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The Incubus Master Collection (eBook)

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The Incubus Master Collection
The Incubus Master Collection eBook Cover, written by Rowin Khalamov
The Incubus Master Collection eBook Cover,
written by Rowin Khalamov
Author(s) Rowin Khalamov
Series The Incubus Master
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date June 11, 2018
Media type eBook
Length 140 Pages
Preceded by The Incubus Master: Part Three

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

The Incubus Master Collection is an eBook written by Rowin Khalamov. It a collection of the works in the Incubus Master series by this author. In this work one of the characters is an Incubus.


  • Title: The Incubus Master Collection
  • Author: Rowin Khalamov
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 140 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: June 11, 2018

Other Works in this Series on SuccuWiki

Plot Summary

All three adventures of the incubus master in one collection:

  • The Incubus Master: Part I: Vinior Drekore finally has all he needs to finish an unknown ritual. Yet the results were disastrous, transforming him into something that is no longer human. At the same time, Cyrena Dred, a bounty hunter looking for relics, has her deadly eye set on robbing Vinior of his life.
  • The Incubus Master: Part II: The botched ritual has turned Vinior's life around. He has a sexy apprentice, Cyrena, helping him with his store. And his new limbs help double his workload. A mischievous concoction of Cyrena also helped with boosting the sales of his alchemy store. Except Cyrena's presence is a problem for the local law, and Vinior will have to step up to show who is the master!
  • The Incubus Master: Part III: With the truth of his crush revealed, Vinior is torn on his feelings towards Aris. But this set of mixed emotions gets wiped away when the Daughters of Ohdia sent an agent to strike. Vinior will have to rely on his new tentacle-limbs to protect what he loves!

Book Review

At the time of this article's entry in the SuccuWiki, no review was available. Tera has this work on her reading list and will review it shortly.

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