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Astarotte no Omocha!

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Lotte no Omocha! (ロッテのおもちゃ!?, trans. Lotte's Toy!) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yui Haga about Naoya, a boy brought to a magical world as a candidate for the succubus Princess Astarotte's harem. Lotte no Omocha! began its serialization run in the July 2007 issue of Dengeki Maoh and later republished in collected volumes by ASCII Media Works. In 2011, the manga series was adapted into an anime television series under the title of Astarotte no Omocha! (アスタロッテのおもちゃ!?, trans. Astarotte's Toy!), produced by Diomedea under the direction of Fumitoshi Oizaki which began its broadcast run in April 2011.[1]

Series Information

  • Genre: Harem, fantasy


  • Written by: Yui Haga
  • Published by: ASCII Media Works
  • Demographic: Seinen
  • Imprint: Dengeki Comics
  • Magazine: Dengeki Maoh
  • Original run: July 2007 – ongoing
  • Volumes: 5

TV Anime

  • Directed by: Fumitoshi Oizaki
  • Written by: Deko Akao
  • Studio: Diomedea
  • Network: Tokyo MX
  • Original run: April 10, 2011 – June 26, 2011
  • Episodes: 12


In the medieval fantasy world of Álfheimr, succubus princess Astarotte Ygvar, the first princess of the kingdom of Ygvarland (ユグヴァルランド Yuguvarurando?), has just reached the age of 10. For the coming years of a young succubus' life, it is necessary for them to have a male harem. In order to maintain their body and preserve their beautiful appearance, they must consume a substance only found on males. This substance is a liquid called Sauzfryma, better known as semen. The princess, however, bears a great dislike against men, and only agrees to create a harem if a human male is to join, as human males are said to be impossible to find. However, her followers are somehow able to find a human male named Naoya Tohara who, along with his daughter Asuha, is brought to the demon world to be part of Astarotte's harem.


Main Characters

Astarotte "Lotte" Ygvar (アスタロッテ・ユグヴァール Asutarotte "Rotte" Yugubāru?)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
She is a succubus and the heroine of the series. When she turns ten years old, she is told that she will need to begin building a harem because when she fully matures her body will require a regular supply of semen to keep from wasting away, much as a vampire requires blood. Unfortunately, her mother's extreme excesses have led "Lotte" to develop a fierce hatred and disgust toward all men. She demands that the first member of her harem be a human from the human world, knowing that the Yggdrasill tree that connects them to the human world has been dormant for years and hoping that this demand would allow her to avoid the task entirely. She doesn't know her best friend Asuha is in reality her older sister Asuhariet.

Naoya Tōhara (塔原 直哉 Tōhara Naoya?)
Voiced by: Rina Satō
He is the hero of the series. When the Yggdrasill tree activates and allows one of Lotte's servants to enter the human world, he is taken back to become the first member of Lotte's harem, much to Lotte's chagrin. He encountered Lotte's mother roughly eleven years ago when he was 12, and then again a few years later when she brought him Asuha, his daughter from said encounter.

Asuha Tōhara / Asuhariet Ygvar (塔原 明日葉 Tōhara Asuha?)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura
Asuha is 10 years old, like Lotte. In reality she is the daughter of Naoya and Queen Mercelída, the "dead princess" Asuhariet, as well as princess Astarotte's older half-sister (because succubus pregnancies are shorter). She has an aversion to underwear because she is a half-succubus, and would very much rather go commando, much to Naoya's chagrin.

Mercelída "Mercie" Ygvar I (メルチェリーダ・ユグヴァール Merucherīda Yugubāru?)
Voiced by: Yūko Minaguchi
The mother of Lotte and Asuha. Mercelída is extremely promiscuous, even for a succubus. She once slept with a man from her harem while Lotte (who was 5 then), was in bed with her. This is slightly changed in the anime, so that instead of the man coming uncalled when Lotte was already in bed with her mother, he came when Astarotte was heading to her mother's room, so that her mother did not know she was there. The shock of this experience is identified as the origin of Astarotte's hatred toward men. It appears that she still has a crush for Naoya and she keeps in secret the fact she is the queen from Asuha, and from Lotte the truth about her older sister.

People of Ygvarland

Lotte Castle

Judit Snorrevík (ユーディット・スノーレヴィク Yūditto Snōrevikku?)

Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame
Lotte's head of staff and lady-in-waiting. Judit is primarily concerned about Lotte's strong dislike for men because it might also affect the Princess's health in the future. Because of this, she is overjoyed and determined when Lotte claimed to start liking men once she is brought a human male, but Lotte did not mean it and she underestimated Judit. Judit brings back Naoya to the demon world. After this, Naoya would usually come to her for advice or general information in the demon realm. It has been implied many times that Judit is a pervert, generally encouraging Naoya to "let her suck out the life seed", and has a liking for BDSM, even to the point where she keeps a room full of S&M tools.

Olav Friðmar (オラフ・フリズマール Orafu Furizumāru?)

Voiced by: Chō
Lotte's butler-in-waiting in Lotte's manor, who was the former head of staff before being replaced by Judit. Olav was the only male staff in Lotte's castle before Naoya came to serve Lotte in her harem. He is just as concerned as Judit with Lotte's dislike for men. Olav acts like a very proud grandfather towards Lotte, and is very emotional whenever he thinks Lotte is trying to act mature, like when she decided to visit her mother or when Lotte "invited" Naoya to sleep.

Griselda Reginhard (グリゼルダ・レギンハルト Girizeruda Reginharudo?)

Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura
Shortened to Zelda (ゼルダ Zeruda?), she is the current head of security in Lotte's manor. Like all the other staff Lotte chose, she is concerned about Lotte's dislike for men, although she would prefer sympathizing with the princess than reprimanding her. She usually acts as Lotte's confidante or adviser whenever Lotte is troubled. Griselda tends to act tsundere towards Naoya since she had bad experiences with him during their first meeting. Griselda's subordinates often wear very revealing suits, to her extreme embarrassment. Griselda seems to hate Naoya but is implied to have a small crush on him. She is very insecure with her flat chest and exhibits many tsundere traits like Lotte, albeit Griselda is much more mature than Lotte, only snapping during extreme situations. Griselda is usually seen together with Effie or Judit, watching over the princess, Asuha, and Naoya.

Elfleda Mirjasdottír (エルフレダ・ミルヤスドッティル Erufureda Miruyasutottiru?)

Voiced by: Yui Horie
Nicknamed Effie (エフィ Efi?) for short, Elfleda is also part of Lotte's female-only staff. She is very notable for her very huge chest, which even made Naoya blush at first. Effie is also one of Lotte's confidantes, the other one being Griselda. Effie hails from a noble race with traits similar to cows, therefore being able to produce high-quality milk, albeit through her huge chest. Effie also wears a bell around her neck, another trait of cows. Effie is generally nice, but can be slightly perverted at times, and is easily embarrassed around Naoya at first. Effie is usually seen together with Griselda or Judit, watching over the princess, Asuha, and Naoya. In Chapter 20 of the manga, Effie has noted that she has an older sister named Edda, who happened to be Mistrune's former wet nurse.

Cuthfleda (クートフレダ Kūdofureda?)

Voiced by: Misaki Suzuki
Cuthfleda, shortened to Cú (クー Kū?), is a maid in Lotte's manor. She appears less frequently than the other servants, but she seems to be the only one who usually acts normal in the castle. She comes from a warring country of night elves, and is from the same country as Prince Sigurd.

Nina Hildebrand (ニナ・ヒルデブランド Nina Hirudeburando?)

Ivory Tower

Ingrid Sorveig Sorgríms (イングリッド・ソルヴェイク・ソルグリムス Inguirddo Soruveiku Sourgurimusu?)

Voiced by: Chiwa Saito
Nicknamed Ini (イニ?) by Asuha, Ingrid is the only living most intelligent being in the world, and knows almost everything since she is always reading books and discovering new things. She has a rabbit door hanger and you need to put something that solves with the riddle. She has grown a liking for Naoya because near the end of episode 7 she kisses Naoya in the lips in front of a delighted Asuha and a surprisingly jealous Lotte. In the manga, her kiss with Naoya followed with her confession of love for him, thereby claiming herself as Naoya's lover to Lotte's extreme jealousy. Ingrid is only 7 years old, while she claims that the 300-year-old sage is her father, who died five years prior to the story. She also narrated in the manga that her father performed a memory transfer onto her brain when she was younger, therefore claiming that her father's knowledge is also her knowledge.

Tatsuo (タツオ?)

Sorveig Otto Sorgríms (ソルヴェイク・オットー・ソルグリムス Soruveiku Otto Sorugurimusu?)

The former Great Sage of the Ivory Tower and Ingrid's father who died five years ago. He has almost all of the knowledge in the world, and he transferred this knowledge to his young daughter before his apparent death. He is known to be 300-years-old, and was the one whom Naoya and Asuha initially searched for. During Naoya and Ingrid's first meeting, they mistook her for her father.

Rinhird Castle

Úrsúla Sumarliði (ウルスラ・シュマルリージ Urisura Shumarurīji?)

Voiced by: Yuko Kaida

Ingólfur Magni (インゴルヴ・マグニ Ingoruvu Maguni?)

Isold (イソルド Isorudo?)

Voiced by: Nao Higashiyama

Siar (シアール Shiāru?)

Isurind Ygvar (イースリンド・ユグヴァール Īsurindo Yuguvāru?)

Royal Academy

Elíka Drakul Draupnils (エリカ・ドラクール・ドレイプニルス Irika Dorakūru Doreipunirusu?)

Voiced by: Yuko Goto
Elika is the daughter of a baron and hails from a race of vampires. She is onle of Lotte's and Asuha's friends, although Elika and Lotte are more akin to rivals in terms of pride whereas she and Asuha often look after Lotte or make schemes together. Elika holds a great deal of pride in herself as she comes from a high noble race, and her situation is similar to Lotte's, both of which are tsundere. However, it has been shown many times that Elika cares and worries for her friends, proven when she and Asuha watched over Lotte and Naoya during their trip to the amusement park and many others. During the Ygvarland festivities, Naoya finds Elika and brings the girls together, therefore making Elika, and Lotte and Ashua's friends acquaintances. They are later shown cheering on Lotte and Asuha's performance. Despite the obvious caring intentions she has, Elika often denies these acts since she holds a great deal of pride, making her akin to a tsundere like Lotte, although to a lesser extent since Elika is slightly older than her.

Místrúne Ásgrím (ミストルーン・アウスグリム Misutorūn Ausugurimu?)

Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki
Místrúne, nicknamed Mist (ミスト Misuto?) for short, is one of Lotte and Asuha's friends. She is the daughter of a viscount. She is very notable for having the biggest bust among Lotte's group of friends, including Elika and Ingrid but excluding the staff in Lotte's manor. Místrúne is also the most perverted one among the girls, although she keeps this side of hers usually hidden. She has once held a crush on Naoya when he entered the girls' school. Initially, Místrúne has confessed to Asuha that she and the two girls have once tried to befriend Lotte before Asuha came, only to remember that Lotte cannot be approached easily due to her royal status. Thanks to Asuha's meddling, the three girls become friends with Lotte at last. Mist has admitted that she is fourteen years old but still earns the fiery jealousy of the girls due to her chest. Mist has stated that her wet nurse is Edda, Effie's older sister who held the biggest bust in their family in terms of proportion. Mist has said that she drank directly from Edda during her childhood, leading the other girls to often misunderstand this as the reason for Místrúne's large chest.

Unnbjörg Signar (ユンビョルク・シグナル Yunbiyoruku Shigunaru?)

Voiced by: Ryo Hirohashi
Unnbjörg, nicknamed Yuna (ユナ?) for short, is one of Lotte and Asuha's friends. She has short green hair and a tall, slim figure. Unnbjörg has been seen to be one of Lotte's level-headed friends, although she can go as to nearly berserk whenever someone acknowledges her flat chest. She has been the first one to believe the misunderstanding that drinking directly from a dairy fairy's chest after a bath will make the chest size grow bigger.

Lucca Austri (リュッカ・エイストリ Ryukka Eisutori?)

Voiced by: Yui Hatano
Lucca is one of Lotte and Asuha's friends. She is a young princess from Dvergur, a northern country. Her notable features include a small figure (even smaller than Asuha and Lotte) and brown hair with matching thick eyebrows. It is possible that Lucca comes from a wild tribe since she has admitted that she never wore panties before she came to Ygvarland and her mannerism of eating is shown in the anime opening. She is also perverted and tends to always believe most of Asuha's white lies (For example, Asuha said that when wearing yukatas, one should not wear panties and when Elika passes by Lucca grabs Elika's, to Naoya's chagrin and Asuha feigning ignorance). Unnborg has mentioned that Lucca stays over at her mansion.

Meena (ミーナ Mīna?)

Sif birta (シフ・ベルタ Shifu Beruta?)

Bjarki Grænn (ビャルケ・グライン Byaruke Gurain?)

Kató Gullsjór (カトウ・ギュルショール Katō Kyurushōru?)

Nils (ニルス Nirusu?)


Enja Níuhali (エンヤ・ニウハーレ Enya Niuhāre?)

Voiced by: Naomi Shindō

Meena (ミーナ Mīna?)

Voiced by: Tetsuji Ohta

Sif birta (シフ・ベルタ Shifu Beruta?)

Other characters

Kirik Sigvaldi (キリク・シグヴァルディ Kiriku Shiguvarudi?)

Eldór Emilson (エルドール・エミルソン Erudōru Emiruson?)

Irmingard Snorrevík (イルミンガルド・スノーレヴィク Irumingarudo Sunōreviku?)

Atli Reginhard (アトリ・レギンハルト Atiri Rekinharudo?)

Fulda (フルダ Furuda?)

Rolf (ロルフ Rorufu?)

Hákon Drakul Draupnils IV (ハーコン・ドラクール・ドレイプニルスIV世 Hākon Dorakūru Doreipunirusu Yonsei?)

People of Svarthæð

Sveinn Svarthæð (スヴェイン・スヴァルトヘイズ Suvein Suvarudoheizu?)

Rúrik Sveinnsson Svarthæð (ルーリック・スヴェインソン・スヴァルトヘイズ Rūrikku Suveinson Suvarudoheizu?)

Þorhelga Svarthæð (ソルヘルガ・スヴァルトヘイズ Soruheruga Suvarudoheizu?)

Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi
Þorhelga, nicknamed Helga for short, is the princess of Svarthæð and is Sigurð's worrisome older sister.

Sigurð Sveinnsson Svarthæð (シグルド・スヴェインソン・スヴァルトヘイズ Shigurudo Suveinson Suvarudoheizu?)

Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Sigurð is the prince of Svarthæð. Prior to his transfer to Lotte's academy, Sigurð spent his time and money on drinking and girls. He first meets Lotte at a street corner, falling in love with her at first sight, but Asuha quickly disapproves of him. He is often regarded as a wolf due to his mannerisms, although mostly a pervert since during his first day at school, the school put up warning signs of "Pervert" with his face at the girls' side, courtesy of Dora, one of Sigurð's worrisome bodyguards. When Sigurð does sneak over to the girls' side, he meets Asuha again, where she calls him a pervert. When Sigurð discovers Naoya as part of Lotte's harem during lunch time, he immediately declares himself as Naoya's rival for Lotte's hand. Aside from his perverted tendencies, Sigurð is a famous and well-respected general in battle because of his country's warring state until as of recent. Ironically enough, he was trained in a strict military academy but Sigurð continues to act by his own rules and uses the skills he learned at the military for mostly stalking Lotte's group or escaping Dora's sight of view, just to join Lotte's group. His small crush in her turned into a huge obsession, to Asuha's disgust.

Ísadóra Finnsdottír (イサドーラ・フィンスドッティル Isarōra Finsudottiru?)

Voiced by: Kana Asumi

Críet trédís (クリエート・トレイディス Kuriēto Toreidisu?)

People of Dvergur

Holte III (ホルテ三世 Horute Sansei?)

The King of Northern Dvergur and Lucca's father.



The original manga by Yui Haga began serialization in Dengeki Maoh magazine from July 2007.


An anime adaptation under the title Astarotte no Omoccha began airing on Chiba TV and TVK on April 10, 2011, with subsequent broadcasts on Sun Television, TV Saitama, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, Nico Nico Channel, Bandai Channel, and AT-X. Produced by Diomedia, the series is directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki, series composition by Deko Akao, music by Twinpower, character design by Mai Otsuka, and produced by Gorō Shinjuku, Jun Fukuda, Naoki Iijima, Takashi Kikuya and Tatsuya Ishiguro, respectively. The opening theme is "Tenshi no CLOVER" (天使のCLOVER?) by Aimi, and the ending theme is "Manatsu no Photograph" (真夏のフォトグラフ?) by azusa.

Season One
Episode English Title Japanese Title Air Date Summary
1 The Exclamation of Our Meeting "Gāru Mītsu Bōi" (ガール・ミーツ・ボーイ) April 10, 2011[2] Succubi are a race of beings who survive by having a harem of men from which they can suck 'life essence' from. However, Astalotte Ygvar, a young princess, hates men. When her advisor, Judith, pushes her to get some men for her harem, Astalotte decides she'll only accept a human male, since they have been deemed near impossible to find. To Astalotte's surprise, Judith manages to travel to the human realm and return with a 23 year old human boy named Naoya Tōhara, offering him the job for a high sum of money.
2 The First Semicolon "Hajimete no semikoron" (初めてのセミコロン) April 17, 2011 Naoya is introduced to Astalotte, but she refuses to get along with him. Naoya learns that when Astalotte was young, she witnessed her mother, Mercelída Ygvar I, engage in indecent acts with one of her harem, causing her to develop a dislike for men and lose relations with her mother. Wanting to be able to make her feel less alone, Naoya makes a replica of Astalotte's favourite doll. The next day, Astalotte agrees to accept Naoya into her harem, on the condition that he be her 'toy'.
3 The Parentheses of Passing "Sure chigai no pāren" (すれ違いのパーレン) April 24, 2011 Naoya brings his ten year old daughter, Asuha, to the succubi realm, which causes Astalotte to become agnostic towards Naoya, since it would mean he had sex when he was thirteen, though Asuha is quick to jump to Naoya's defense. Wanting to apologize to her, Asuha enrolls into Astalotte's school, where she makes some new friends, Mist, Yuna and Lucca, who mention they haven't had the courage to be friends with Astalotte. As Asuha makes up with Astalotte, rumor spreads about a 'human male' on campus, which turns out to be a rampaging llama from a zoo. As it goes wild, Mist, Yuna and Lucca step in to defend Astalotte before Naoya manages to calm it down. Afterwards, Astalotte manages to make friends with the other girls, who nickname her 'Lotte'.
4 Party Ampersand "Pātī no Anpasando" (パーティーのアンパサンド) May 1, 2011 The school's students receive invitations for their parents to attend a parent-teacher party. Astarotte states her mother, Mercelída, would be too busy to attend, but Asuha insists that she go ask her in person to be sure. She and Zelda visit Mercelída's palace, but after hearing the muttered complaints of palace staff, Astarotte returns home, leaving the invitation behind. At the party, Astarotte teases her rival, Elika, about Astarotte's alleged relationship with Naoya, but later becomes saddened when Mercelída doesn't show to the party. Her mother, who had come late to the party was returning to her own palace after missing her daughter, decides suddenly to see Astarotte anyway and flies to Astarotte's palace. Entering a darkened room, Mercelída wakes the figure sleeping in the bed, only to find that it is Asuha. Asuha, who Mercelinda calls "Asuhariet", awakens and it is revealed that Mercelída is actually her mother.
5 Crossing Quotes "Kōsa no kuōtēshon" (交差のクォーテーション) May 8, 2011 Naoya is shocked by the appearance of Mercelida, who three years after meeting her, left Asuha with him and disappeared. He tries to tell Mercelida something but she runs off before hearing what Naoya has to say. Judit reveals to Naoya that Mercelida is the queen, and that Asuha and Astarotte are half-sisters, and asks him to keep it a secret from Astarotte. Wanting to speak with Mercelida, Naoya and Asuha sneak into the palace dressed as maids. They are discovered by one of the queen's servants and are chosen to be her escorts based on Mercelida's requests for some. They meet her and Naoya gives his thanks to Mercelida for bringing Asuha into his life. As Naoya talks with Mercelida, it is revealed that she hid Asuha in the human realm to avoid the battle for the throne that occurs between royal succubi that she faced. Noting that Astarotte is still upset, Naoya asks Mercelida to visit her class for the day, eventually making it a day where everyone's parents could visit their children. Afterwards, Astarotte and Mercelida manage to rekindle their relationship with each other.
6 Caret of Being Lost "Tomadoi no Karetto" (戸惑いのカレット) May 15, 2011 As Astarotte receives tickets to an amusement park, she becomes irritated with everyone making use of Naoya. Later that night, Astarotte goes missing before Naoya finds her by the World Tree. As Astarotte yells at Naoya, she accidentally activates the gate and is sent to the human world. Trying to think of a way to get her back, Naoya and Asuha go to seek out a sage named Sorveig that could help them. In order to see her, they have to solve a riddle, which Asuha manages to answer with her undies. There, they meet the sage, Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims, who reveals the gate is linked to the Succubus race. As Ingrid agrees to help them, she soon learns that, due to the lack of magic in the Human World, Astarotte doesn't have enough magic to activate the gate and return home.
7 Secret Apostrophe "Naisho no Aposutorofi" (内緒のアポストロフィ) May 22, 2011 Naoya travels to the human world in order to replenish Astarotte's magic so that she can return. However, Astarotte is still mad at him and tries to lock him out of his house, though this ultimately fails. After making up with her, Naoya kisses Astarotte on her forehead, allowing her to regain her magic and return to the demon world. As Naoya takes Astarotte to an amusement park as way of apology, Elika decides to take Asuha with her to the same park. To test her alleged 'adulthood', Elika suggests Astarotte go inside a haunted house, where she becomes so scared that she wets herself. As she becomes upset about it, Naoya reveals he didn't stop wetting the bed until he was 12. Upon returning home, they find Ingrid has moved her tower closer to the castle and become shocked when Ingrid suddenly kisses Naoya on the lips.
8 Strong Comma "Tsuyoki no Kanma" (強気のカンマ) May 29, 2011 A prince from the Svarthæð empire, Sigurð Sveinnsson Svarthæð, bumps into Astarotte in town and falls in love at first sight. He sneaks into school and confesses his desire to marry Astarotte in front of her and her friends. Afterwards, Astarotte gets annoyed with Naoya for not saying anything when that happened. Later one night, Sigurð sneaks Astarotte out of the castle, hoping to receive an answer to his question, but Naoya appears and manages to convince Astarotte to come back with him after evading Sigurð's attack.
9 Backslash Fever "Binetsu no Bakkusurasshu" (微熱のバックスラッシュ) June 5, 2011 Astarotte and the others go to a private beach for some fun. Mercelida is also visiting another part of the beach and ends up meeting with Astarotte, hearing about how she's becoming friends with Asuha. After they part ways, Naoya catches a fever and seems to be uncomfortable around a 'certain area'. As Astarotte and her friends work on some get well food with help from Sigurð, Judit pressures Naoya to make more progress with the sexual nature of his relationship with Astarotte.
10 Adjacent Fist "Tonari Dōshi no Fisuto" (隣同士のフィスト) June 13, 2011 A festival celebrating the World Tree is taking place and Astarotte's friends help her prepare for a singing performance. After some training and a bath, the girls, along with Naoya, head to the festival, where they have a brief run in with Sigurð. With Astarotte still nervous when it's time for her performance, Asuha helps her out by joining in the singing. After the festival, Asuha brings up the question of what Naoya intends to do after summer vacation ends.
11 A Full Stop for the Two of Us "Futarikkiri no Furu Sutoppu" (二人っきりのフルストップ) June 19, 2011 Astarotte gets a red clover-shaped mark on her back, allegedly a sign that she is becoming an adult, and Judit tries to push Naoya into fulfilling his job description. As Judit later finds out it is not the same mark, but instead related to the leaves on the World Tree turning red, Naoya and Asuha start feeling weird. Ini theorises that the magical balance between worlds is destabilizing and the World Tree is attempting to eliminate foreign objects from the Demon World, namely Naoya and Asuha. Soon, Naoya and Asuha become unable to hear the others and vice versa, and they also discover the entries in Asuha's diary are disappearing. With Astarotte potentially at risk from the World Tree as well, Naoya and Asuha decide they need to return to the Human World. The castle holds a farewell party, where Astarotte exchanges gifts with Asuha before asking Naoya on a date.
12 The Asterisk Over the Air "Sora-goshi no Asutarisuku" (空越しのアスタリスク) June 26, 2011 Astarotte and Naoya have their date at the amusement park where she finally manages to convey her feelings to him. The two promise to meet again while Mercelida pays a visit to Asuha. Some time after Naoya and Asuha return to the human realm, Ini makes use of Naoya's cellphone and the World Tree sapling at their house to establish communications with them, and the duo learns that the clover-shaped mark on Rotte's back was actually a bug bite and Judit gets some "punishment" for her mistake. Soon after Ini manages to stabilize the World Tree's magic to create a proper portal between the worlds, Naoya and Asuha use it to return to the monster realm and rejoin Lotte, whose growth marks finally appeared on her back.


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