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Demon Menage (eBook)

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Demon Menage
Demon Menage eBook Cover, written by Jacqueline D Cirque
Demon Menage eBook Cover,
written by Jacqueline D Cirque
Author(s) Jacqueline D Cirque
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date July 22, 2015
Media type eBook
Length 19 Pages
ASIN B012C0832C

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Demon Menage is an eBook written by Jacqueline D Cirque. In this work several of the characters can be described as Incubi or Succubi in nature.


  • Title: Demon Menage
  • Author: Jacqueline D Cirque
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 19 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B012C0832C
  • Publishing Date: July 22, 2015

Plot Summary

The Dark One demands a debt be paid.

Village girl Elsa is not a stranger to sin. For months she has happily spread her legs for countless men, but now her sins have caught up with her. Stabbed, killed and cast down into the dark depths of hell, Elsa almost falls foul of the wraith’s poison before she is rescued by a trio of exiled demons.

The demons know the only way to bring her back is through the Ceremony—a brutal coupling that few humans have survived before. Every hole must be filled—hard, fast and without mercy. Can Elsa survive, or will she be forced to live out a darker life, forever stuck in a perpetual cycle of unfathomable horror?

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on February 26, 2016

Elsa is hunted by another who has learned what she has been up to. A fight comes, Elsa then finds herself in hell, at the mercy of a creature she does not understand. Then she is “saved” from a cruel fate by three incubi that have their way with her. But then, what happens next is more the question.

The story is a bit confused, but a lot of that is from Elsa’s perspective I think. While the beginning is quite clear about what happens to her, what she does, and what transpires, it only tells a bit of the story before that ends and the story shifts to another place altogether. There is a story there, but it isn’t really dwelled on long, save to point out what Elsa has been up to and little more.

Once the core of the story starts, again, there is a bit of story in the start, but then that gets taken aside when Elsa is attacked, used, and then “rescued” by what seems to be a trio of incubi. It isn’t clear if they are incubi, though it seems the most likely explanation, and as they “help” Elsa she might be transformed, or beginning to be, into a succubus, but again that’s not really clear either.

What is clear is that the story vanishes and a hot flash begins to start, tries to find its way, but I don’t think it does. The erotica isn’t… interesting. Elsa really does nothing, or next to that, while the incubi do all they want with her. Elsa is more sex doll than anything else through most of this and when she finally comes out of the spell she is under… The scenes are stereotypically over the top in tone which didn’t do anything for me as well.

The erotica doesn’t have all that much heat, the characters are paper-thin, the story isn’t present and all of that just made me lose my interest far too quickly. There’s no character development, there’s nothing in the way of a plot, other that the sex scenes, and it just didn’t work overall. The work is supposed to be “horror” but really is isn’t. It is brutal in the beginning, make no mistake, but otherwise it isn’t so much horror as it is slasher themed in the beginning followed by some erotica that tries to be “evil” but really only turns out to be “sleepy” or “frozen” as Elsa has to suffer through those perils before the work climaxes and Elsa’s personality changes somewhat.

There is a point at which I was brought up short by a comment made about Elsa in which she is said to be a murder, which has to do with how she passed away and came to be where she is. I don’t see how defending oneself in the midst of being murdered by another makes her a murderer as well. That didn’t sit right with me and, as such, the balance of the story just went out of focus for me. I found myself trying to understand that comment around all else that was happening and I just couldn’t make it fit.

Two out of five pitchforks.

A sad beginning which leads to some strange erotic encounters and a story which seemed to be only there for Elsa being used by the three incubi. It’s a hot flash, barely, with not a lot of story that makes sense to take it further. There is a story, but it doesn’t get taken far and should have for all of the hints in the work that appeared.

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