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Delilah by DarkShadow
Name Delilah
Title(s) Green Tailed Seductress Spy of the Realm
AngelKitty Cordelia
Age Physically mid-30s, though she is actually several centuries old
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Green
Personality Intensely focused on goal
Strength(s) Persuasive to the point of being irresistible
Weakness(es) A jealous nature towards others seeking her goal
Favorite Place The Fetish Museum
Home in the Realm Bound Estates
Created By TeraS
Quote Oh … you aren’t.
You … really … aren’t.

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Delilah is a green-tailed member of the Collective Succubi, her AngelKitty is called Cordelia. Delilah is not a member of Tera's immediate family, accepting Tera's offer of becoming one of the Succubi many centuries ago. She took on the role of being one of Tera's most important spies, she being involved in many untold clandestine works to protect the Realm, the place she now calls her home.

Physical Description


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  • Delilah first appeared in the short story Amused which can be found on Tera's Blog, A Succubi's Tale.
  • Delilah is based, in some ways, on the mythos of Delilah from the bible. In the Realm universe, she is the same individual, having tempted Samson, but the outcome of that story does not happen in exactly the same way in the Realm universe.

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