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Capcom Girls Morrigan Statue

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Capcom Girls Morrigan Statue
Morrigan Aensland Statue
Capcom Girls Morrigan Statue by Toycom
Capcom Girls Morrigan Statue by Toycom
Figure Name Morrigan Aensland
Series Capcom Girls Statue Series
Manufacturer Toycom
Scale About seven inches tall
Material PVC
Production Run Mass Production Run
First Released Summer 2004
Cost $26.99 USD
No Longer Available

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Morrigan Aensland Statue was a figurine of Morrigan Aensland of the Darkstalkers series produced by Toycom and part of the Capcom Girls Statue Series. The figurine was available in two color schemes: Player 1 with green hair and Player 2 with blonde hair. The Morrigan figurine was first available in the Summer of 2004 with a suggested retail price of $26.99.


  • Figure: Morrigan Aensland Statue
  • Series: Capcom Girls Statue Series
  • Manufactured by: Toycom
  • Scale: About seven inches tall
  • First Released: Summer 2004
  • Cost: $26.99 USD

The following was an advertisement produced for this figurine's release:

She is a temptress, a mistress of the night. Commonly referred to as the "Queen of the Night", Morrigan Aensland is a sultry succubus and one of the lead characters in Capcom's hit titles, Darkstalkers and Night Warriors. When Morrigan's clan defeated her foe Berial, she claimed herself the ruler of Makai, "The Realm of the Dead"... and now she will claim your heart.

Toycom announces the next installment in its popular Capcom Girls Statue Series with the inclusion of this green-haired bombshell, Morrigan Aensland. Standing approximately 7" tall with a massive 6" wingspan, this beautiful figure comes with a display stand and is available in both her original Player 1 (green hair) and Player 2 (blonde hair) color schemes. Look for her this Summer for a MSRP of $26.99 each.