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Tera and Alei by DarkShadow
Name Alei
Title(s) The Hand of Goddess
Tera's Angel Love
The Angel with a Pitchfork
Age mid-30s
Gender Female
Hair Colour Honey Blonde
Eye Colour Blue/Green
Personality Strong Willed
Strength(s) Aura of Light
Soothing Voice
Gifted with Love and Passion
Weakness(es) Minor personality quirks known as "Alei-oops"*
*Not seen as an actual weakness
Favorite Place Being teased mercilessly by Tera
Home in the Realm Home of Light in The Realm
Created By Alei
Quote But Terrraaaaa!!

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Alei, also known as The Hand of Goddess, The Angel with a Pitchfork, as well as Tera's Angel Love, is one of a small number of souls that call the Realm their home that are not either Succubi or Incubi in nature. Alei is an angel of great power, she being known as The Hand of Goddess herself. Alei's relationship with Tera began as one of mutual respect, they being brought together by Goddess, but over time their relationship blossomed into love and adoration.

Alei has in her possession one of Tera's most cherished pitchforks, it being gifted to Alei by Tera long ago. Alei has given Tera two of her angel feathers which Tera's own raven wings display on their wingtips.

The relationship between Alei and Tera is simply that of two souls that love each other dearly. While Tera does tease Alei mercilessly, it is out of love most of all. One interesting effect of Tera being close to Alei is that Alei's halo turns from gold to orange. Should Tera and Alei become intimate, Alei's halo will burst into flames, but with no ill effects to Alei. The flames are simply a reflection of the heat and passion the two share.

Physical Description

Alei appears to be approximately in her mid-30s physically, though her actual age is only known to Tera. She is about the same height as Tera, her body shape in many ways a mirrored reflection of Tera's own. Alei has honey blonde hair, which she always wears in a long style over her shoulders. She has blue-green eyes which flare with sparkles of gold when she becomes aroused, passionate, or forceful. Alei's greatest power is that she the right hand of Goddess and being so her aura of light is brilliant in its warmth, strength and force.

Alei prefers to wear one particular metallic blue dress, it being made of almost see through fabric. The dress is cut to enhance Alei's own beauty, to leave no doubt that she is a being of passion and love in Goddess' name. The dress empathizes her curves and allows her sexual powers to shine through and captivate those in her presence. Alei's preferred footwear are low heels with straps that twine about her calves to just below her knees. Alei never hides her halo or large white wings, she being fully aware that Goddess wishes her to simply be herself always.

Generally, Alei is usually seen carrying the pitchfork that Tera gifted her with. However, when Alei needs to free her hands, the pitchfork transforms itself into a bracelet which Alei wears on her left wrist. The bracelet has the appearance of a miniature pitchfork, the center tine touching the base of the pitchfork, completing the bracelet which only Alei herself can remove or transform into her cherished pitchfork.


Powers and Abilities


Alei by DarkShadow


  • Alei's halo is normally golden in colour. However, when she and Tera are intimate, her halo turns orange at first, then will burst into flames when she and Tera are passionate.
  • Alei has a nervous habit of twirling a lock of her hair with a finger when she is flustered.
  • Her wings are very ticklish.
  • When Alei first tries to read her Book for Angels, she almost always has it upside down.
  • Alei loves horses, her Pegasus is named Hypatia.


  • The lands around Alei's home are the only place where Passionflowers bloom in the Realm.
  • Alei's home is constructed of solid light.

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