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Daemonique - Book Four: The Darkest of Things

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Daemonique - Book Four: The Darkest of Things
Daemonique - Book Four: The Darkest of Things eBook Cover, written by Leona D. Reish
Daemonique - Book Four: The Darkest of Things eBook Cover, written by Leona D. Reish
Author(s) Leona D. Reish
Series Daemonique
Publisher Leona D. Reish
Publication date May 26, 2013
Media type eBook
Length 44 Pages
ISBN 9781301512140
Preceded by Daemonique - Book Three: The Darkest Blessing
Followed by Daemonique: Darkfall

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Daemonique - Book Four: The Darkest of Things, is an eBook written by Leona D. Reish. It is the fourth and final work in the Daemonique series by this author. In this work, one of the main characters is a Succubus.


  • Title: Daemonique - Book Four: The Darkest of Things
  • Author: Leona D. Reish
  • Published By: Leona D. Reish
  • Length: 44 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • IBSN: 9781301512140
  • Publishing Date: May 26, 2013

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Plot Summary

It started as a matter of pride – to dispatch a demonic scouting party alone. Sylenna Lightstride has since forgotten such notions as pride and shame. Damned by the touch of the succubus that ambushed her, she has fallen into the depths of endless depravity, surrounded by the demonic host that she sought to defeat and keep sealed away from all that is good and pure.

No longer. Having been stripped of all but her life, bombarded with depravity and washed in demonic cum, Sylenna awakens now to find herself pinned to a wall in the most demeaning of poses, but shame is lost as surely as hope.

Yet a voice comes to her, one that whispers sweet promise of power, safety and belonging. The Underwarden of this unholy prison, the Queen and Goddess of that demonic horde stands before Sylenna Lightstride, fully intending to finish corrupting and bending the elf to her will.

To do this, Xianesh will do everything within her darkest desires to welcome the elf into another world, including biting, smothering, letting the little elf know dizzying highs and wracking lows of fear and relief. Xianesh will even use her lustfully dark magics to gain a change of pace and sport a penis of her own to deliver untold pleasure.

All the while, someone in the world above is toying with something they have no understanding in, and will soon regret what their curiosity brings them to witness unfold without being able to look away from the display of demonic lust.

Book Review

At the time of this article's entry in the SuccuWiki, no review was available. Tera has this work on her reading list and will review it as soon as possible.

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