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Neo Succubus Set (Vendalia Foxtrot)

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Neo Succubus Set
Neo Succubus Set by Vendalia Foxtrot

Vendalia Foxtrot
Skin or Avatar

Adult Content


Second Life Marketplace

Neo Succubus Set is an avatar for Second Life created by Vendalia Foxtrot. This avatar has a Succubus-like appearance and is available in either red or blue.

Neo Succubus Set

  • Avatar set available in two colors: Red and Blue
  • This set comes with sculpted shoulder pads, wings, gauntlets, shoes with feet, and many other itens. There is also a color changing HUD that allows changes to the skin tint for the feet and tail of the avatar.
  • Neo Succubus Tail: Can adjust color with Color Changing HUD. The tail is animated with a wag. Also, when someone touches it, they can choose from 6 different things that can happen as a reaction to that.
  • High Heel Shoes: Can adjust color of foot skin with Color Changing HUD. By clicking on the shoes, you can change the size of the shoe and foot. Also, you can change the texture skin to white with the color changing HUD, or you can also change the texture to the Freak texture.
  • Larger Prim Chest Texture: If you use the larger prim chests that allow you to add a texture, there is also a texture that can be applied to them. It is found in your folder as a Large Chest Top Texture.


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