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After Hours

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After Hours
After Hours eBook Cover, written by Jaden Michaels
After Hours eBook Cover,
written by Jaden Michaels
Author(s) Jaden Michaels
Publisher Mystic Moon Press
Publication date 2007
Media type eBook
Length 54 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

After Hours is an eBook written by Jaden Michaels. In this work the character Serenity is a Succubus.


  • Title: After Hours
  • Author: Jaden Michaels
  • Published By: Mystic Moon Press
  • Length: 54 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: 2007

Plot Summary

What kind of trouble can a succubus get into when she has all the sexual energy she needs to survive? Well if she takes the wrong guy home, all kinds with the most unexpected outcome.


The following is an excerpt that was found on the Fictionwise.com website

I walk around the nightclub. The tray I carry is crowded with drinks of every color and the music was pounding in my bizarrely sensitive ears. Even with the plugs in, it stings.

Tonight is like any other night. People are everywhere making me want them, and I revel in their smells. Women shake to the music, while men watch. Tight, revealing tops accompany short skirts. Men's pants hug their tight butts and snug shirts show off nicely carved muscle. What I wouldn't give to sink my teeth into that...

I'm working here just as something to get me by and it's a good place to find meals. I mean, it's easy to get a guy to take you home after he's had a couple drinks, and the alcohol just makes them taste better. It gives you a little high, almost like drinking a couple yourself. So, it works for me, this cocktail server job. I got everything I want and got to wear a cute little uniform. My boss leaves me alone, and doesn't care if I disappear into the bathroom with a guy, or for that matter a girl every once in a while.

My uniform is enough to peel those guy's eyes away from the dancers for a second or two at least. It has a short little skirt that lifts up just enough to show my garters off and since I'm relatively short, it makes my skirt look that much shorter compared to the taller girls. The shirt, if it really is a shirt, just holds my breasts in. It's really more like a strip of cloth and has sparkly suspenders. They make it quite cute, really.

I make my rounds for the last time and a man calls me over. I make my way over, but the girl next to him has passed out. He jumps over the back of the low couch with enough grace, though I can tell he's been drinking a little. He almost knocks my tray, but I save it easily.

"Oh sorry, babe. Let me help you with that," he says, taking a couple Jell-O shots from my tray and slamming them down.

"Thanks, now where's my tip?" I ask with a flirtatious gleam in my eye. He shoves a couple fives in my garter while wrapping his arm around my waist, then gives my ass a little tap.

"That's the best tip I got all night. Wanna talk when I'm finished here? It'll only be a few minutes."

"Well, sure babe, err," he looks at my nametag, "Serenity, nice name. Where should I meet you?" He's not much with words, but whatever. He's got a hot body and I'm hungry.

"Right in front of the bar, I'll find you." I turn and leave, swinging my ass the whole way. I know he's watching, so I lift up my skirt to take the money he gave me out of my garter, showing just the bottom of my red panties. Being only five foot five, with a busty appearance and dark auburn hair, I flaunt what I got, and heard a small grunt from him. After all my hearing is superb, even with the ear plugs in.

After, I put my tray back under the bar shelf and go to the bathroom. I make sure my makeup is applied correctly. I hate it when my eye shadow is smudged. Then I put on some bright red lipstick, I like the way it looks when I really smile. My white teeth gleam a bit more ridiculously over that color. When I walk back out of the bathroom, I see him already waiting at the bar for me. I walk up behind him but he turns around, surprising me, because I thought I was being quiet.

"Ready to go?" he asks me.

"Yeah, we can take my car."

"Ok, now?" I watched his eyebrows lift in question with his words.

"Yeah, I'm finished here."

We walk out to the car and he tells me his name is Toby. He gets in my car as do I and we start driving to my apartment. I slip the suspenders to my uniform off my shoulders. They may be cute, but the sequins can get sort of itchy. He reaches over and touches my shoulder. His hands are incredibly soft for a man, almost like he wears gloves. He runs them over my shoulders and down my arm. Then he caresses my neck, rubbing a little. I take his hand and put it on my thigh. Despite my want for food, I think my want for sex is even more at the moment.

The one setback of being a succubus is that a man can touch you just once and you want to fuck him. You long for him inside you and that means you're always horny. Oh well, guess it is the price you pay to live the good life.

He takes the hint from me and I slide forward a little in my seat so I can still see the road, but I can lay back and spread my legs a bit. He rubs his hand over my thigh but never touches my pussy and I start to get frustrated. I hate waiting to be pleased, but I love the teasing. The entire way to my apartment he doesn't touch me full out, but keeps running his fingers over my silky panties.

We finally get to my house and I jump out of the car and slam my door. "C'mon, hurry up," I urge only to hear his reply is a chuckle from deep within the chest, actually quite a turn-on. As if I needed one.

Walking slowly towards the door, I get behind him and push his back. He seems surprised at my strength and hurries a little more. I open the door and walk up the stairs ahead of him. He stops me a few steps up and pushes me to the wall. I'm not expecting this, so it's easy for him. He steps up to me and puts one of arms around my waist to pull me towards him. He kisses me, shoving his tongue in my mouth and puts his other hand between my thighs and start rubbing again. I wrap my leg around him and rub back. He finally pushes me off of him when I start moaning a little.

"Aren't you gonna show me your room?" I hurry up the rest of the way and he chuckles again. I unlock my door and throw it open. I pull him in and slam the door shut. I start unbuckling his pants as fast as I can. Waiting is really starting to get to me. He laughs at my fervor.

"Stop laughing at me and help!" He pushes my hands away and pulls his pants down. I can tell he's just as frustrated as me. He strips off his shirt while I take off my skirt and peel off my tube top. I start taking off my garters but he grabs my hands and stops me.

Kneeling down, he pushes my wet panties out of the way and puts his other hand on my ass. He starts licking at my wet pussy and I almost loose my balance on my heels. He takes his hand off my ass and plunges two of his soft fingers inside me. I cry out. His tongue is running circles around my clit while his fingers rub inside me. He pushes so hard it almost hurts and actually lifts me a little; I push up onto my tiptoes. I'm screaming now and cum so hard that my knees give out. He pulls his fingers out of me and catches me.

His quick reflexes surprise me.

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