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Danny Lilithborne

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Danny Lilithborne
Chateau Aensland character
Created by

Aliases Daniel Williams
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Lilith (Mother)
Julie Lilithborne (Sister)
Maria Lilithborne (Sister)
Melissa Lilithborne (Sister)
Lupe Lilithborne (Sister)
Ruby Lilithborne (Sister)
Sheila Lilithborne (Sister)
Glynis Lilithborne (Sister)
Sandy Lilithborne (Sister)
Jenny Lilithborne (Sister)

Danny Lilithborne, also known as Daniel Arthur Williams, is the main character for four of the five chapters of the Chateau Aensland saga. He is the only son of Lilith, and Her most beloved child. He has angelic heritage, as he is shown to at least have a connection to the archangel Gabriel.


Name: Danny Lilithborne
Also known as: Daniel Williams, Gabriel, ShogunKen, Dasrik
Height: 5'5" (168cm)
Weight: 120 lbs. (55kg)
Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown/Dark Brown
Flavor/Flower: Milk/Chrysanthemum
Hobby: Video games
Fav. Meal: Pepper steak and fries
Theme song ("Happy"): Stan Bush, "Dare"
Theme song ("Sad"): The Sundays, "Here's Where the Story Ends"
Theme song ("Determination"): Color Bottle, "Aoi Hana"


Danny is a reincarnation of the only son of the first woman, Lilith. He lives in a mansion called "Chateau Aensland" with Lilith and his eight sisters. He is currently searching for Lilith's final daughter.

He is also the current container of the soul of his spiritual father, the archangel Gabriel, who loved Lilith eons ago. From their love sprang her spiritual children, but the first time she found them, they were mortal and died shortly after she found them. Blaming her believed nature as a succubus, Lilith has waited until the present day to try to recover their reincarnations.

Danny is very attractive to women due to his peaceful nature and boyish looks; he has a stand-offy attitude that is sometimes mistaken for arrogance, though, and prefers to keep his distance due to his short temper when dealing with strangers. He has no obvious supernatural powers, but can influence the dreams of others with his speech.

Chateau Aensland

Danny began his life as a gamer who participated in tournaments for Puzzle Fighter which were organized by Vera Hayes, who was Lilith in disguise. Invited, along with Julie Howard, to a bar in Los Angeles under the pretense of a shift in the Puzzle Fighter scene, they were abducted and taken to her home, Chateau Aensland, in Kenora, Canada.

There, after a period of seduction, Vera told Danny that she was a succubus, and that she had been with a man a long time ago who died, but before he died told her that their love had promise. She confided in him that their love had produced spiritual children, and she had spent her life looking for them, but unable to save them — they all died — until she discovered that to keep them alive, she had to keep them in her home.

Due to this experience with his mother, memories of Danny's past lives start to slip into his consciousness without his knowing it. He also awakened further to his link with his sisters, being able to feel their thoughts telepathically, as well as their sexual pleasure.

Danny discovered that one of Vera's children was Sandy, Danny's babysitter from childhood who had instilled in him a fetish for girls wearing socks - a fetish that seemed to be shared by all of Vera's children. Danny had had a crush on Sandy, and Sandy told him she always knew, and that now they could be together.

For Danny, this story ends with them being together and sharing a dream.

Home of the Lilithbornes

As Danny spends more time in Chateau Aensland, he meets another sister named Sheila, who used to be a movie star. She reveals that she has a supernatural ability to control other people's heartbeats and uses this to control Danny. After this experience, Danny starts finding himself wanting to return to his old life, but doesn't understand why.

He encounters Lupe, another sister, and confides this to her. She sympathizes, then offers him food which, unknown to him, she has drugged. She then takes him to meet Melissa, who hungers for Danny's seed. Utterly humiliated but aroused and confused due to the drugs, Danny submits but has Melissa promise to hold him afterward. She agrees to this, but when she holds him, she finds that she wants to make love to him, too. Danny is doubtful, thinking she will take time he could spend with his other sisters, but the voice of Lilith reassures him and they are together until they both fall asleep.

When Danny wakes up, he feels a flinch of anger towards Melissa that he immediately feels guilty about. Then he hears the voice of Glynis, a sister whose body is sick but whose mind is powerful enough to communicate telepathically. He is brought to the room where she's in, and she uses her ability to draw him into her dream world. There, she tells him the truth about Vera — that they were not destined to be together, that it was the pure heart of Danny that drew her to him. This thought makes Danny feel a sense of despair.

After being with Glynis in her dream world, she tells him to go see Julie, who misses Danny desperately. After they spend some time together, Danny is awoken by Maria. Through an intense lovemaking session, Maria reveals to Danny the truth about his nature — that he was in fact the angel Gabriel in a past life, who fell from grace due to desperation over mankind's blasphemy. Then Maria tells her that her true name is Mary and that she also fell from grace, for Gabriel's sake.

Vera is very upset that Maria revealed this, but understands why. Nevertheless, Vera feels unable to control her urges now that Danny is aware of who he really is. She causes all her daughters to sleep forever, drawing their souls into her own body, and then tells Danny she will have to do the same with him. She then tells him her true name, Lilith, and that she was the first woman. She says that when she puts Danny to sleep, he will experience a dream where he can create happiness with his sisters, but that he will remember his time in the Chateau as a dream.

Unable to resist his mother, Danny surrenders.

The Vertical Event

Danny's dream does not go as Lilith intended. Instead of creating a happy world, Danny creates a terrifying existence for himself due to his despair of being separated from his mother. It is, in fact, a re-remembering of his first mortal life, where he was a young man also named Daniel Williams, who had kidney disease and lost his parents at an early age, mixed with memories of his second life as a Puzzle Fighter player.

In this dream, he's friends with Julie from the outset, and is set to get a kidney transplant from his uncle, a man he does not trust very much. He receives the transplant, but feels pain inside his body afterwards and worries that his body is rejecting the kidney already. During his stay in the hospital, he is cared for by a nurse named Adia Barton, who is actually the dream manifestation of Ruby Lilithborne, a sister he had not yet met.

After he is discharged, he is cared for by Julie, who encourages Danny to get a job, but is compassionate towards the pain he feels. She is able to talk to Lilith, who advises Julie on how to care for Danny, via sporadic phone calls. Danny has an intense dream at one point where he encounters the moon goddess Selene, who tells Danny that he is, in fact, Gabriel himself, and that she is the true identity of Ruby. She then tells him that his parents are alive and well and watching over him.

When the story ends, Danny receives a call from Vera Hayes telling her that she has a job opportunity for both Danny and Julie, mirroring the aspects of their meeting in the waking world.

To Be Love

Aware that Danny is not willing to create a happy dream for himself, and knowing that her children's bodies are suffering without their souls, Lilith is forced to wake her children up earlier than she intended. Danny's memories are now muddled with his first life and his angelic heritage, the link between him and his sisters is severed, and he suffers from nightmares of his past life's experiences as an ESRD patient. Sandy is assigned to take care of Danny in this trying period, and she tells Danny some of the details of his past life.

Maria then takes Danny to the garden to smell his past life flower for the first time, but he detects no scent. She then tells him that, as angels, they were lovers, and he would write her poetry. She then takes him to meet her blood sisters, Ruby and Lupe, who together heal his body of its latent disease. He and his sisters then convene to meet Lilith, who had left the Chateau temporarily to run one last Puzzle Fighter tournament and retrieve Danny and Julie's belongings. Danny had a dream with Glynis before finding himself in the shower with Lilith, who decided the only way to give Danny peace was to erase his memories.

Freed of his memories, Danny adjusts to his new life quickly and comes to terms with his immortal identity. However, Maria tells him that if he wishes, he can regain his memories by smelling his flower in the garden, the chrysanthemum. Danny chooses to do so, and the story ends with him telling the readers his final wishes.

Children of the Mist

This yet-to-be-completed story has Danny in a supporting role for the first time, although the focus is still largely on his life. It details the search for Lilith's missing final daughter. Fifteen years after the events of "To Be Love", Danny is sent on a journey to find Jenny; Lilith tells him to play in video game tournaments and search for the girl who can defeat him. He is also given Lilith's personal assistant and told that she seeks a lover, and gives Danny permission to use his mind control powers on her. However, after testing them on Melissa, he becomes aware of the grave consequences that misusing his power could carry, and falls back into fear.


  • The author of the stories, blankpage, often goes by Danny Lilithborne online (including on this Wiki and the Succubus message board), making this character a self-insertion.
  • Danny is also shown as being able to, to a certain degree, exert influence over other people's dreams. This would give him hints of an incubus nature.
  • Danny's screen name is "ShogunKen", named after the Street Fighter II character Ken Masters. He was born on October 27.
  • Danny has a blog, called The Lighter Side of Heaven, that initially details Ruby's attempts to heal Danny's body but then broadens in scope. This also ties in somewhat to Danny's presence in the Collective. Currently, it details his trip with Sara across the United States. It is not considered canon by the story's author.
  • Danny's character choices as a gamer are: Ken and Dan in "Puzzle Fighter", E.Honda in "Street Fighter II" and "Street Fighter IV", Yang and Ken in "Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike", Ky and Baiken in "Guilty Gear XX", and Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops and Doom/Blackheart/Commando in "Marvel vs. Capcom 2".
  • Danny used to live in Marina del Rey, California, although in "The Vertical Event", he placed himself in Glendale instead.
  • Danny's blood parents are Arthur Williams and Delia Williams Ropaín. His father was a second-generation American and his mother was born in Colombia. Danny inherited most of his father's looks, but his hair and eyes were passed on from his mother as well as much of his spirituality.
  • Danny has two teddy bears. The one in the Chateau is named Crimbo (or "Christmas Bear"), while the one he left in the NIH is named Ted E. Bear (Theodore Edward Bear).
  • Daniel's date of death is given as June 30, 2005 in "The Vertical Event".
  • The character of Daniel Williams is involved in an RP based on the video game "The World Ends with You". In this alternate continuity story, Daniel died of a heart attack in Kadena AFB. This RP seems to have stalled.