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Alex is a human with the blood of a red dragon flowing through his veins. While he knows little of his draconic heritage, including just which of his parents or ancestors was a dragon, he can call on the draconic magic in his blood to some extent.

Alex in his natural form.


Little of Alex's past is known before he wandered into Club EnTrance and met the people that frequented the establishment and, through them, many others, including Lisa Gentil and her sister, TeraS, Queen of the Succubi.

Physical Appearance

Alex is 5'11", with shoulder-length brown hair. He normally wears blue jeans and a black T-shirt with some design on it, a logo or a message, though he favors his Megatokyo "Baka^Ni" shirt. In his natural form a pair of large red dragon wings sprouts from his back along with a red draconic tail, and his eyes are gold with vertical slits for pupils. However, he can shapeshift into a normal human form, in which he has neither wings nor tail and his eyes appear as normal human eyes with hazel irises.