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Devilbear (Webcomic)

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Devilbear - The Grimoires of Bearalzebub
The Devilbear Bearalzebub
Author Ben Bourbon
Website http://www.thedevilbear.com
Current status / schedule Active
Updates Weekly on Mondays & Thursdays
Launch date August 1, 2009
Comic strip syndication Independent
Publisher Independent
Genre(s) Comedy
Rating(s) PG-13

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Devilbear - The Grimoires of Bearalzebub is a webcomic created by the artist Ben Bourbon. It follows the adventures of the Devilbear Bearalzebub and his Diavas as they rule Teddybear hell handing out various punishments to the bad teddybears that arrive there. The strip is filled with various jokes, puns, and occasional innuendos which are based on various teddybear related themes.

The Diavas in the series are: Lucy, Cayenne, Facto, Ipso, Belle, Ursa and Mo. They all can be described as being succubi or as devil girls.

Series Information

  • Title: Devilbear - The Grimoires of Bearalzebub
  • Creator: Ben Bourbon
  • Date Started: August 1, 2009
  • Current Status: Updates weekly on Mondays & Thursdays

Series Theme

The series follows the adventures of Bearalzebub, the Devilbear, who rules teddy bear hell, the place where all bad teddy bears go when they die. He rules there with the help of his Diavas who represent various vices.




Bearalzebub is the ruler of a special hell set aside for naughty teddy bears. As such, he has no reservations against indulging in pleasures that the living would have to take in moderation and can often be seen perched upon his throne, a toilet, with a beer in one hand and a magazine in the other while smoking a cigar. He sees the need to maintain order in his realm and does so with the assistance of the Daivas of Decadence. Because of them, his workload is rather moderate and he mostly just supervises and relishes in the plush carnage.



Cerbutt may look pretty harmless for a guard dog, but he has a big bite. He enjoys destroying and eating things, especially stuffings from plush teddy bears. He also happens to have three butts, but beware! He is very sensitive about having three butts and becomes more vicious if he thinks that he is being made fun of or stared at.

Lucy Fur


Lucy Fur, better known as Lucy, is the Daiva of Lust. Lucy has an idealized female body with lots of curves. She is also the hardest working and most ambitious of the Daivas, taking on tasks beyond what her title assigns to her. For this reason, she has clawed her way to the title of ‘Number One Ghoulfriend’ and acts as a sort of bodyguard, majordomo, and secretary to Bearalzebub while being more of a mentor and somewhat maternal figure to the other Daivas.

Cayenne Pepper


The newest Diava, Cayenne Pepper, better known as Cayenne, was specifically chosen by Lucy to to be the Daiva of Gluttony for her cooking abilities. Of course, the uses for those abilities are somewhat meager in a Hell for plush bears, but she doesn’t let that sort of thing bother her for very long. Curiosity is enough to keep her motivation high and she has a lot of questions about the new world that she has entered into. Cayenne’s lack of experience also gives her a more compassionate and less devious mannerism than the other Daivas possess, viewing most teddy bears as cute and cuddly rather than just new victims.



The only visual way to tell Facto apart from her twin sister Ipso is that Facto has less inhibitions than her sister and rarely leaves her flaxen hair up for very long. This goes right in hand with being the Daiva of Greed. Her personality tends to guide others to selfish and excessive fun, material possessions, and entertainment. Since the twins serve as the Devilbear’s lawyers, this tends to enhance her effectiveness and usefulness in that position as well. While they specialize in providing contracts for soul transactions, they have also provided Bearalzebub with more tradition legal council as well.



The only visual way to tell Ipso apart from her twin sister Facto is that Ipso tends to wear her flaxen hair up while Facto rarely leaves it up for very long. As the Daiva of Envy, Ipso’s personality tends to guide others towards coveting, which since the twins serve as the Devilbear’s lawyers, tends to enhance her effectiveness and usefulness in that position. Like most lawyers, the twins have forked tongues - literally. While they specialize in providing contracts for soul transactions, they have also provided Bearalzebub with more tradition legal council as well.

Helle Belle


The Daiva of Sloth, Helle Belle, better known as Belle, has allowed herself to become consumed by the darkness she exudes. She is usually seen in just a t-shirt and underpants because she is too lazy to get dressed. She wears one knee sock because she is too lazy to take it off and too lazy to put the other one on. Her hair has become unkempt and she has the beginnings of a slight beer belly. She enjoys sleeping in, video games, television, beer and procrastination. It is her responsibility to encourage this behavior in others, but it is usually too much effort for her to do so.



Ursula Furman, better known as Ursa, was given sanctuary by the Virtue Bears, as a youth, after her life was shattered by violence. They made her an “honorary bear” and gave her the nickname of “Ursa”, but with the exception of Justice Bear, they could not let her live down her past. When Justice Bear ultimately became the Devilbear, she became the first Daiva. She thought she was to be the only Daiva, however, and when others came into the fold, she viewed them as a threat to her new “family” and reacted with brutality. Bearalzebub couldn’t bring himself to destroy her, so Ursa was frozen - until a Poquebear visited her... Now the lost Daiva has returned with jealousy and hatred in her heart. All will know her wrath!



It has been said that pride is the only true vice, because all of the others begin from it. Fitting then, that Aeshmodella, better known as Mo and the Daiva of Vanity, is currently the longest running Daiva, having begun at a young age during the reign of her Devilbear, Bearlial. She vanished when Bearlial was dethroned, but found Bearalzebub years later. Time will reveal her new place with Hell's Daivas.


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