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A Visit from the Incubus (2001)

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A Visit from the Incubus
Promotional Image for A Visit from the Incubus
Promotional Image for A Visit from the Incubus
Directed by Anna Biller
Produced by Anna Biller
Jared Sanford ..
Written by Anna Biller
Starring Anna Biller
Jared Sanford
Natalia Schroeder
Music by Anna Biller
Cinematography Chris Nils Laine
C. Thomas Lewis
Daniel Pfisterer
William Roland
Editing by Anna Biller
Studio Anna Biller Productions
Distributed by Anna Biller Productions
Release date(s) October 2001
Running time 26 Minutes
Country USA
Language English

For other uses of the word Incubus, or movies involving Incubi, see Incubus (disambiguation).

A Visit from the Incubus is a 2001 American short film written, directed and starring Anna Biller. In this film, an Incubus appears that torments the heroine of the film, Lucy.


  • Title: A Visit from the Incubus
  • Director: Anna Biller
  • Writer: Anna Biller
  • Studio: Anna Biller Productions
  • Genre: Musical, Western, Short
  • MPAA Rating: None
  • Runtime: 26 Minutes
  • Release Date: October 2001


Actor Role
Anna Biller Lucy McGee
Jared Sanford The Incubus
Natalia Schroeder Madeleine
Gerald J.J. Johnson Saloon Manager
Joe Babicki Bartender
Gary Sample Grumbler
Ed Dollison Drunk / Grumbler
Joel King Rustler
James Bohan Rustler
Tom Chaney Hustler
Christina Canning Showgirl
Daniella Morre Showgirl
Marisa Brooke Jones Showgirl
Sabrina Steele Devil Showgirl
Lisa Nowicki Devil Showgirl
Christopher Goodson Manly Man
Ryan Wright Cowboy

Movie Summary

Lucy, a young Victorian woman in the Old West, is being tormented by nightly visits from an incubus. Her friend Madeleine tries to console her, but is unable to help. A fallen woman, Lucy gets a job singing at the local saloon. However, the Incubus has followed her there; and things take an unexpected turn as Lucy and the Incubus, amidst the rowdy cowboys and saucy can-can girls, have their final showdown.

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