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Darkstalkers (Comics)

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Cover of Darkstalkers #1
Publication information
Publisher UDON Comics
Devil's Due Publishing
Genre Video Game
Publication date 2004-2005
Number of issues 6 Issues plus Special Editions
Main character(s) Morrigan Aensland
Lilith Aensland
Creative team
Writer(s) Ken Siu-Chong
Artist(s) Joe Vriens
Eric Vedder
Emily Warren (Covers)

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Darkstalkers is a comic book series created by UDON Comics and based on the Darkstalkers video game franchise by Capcom,[1] consisting of six issues (upon which its publishing stopped abruptly) in 2004-2005. It was originally published through Devil's Due Publishing. They were later collected in a TPB collection, which omitted the backup stories presented at the end of each issue, and included a special Morrigan Aensland background story previously only seen in a summer Capcom special.

In 2010, UDON revived the series in a three-issue miniseries entitled Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors,[2] starting in February 2010.[3] A compilation of both UDON series, Darkstalkers: The Ultimate Edition, was announced as "coming soon" in 2012.[4]


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