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A new-born AngelKitty
Name AngelKitty
Age Various
Gender Primarily Female
Hair Colour Various
Eye Colour Various
Personality Various
Strength(s) Various
Weakness(es) Various
Favorite Place With their Succubi or Incubi
Home in the Realm AngelKitty Mountains
Created By VVrayven
Quote You call that a sammich?

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

AngelKitties are the creation of several members of the Hypnopics Collective. An AngelKitty first appeared when Princess VVrayven was visiting a magic store, but at that time there was no story behind the AngelKitty save that she seemed to be a companion to VVrayven.

AngelKitties had their Genesis begin when Kurze of the Collective created a catgirl named Kitty as a role playing character. Kitty and Tera became lovers through several different role playing games on the Collective and elsewhere, eventually referring to each other as KittyLove and TeraLove.

During the massive role playing story of Mtech on the Collective, HLS wrote a story about Tera and her sister Angel rescuing a kitten that was close to death. That kitten turned out to be Kitty as explained in the story. As well, when Tera entered Mtech as the Student Counsellor, Kitty also arrived as her secretary.

Kitty, in the universe of the Succubi Collective, became the Mother of the AngelKitties and wields tremendous power as a result of her having that role.

Soon after that, AngelKitties appeared in the Mtech universe and they have since become part of the Collective Succubi and Incubi mythos.


The story of the AngelKitties begins with Kitty, the first AngelKitty that came to be. She was close to death when discovered by Tera and her sister Angel in a park when the pair had snuck away from their parents to play elsewhere. Angel was frightened of the scene, but Tera didn't want to leave. When the small calico kitten mewled and tried to go to them, the children made a decision.

They decided that it was important to save a life. Being that the pair were only children, perhaps nine or ten years old physically, the use of their powers was uncontrolled and had unforeseen results. For one thing, the grey kitten turned colour to purple, and, surprisingly, had a pair of wings as well. When the kitten pounced on the girls, their first words to her were "Kitty!" And so that became her name.

The girls took Kitty back to their parent's realm, which was in the middle of a war that came to be known as the Civil War. They tried to hide her there, and managed to do so for several days until their mother, The Queen, caught them playing with Kitty.

At first their mother was shocked at what they had done. But, for some reason that she only knows, decided to save Kitty for the future of her children. As such, the Queen led Tera and Angel away from their home, carrying Kitty in her arms. They arrived at a portal that the Queen opened and sent Kitty through. She explained that where Kitty was she would be safe and that Tera and Angel would see her again someday.

Kitty and the AngelKitties did not reappear until soon after the Queen had passed away and created The Realm with her energies. When the Succubi and Incubi arrived there, Kitty was waiting to explain some things that the Queen couldn't before her passing on.

She explained to Tera and her Eternal that each Succubi would have an AngelKitty and each Incubi would have a HellHound as reminders that life was worth saving and was precious to them all. She also pointed towards a massive range of mountains high above the City of the Realm and explained that it was the home of the AngelKitties and was called the AngelKitty Mountains.

Today, young AngelKitties come into existence in the Mountains shortly before new Succubi arrive to be chosen by her TailSelf and join the Realm. The process of how this happens has not been explained, usually the Kitties just smile a bit and then flitter away leaving the question unanswered.

AngelKitties are a Succubi's conscience, friend and more. Their relationship can almost be seen as lovers in some ways, and to see Succubi and AngelKitties in love is not uncommon. Even when a Succubi meets her Eternal, the AngelKitty is still a vital part of their lives and never leaves them.


Kitty, The Mother of the AngelKitties
Name Kitty
Age Possibly Immortal
Gender Female
Hair Colour Black (Hair)
Purple (Fur)
Eye Colour Green
Personality Kittenish
Strength(s) Empathy
Weakness(es) Chocolate
Favorite Place With Tera
Home in the Realm AngelKitty Mountains
Created By Kurze
Quote Mew?

AngelKitties have three main forms that they can be seen in, depending on circumstances and their own preferences. They are the Kitten Form. The Catgirl or Catboy Form and the Human Form. The AngelKitties can shift between these forms at will, but some tend to remain in one form exclusively. For example, Kitty only appears in her Catgirl form and has done so since The Realm was created. On the other hand, The Queen's AngelKitty has only been seen in her Kitten form.

In Kitten Form

AngelKitties, in their Kitten form, can best be described as a ball of fluff. They come in all sizes and colourings, Generally their wings match their fur although some odd combinations of colours have appeared over time. The most common breed look like Calico cats in form, but with wings upon their backs. The AngelKitties age physically like regular cats, but their lifespan is connected to their Succubi, making them extremely long lived beings. It is not uncommon to see a young kitten that is, in fact, well over several millennia in age.

In Catgirl/Catboy Form

In their catgirl or carboy forms, depending on their gender, the AngelKitties look very much like the stereotypical beings they appear to be. Their colouring does match their Kitten forms however, but with some minor variations appearing on occasions. This can vary from simple things like nail colour, to more complex physical traits. Generally, in this form, their collars or other items that are worn in their Kitten form are altered to be wearable in this larger form. This includes ribbons, collars or other such things they might care to be wearing.

In Human Form

It is more rare to see an AngelKitty in their human form. Kira and Mair have appeared in human form more often that would be normally expected from AngelKitties, but that can be tied to the fact that they are Tera's Daughters. The age of an AngelKitty in their human form is directly linked to the physical age of the Succubi they are connected to. Therefore, Kira physically is close in age to Rianna for example. They look entirely human with no apparent physical differences, though a mage or magic user with the right understanding of what they are might be able to detect them. In this form, it is mostly preference that would make collars or other such worn items appear on their human forms.


So far in the Collective universe, there have only been appearances of female AngelKitties, though male ones do exist there. They are somewhat rare, the appearance of them being set by the preferences of the person playing the Collective Succubi in question.


Power Absorption

AngelKitties have the ability to absorb various forms of energy. These include magical, sexual and most other kinds of power directed at them. They store this power within their forms and can use it in various ways. In one case a group of four AngelKitties combined to form a barrier between a magic user and her source of power. This resulted in that power being reduced dramatically and allowing for others involved to defeat them. However, as a result of this battle, Mair was severely injured. Being a new-born AngelKitty at the time, she was unable to control her powers well enough to avoid harm. It resulted in Mair ageing, in her cat form, from a kitten to a three year old cat. Her catgirl and human forms remained unchanged save for the fact that she was limping and needed help to move for several years afterwards, occasionally appearing with a crutch or cane to help her walk..

Signs and Portents

The Kitties also have the ability, when in their cat forms, to create small signs upon which they make comments to those they are dealing with. They do this because in their cat forms they do not have the ability to speak. Such signs are large enough to be read but are generally held in the paws of the AngelKitty. Depending on which of the Kitties you are talking to, the comments can be sarcastic, thoughtful, playful or a mix of all of these. Some examples include:

You call that a sammich?
Are you sure that's a good idea?
Glomp now?
I'll be over here snoozing. Wake me up when you make up your mind.
You know, your Mom wouldn't like that.

Creating Clothing

When in their catgirl or catboy forms, the Kitties have the ability, much like Succubi and Incubi, to create clothing or other items if they need them. Generally, this power is used for latex or PVC-like dresses, shoes or boots, and the occasional more complicated outfit, though they don't tend to wear a lot of clothing most of the time.


AngelKitties can open portals like the Succubi and Incubi can in order to travel distances almost instantaneously. The portals are generally no larger than their current size, be that in their cat form or otherwise. If they open a portal back to the Realm, that portal will connect to the Portal of the Realm as do all incoming portals.

Lesser Powers

The mews and purrs of the AngelKitties in their cat forms are soothing and occasionally hypnotic in nature. One Succubi was seen falling prey to the purring and making the AngelKitty a sandwich before snapping out of it and wondering what had happened.

In their catgirl and catboy forms, their eyes can be hypnotic in nature. In addition their voices have a similar effect as their purring does. Some of the AngelKitties have learned other powers that they have used to their advantage when dealing with beings that have tried to harm them or capture them.

Hurt Me, Hurt Yourself

AngelKitties and Succubi are very intimately linked. One of the most telling connections between them is that, should the Succubi move back towards the old ways, their AngelKitty would begin to suffer great pain almost immediately. Over time, they will become more and more lethargic, eventually falling into a coma. If the Succubi does not realise what is happening, the AngelKitty will perish. This is a rare occurrence, but is not totally unknown.

Tiger Form

This form of the AngelKitties is extremely rare and has been seen in he history of the Realm but once. The basic description is that of a Bengal Tiger, but about a hundred times meaner than that. The second worst thing you can do is to try to lie to an AngelKitty. The worst thing is to lie and harm their Succubi. Then all bets are off and the AngelKitty sees no reason to hold back in extracting, literally, a pound of flesh from the attacker.

Known AngelKitties

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