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Alexis by DarkShadow
Name Alexis
Title(s) Succubi Matchmaker of the Realm
AngelKitty Cupid
Age Physically mid-20s, though she is actually about a half-century in age.
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde/Pink
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Pink
Personality Hyperactively Romantic
Strength(s) Is almost never wrong when acting as matchmaker
Weakness(es) Misses the obvious until she trips over it
Favorite Place Lovers Point
Home in the Realm The Fields of Sighs
Alias The Matchmaker
Created By TeraS
Quote Trust me, they'll be perfect!

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Alexis, known as the Realm's matchmaker and relationship counselor, is one of the younger members of the Collective Succubi. She is a pink-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty is called Cupid, who is one of the few male AngelKitties in existence.

Alexis discovered the existence of the Realm when she encountered one of the Realm's Incubi named Alexander while on Earth. Initially claiming to be looking to meet "someone special", he had visited the dating service Alexis was part of. After several encounters, all suggested by Alexis, and having them all fail, a coworker "encouraged" her to set up a blind date with Alexander. While the date wasn't perfect, it clearly revealed that they were made for each other. Eventually Alexander revealed who he really was and introduced Tera as his sister. What followed became possibly the most involved and deeply searching questions ever asked of Tera of what the Realm really was. Following this, Alexis and Alexander married on Earth before travelling to the Realm, Alexis soon after entering the Lake of Fire and becoming one of the Succubi.

Physical Description

Alexis is a young member of the Succubi who appears to be in her mid-twenties. She is a pink tailed succubi and is about as tall as Florence, the Realm's doctor. Her normal scent is clover. Alexis has wildly curled and messy blonde/pink hair which falls to her shoulders. She as well endowed as many of the succubi, tending to choose fashion choices that "provide easy access" for her Eternal, Alexander.


Powers and Abilities



Alessia is Alexis' Tailself, being a red tailed member of the Succubi with ash-blonde hair. In the distant past, she was a healer during the time when the Realm was divided on its future. She did not see the point to what Tera's parents had suggested and railed against their plans, going so far as to decide that she would forever be against the idea of the New Realm. While she still does not accept the state of the Realm under Tera's hand, she does grudgingly admit that it is a better place for being as it is. Still, when given the opportunity to fence with Alexis and her beliefs, there's little the two will not come to blows about.


Cupid can be described as a small silver furred male AngelKitty with white wings. While Alexis never fails to be amused by his name, Cupid has little to no interest in love or matchmaking, preferring to find a sunbeam to curl up under. Having never been seen in his human form, it is unclear whether this is by preference or if there is some larger explanation for this. Regardless of his seeming lack of interest as to what goes on around him, Cupid is very protective of Alexis and has no qualms about making his opinion known should someone cross his path.


  • Owns possibly the largest collection of pulp-fiction romance novels known to Tera.
  • She has a thing for red tails, her Eternal, Alexander, being one.
  • Has been known to poke her tail into "uncomfortably awkward" moments between Eternals without permission.


  • Daydreams, far too often, about just what happens between Tera and Keith, when they are intimate, which is almost always.
  • Has spent years trying to find the perfect lipstick colour to match her tail without success, at least in her eyes.
  • Occasionally leads what she advertises as "Passion Tours" of the Realm which explore the more intimate locations than can be found for lovers to "enjoy".

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