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Adelle by DarkShadow
Name Adelle
Title(s) Succubi Sorceress of the Realm
AngelKitty Shadow
Age Physically late-20s, though she is actually about a century in age.
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blue
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Black
Personality Inquisitive with a hint of adventurousness
Strength(s) A natural talent at spell casting and summoning
Weakness(es) Slightly unsure of her talents which causes some hesitation in action
Favorite Place Spellcraft Lane
Home in the Realm Shadekeep Place
Alias The Sorceress
Created By Adelle
Quote You aren’t me,
and I’m not you.

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Adelle, better known as the Realm's only true Succubi Sorceress, is one of the younger members of the Collective Succubi. She is a black-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty is called Shadow.

Adelle was offered a place in the Realm by Tera soon after they encountered one another, Adelle being enamoured by Tera. What sealed her decision however was learning that there wasn't a sorceress in the Realm, certainly not one that was one of the succubi. That drove Adelle on her path to discovery of who she was and what she really wanted.

Physical Description

Adelle is a young member of the Succubi who appears to be in her late-twenties. She is a black tailed succubi and is about as tall as Branwyn, one of Tera's daughters. Her normal scent is almond. Adelle has straight light blue hair which falls to just past her shoulders, two long locks falling into her cleavage.She as well endowed as many of the succubi, tending to wear black, usually preferring leather corsets and skirts in various styles with thigh-high boots.


Powers and Abilities



Lyanna is Adelle's Tailself, being a violet tailed member of the Succubi with bright yellow hair. If Adelle is focused on magic and sorcery, Lyanna cares more about the roles of dominants and how submissives are held in the Realm. She does not suffer those who disrespect those under their care. In the past, Lyanna was a succubi warrior of some note, being instrumental in some of the turning points of Realm history. Little is known about her past, save for some oblique references that mention her by name as being present, but not providing much detail in her role or actions.


Shadow is a white female Siamese AngelKitty with almond wings who is rarely seen in her human form. It's best to think of her as that angel, if occasionally more of a devil, on Adelle's shoulder that reminds her from time to time you do know that might not be the best thing to do? Her human form is that of what appears to be a stereotypical blonde bimbo. However this outward appearance conceals a very sharp mind and personality the equal of any that might challenge her.


  • Adelle calls herself an "apprentice Succubi and Sorceress" regardless of her talents.
  • Tends to "zone out" at times when trying to find the solution to a problem.
  • Has a thing for the colour blue, even if her tail is black.
  • Is enraptured with tales of a past Succubus Sorceress who, strangely, seems very familiar, though her name has been lost to the ages.
  • Adelle first appeared in the story Lesson Plans on Tera's Blog.


  • Finds it extremely difficult to ask for help, especially from Tera. Asking for help, even if it was the best thing to do, and would be the answer to her problems, would mean admitting she was weak and admitting that to Tera bothers her a lot.
  • Is infatuated with Tera and seeks out her approval.
  • Loves to wear black, usually preferring leather corsets and skirts.
  • Has, quite often, had her magic backfire with "explosive" results.

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