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A Darker Shade of Dawn (eBook)

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A Darker Shade of Dawn
A Darker Shade of Dawn eBook Cover, written by Aimee Roseland
A Darker Shade of Dawn eBook Cover, written by Aimee Roseland
Author(s) Aimee Roseland
Publisher Aimee Roseland
Publication date May 7, 2013
Media type eBook
Length 91 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

A Darker Shade of Dawn is an eBook written by Aimee Roseland. It is the third work in the Beneath the Veil series by this author. In this work the main character Roschana is a Succubus and she is part of a society of Succubi.


  • Title: A Darker Shade of Dawn
  • Author: Aimee Roseland
  • Published By: Aimee Roseland
  • Length: 91 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: May 7, 2013

Plot Summary

Most cultures revere “pure” women. Being called virginal is a compliment and women who sleep around are considered cheap. So where does that leave a two-thousand year old succubus?

Roschana has pretty much given up on finding a lifemate. No man wants to be compared to an army of lovers that came before him. Talk about an ego crusher. So Roxy works weekends at The Mill, hiding her true identity and playing dominatrix while feeding off the sexual energy of repressed investment bankers. But her biggest secret of all is that she still longs for true love.

Noah is an astronomer working at Columbia University. He’s a self-proclaimed nerd and knows more about the stars than he does about people. Now that the population has just expanded to include monsters, he’s even more lost.

A chance encounter in the night world opens up new possibilities for both of them, but something is stalking Roschana’s sisters. The Ripper has returned with a vengeance, intent on eliminating all succubae before again pursuing his favorite prey: humans.

Everyone is a suspect as ghosts from the past demand justice and love is challenged to forgive or die.

Book Review

At the time of this article's entry in the SuccuWiki, no review was available. Tera has this work on her reading list and will review it shortly.

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