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Angel Falls
Angel Falls Universe Logo
Creator deviantART Members
Candice Greene
(Succubi Stories)
Edwin Morgan
(Succubi Stories)
Genre Fantasy
Type City
Notable characters Agrat Bat
Ashley Moore
Lilith Mephistopheles
Samantha Potts
Shelby Mustang
First appearance Angel-Falls DeviantArt Group Page

Angel Falls (Angel Falls DA) is a fictitious city created by a group of artist, and writers in deviantART. The city is self described as a metropolitan area that is inhabited by superheroes, villians, aliens, mythical, and magical beings from all over the universe.

Angel Falls also is home to succubi/incubi who seek souls to take to hell, as well as breed more mortal demons. The series of stories written by Candice Greene and Edwin Morgan feature these succubi.


The Group was created September 6, 2009 by Teri-Minx (Her deviantART identity). As of December 2012 there are 272 members, and they feature art, as well as literature pertaining to stories revolving around the authors characters.

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