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Apollonia 1024.jpg
Name: Alicia Forster,
Alexis Frost (Deceased)
Age: Over 2000 years
Hair: Dark Red
Eye Color: Fuschia
Succubus Alias: Apollonia
Ranking: 44.8 Very low Morality,
a glutton for power.

Apollonia in the Angel Falls Universe is a succubus who resided in Angel Falls until she was brought back to hell for breaking her contract with Lilith Mephistopheles.


Apollonia is a power hungry succubus who has a history of being irresponsible. Although she is a very talented succubus, Lilith tend to keep her on a short leash as she would tend to believe she was mortal. It was during the Holiday Gala in Angel Falls that she posed as a city comptroller Alicia Forster who was laundering money. When Ashley Moore exposed her she fled the conference room and ran into Lilith who came to take her back to hell. She made Alicia commit suicide, and took her succubus self back to hell.

Apollonia would become her representative in hell as she spends all her time there until Lilith forgives her for running away.

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