5'10" (approximately)
  • Weight: 130 pounds (approximately)
  • Origin: Escaped Hell and possessed a young woman on Earth, possibly a Fallen Angel
  • Creator: Trevlin Lee Utz

Story Arc

In her original story appearance, Donna Mia was described as the merger of a young woman and a succubus from the depths of Hell. Having the form of an attractive young woman, she also has a pair of wings, a forked tail and cloven hooves that resemble high heels. Men and women find her irresistible, which is a boom for her as she needs to feed off of the essence of the living. When she does so, by any sexual means possible, the energies she claims are sent through her body which is a portal back to the psychedelic, skin-lined Hell were she came from. When she does feed, the essence also nourishes all of her Succubi sisters, who are writhing in a non-stop marathon of damnable stimulation and sex, with an orgasm an impossibility.

She eventually travelled to America, the much-lauded “Land of the Free”. But instead of the bright future she’d hoped to find, Donna Mia found herself on the run, a fugitive from humans and the supernatural community alike.

Powers and Abilities

As a succubus, Donna Mia has a great deal of power at her disposal which includes strength, speed, physical beauty and some magical abilities. Physically she has wings, a tail and hooves. From a distance her hooves could be mistaken for a pair of high heels as they have a similar appearance.

The following powers and abilities have been seen during her appearances:

  • Superhuman Strength: During several encounters Donna Mia was shown to possess great strength.
  • Superhuman Speed: During several encounters Donna Mia was shown to move at rapid speeds.
  • Life-Force Absorption: Being a succubus, Donna Mia can absorb the life forces of those around her, whether through a kiss or through sexual intercourse. She must take the life force of others to survive as this has was seen several times.
  • Supernatural Beauty: Her succubus physiology grants Donna Mia with beauty, her human form drawing attention from others.

Publishing Notes

Originally, Donna Mia began as the star of a series of short stories in Dark Fantasy’s flagship horror anthology, Dark Fantasies. Eventually she appeared in her own series which was intended to be a mini series of four issues. The series would explain her origins, but only two issues were published of the original series. There is a reference in Issue #2 that there were production delays which prevented completed material from being published. However, soon afterwards, Dark Fantasy ceased publishing and the series did not complete its run.

The following year a new three issue miniseries titled Donna Mia, published by Avatar Press, appeared. Over time Avatar Press would publish expanded versions of the Dark Fantasies shorts, as the two-issue Donna Mia Giant Size, and a heavily compressed one-issue revamp/recycle of the Hell portions of the first Donna Mia miniseries, as a single volume called Donna Mia Infinity.

Following this, a Donna Mia #0 issue was released which was then followed by a collection of pinups and a few assorted short stories about Donna Mia. Soon after the creator, Trevlin Lee Utz vanished from the comic book field leaving Donna Mia behind as testimony to his creativity.


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  • Wings of Twilight - The Art of Michael Kaluta #1 (January 2001)


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