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Demoness (Novel)

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Demoness eBook Cover, written by Morgan Hawke
Demoness eBook Cover,
written by Morgan Hawke
Author(s) Morgan Hawke
Publisher MojoCastle Press
Publication date 2009
Media type eBook
Length 106 Pages
ISBN 978-1601800947

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Demoness is an eBook written by Morgan Hawke. The main character in this work, Cassandra, travels through time and is possessed by the powers of a Succubus.


  • Title: Demoness
  • Author: Morgan Hawke
  • Published By: MojoCastle Press (Paperback Edition)
  • Length: 106 Pages
  • Format: eBook and Paperback
  • ISBN-10: 1601800940
  • ISBN-13: 978-1601800947
  • Original Publishing Date: 2003

Plot Summary

Cassandra is a very modern, if Satanic, exotic Dancer. Little does she guess what adventure Satan has in mind for her in Medieval Paris...

Before Cassandra stepped from the magic circle in the bowels of the Magister's palace she learned two things: that she had been conjured to seduce a Priest and that she really was a Demoness obedient to the will of the Magister that conjured her. It all seemed like a grand adventure, at first...

Then she discovered that her demonic powers had a blood-thirsty will of their own and that the Priest was a member of the deadly Spanish Inquisition who had killed all the women previously sent to seduce him.

Book Review

The following review is by Tera, the owner of Succubus.net

I read this novel some time ago when it was available on eXcasty books, and reread it a little while ago in order to remind myself of it.

Cassandra is a stripper with a fairly heavy satanic lifestyle that she shares with her lover. After a night of passion, she awakes to find herself in the past and at the beck and call of a mage that was attempting to summon a demon to obey them. She finds that she cannot resist his orders and undertakes a mission to seduce a Priest. She discovers that she is not the first to attempt this and that the one she is trying to seduce has powers of their own. In the end, Cassandra has to either complete her mission in order to return home, or die in the past…

There is quite a lot of BDSM in this work, Cassie is tortured in several scenes and as well there are scenes where she is bound and harmed in someway or other. I don’t care for the BDSM scene myself, and skimmed over those parts at times. The writing is quite good and I have noticed that this author has produced several more novels related to Succubi which I intend to read and review in the near future. The one thing that bothers me a little about this book is the number of unanswered questions that pop up in it, mostly centered around the presence in Cassandra's proper time and what it's reasons and plans were or are for her and her lover in the here and now.

4 out of 5 Pitchforks

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