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Incubus (disambiguation)

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Incubus may refer to:

Incubus (demon), a demon in male form that "lies upon" sleeping women; see also Succubus, a female demon which seduces men in dreams

A women's running shoe made by Reebok

A Dark Eldar warrior in the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000

Incubi, a novel by Edward Lee

A beer in the Belgian Tripel style made by Sly Fox Brewery in Pennsylvania, US

In film:

Incubus (film), a number of films with a similar titles: Incubus (1965 film), a film in Esperanto starring William Shatner The Incubus, a 1981 horror film Incubus (2007 film), a Horror film starring Tara Reid

In music: Incubus (band), an American alternative rock band from California. Inkubus Sukkubus, a British Goth metal band Opprobrium (band), American death metal band from Louisiana which changed their name in order to avoid confusion "Incubus" (song), a 1984 song by Marillion on the album Fugazi "Incubus Succcubus" (song), a song by Xmal Deutschland

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