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Demon Neko Succubus Skin (Chyna Watts)

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Demon Neko Succubus Skin
Demon Neko Succubus Skin designed by Chyna Watts

Chyna Watts
Skin or Avatar

Adult Content



Skin has additional eye effects

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Demon Neko Succubus Skin is a skin for Second Life avatars created by Chyna Watts. This is one of several Succubus skins and costumes that are available from this creator on Second Life.

Demon Neko Succubus Skin

This avatar comes complete with everything shown in the image, except the collar.

  • Flexi Hair
  • Set of Horns
  • Neko Ears (Prims) (Left and Right)
  • Flexi Cape
  • Boots (Left and Right)
  • Arm Bands (Left and Right)
  • Claws (Worn on Hands, Left and Right)
  • Full Outfit (Pants and Shirt)
  • Set of Wings (Not seen in Image)
  • Demon Style Tail
  • Prim Belt
  • Special Demon Eye Effects


  • Detailed Skin: The skin is extremely detailed, but the details can not be seen in the image used here.
  • Eye Effects: With the prim attachments included with this avatar, during the day time eyes will look haunting as if they can reach through to the soul. At night (midnight sun setting) they glow a reddish hue and appear even more haunting and seductive.

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