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Curtain (2011)

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Movie poster for the short film Curtain
Movie poster for the short film Curtain
Directed by Dennis Widmyer
Produced by Justin Duprie
Written by Dennis Widmyer
Starring John Hermann
Maria Olsen
Paige Kimball
Natasha Needles
Music by Russ Howard III
Cinematography Meena Singh
Martim Vian
Editing by Craig Dewey
Justin Krohn
Studio Parallactic Pictures
Distributed by Parallactic Pictures
Release date(s) 2011
Running time 13 minutes
Country USA
Language English

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Curtain is a 2011 American short comedy/horror film written and directed by Dennis Widmyer. In this film, a couple moves into an apartment with the one caveat that the shower curtain never be removed. However, it is and to their shock a succubus appears to them.


  • Release Date: 2011
  • MPAA Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 13 Minutes
  • Language: English
  • Director: Dennis Widmyer
  • Writer: Dennis Widmyer
  • Producer: Justin Duprie
  • Studio: Parallactic Pictures
  • Distributor: Parallactic Pictures
  • Genre: Short, Drama, Mystery, Comedy


Actor Role
Maria Olsen Succubus
Paige Kimball The Landlady
John Hermann James
Natasha Needles Melanie

Movie Summary

An unemployed deadbeat runs into a heap of girl-trouble when he's forced to choose the lesser of two evils: the succubus haunting his bathtub or the psychotic girlfriend lying in his bedroom.

"Do not remove the shower curtain!" Thus reads the cardinal rule of the lease agreement that James and Melanie have just signed. A new apartment with a weird landlord is nothing new, but when the shower curtain in question resembles something out of the Crusades, one has to wonder. This mystery soon reveals itself in the ghostly form of a deranged woman leering out from the shower while James takes a late night piss.

Certain now that something is very wrong, James researches the history of the apartment and soon realizes that the bathroom is haunted by the exorcised demon of a previous tenant. A succubus, to be precise. Now, with a kinky girlfriend in the bedroom and a horny demon in his bathroom, James never knew being desired could be such a frightening prospect.

Movie Review

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