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An Encounter (eBook)

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An Encounter
An Encounter eBook Cover, written by Roberta Stuart
An Encounter eBook Cover,
written by Roberta Stuart
Author(s) Roberta Stuart
Series Ouija Lover
Publisher Camptown Races Press
Publication date October 11, 2015
Media type eBook
Length 34 Pages
Followed by The Taming of Bonnie

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

An Encounter is an eBook written by Roberta Stuart. It is the first work in the Ouija Lover series by this author. In this work the character Li Lu is an Incubus.


  • Title: An Encounter
  • Author: Roberta Stuart
  • Published By: Camptown Races Press
  • Length: 34 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B016JAT05K
  • Publishing Date: October 11, 2015

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Plot Summary

A rose...a candle...and a strange encounter between a man and a woman. Or is he a man?

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on March 17, 2017

Stephanie rediscovers an piece of her past, a ouija board she’d played with as a child. No longer a child, Stephanie and her friend discover that the board connects to a sprit and that sprit is calling to Stephanie. Answering the call, Stephanie finds herself falling into the arms of her desires, wants and needs.

The work sets up a lot of events and possibilities for the series which mainly focus on Stephanie, her needs and how the sprit summoned by the Ouija board, Li Lu, fills those needs in all sorts of deliciously wanton ways. Stephanie’s character is very interesting, has a past, and in that comes a lot of hints about who she is in the here and now which I liked. She isn’t at a loss, or weak, she has a need and the board opens a doorway that she half-heartedly takes against the warnings of other characters in the work.

The lead up to the encounter between Stephanie and Li Lu, who might or might not be an incubus, though it is highly likely he is one, is a good mix of the everyday and a little bit of supernatural tease, or if one thinks about it, perhaps a little bit of mind control as well. Stephanie doesn’t, but does, believe in the board, but it’s a sort of wishy=washy thing until her incubus appears to her.

Li Lu most likely is an incubus, but he’s mostly a mystery, not really answering questions all that much. His purpose is to take Stephanie in every way possible and throughout he’s very sure that Stephanie is loving every moment and everything that happens is what she wants things to be. I liked that, mainly because having the story fall into something dark as a twist would have really disappointed me. The fact it didn’t and what comes from the story is a very hot work of erotica, is a wonderful thing.

The story’s erotica takes up about half of the work. It isn’t silly or impossible either. What Stephanie and Li Lu experience comes to some really hot, very passionate couple sex with some lovely romance and fun mixed in. There’s a bit of wanting at the end, which makes sense for how thing story is developed, but it doesn’t ruin the heat that came before.

The one thing that was missing for me comes to a lack of detail about Li Lu himself. I feel like that was a lost opportunity, something of a gap in the story. Filling that would be nice if for no other reason than to answer some of the questions about him.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The erotica has lovely heat, the story is interesting. Stephanie’s character is well developed and while Li Lu’s character isn’t explored as much as I would have liked, he’s still a compelling character. Is he an incubus? That’s entirely likely, but then the second work in the series might have something more to tell about that.

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