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Incubus produced by Sly Fox Brewery
Type Ale (Bottle Conditioned)
Manufacturer Sly Fox Brewery
Distributor Sly Fox Brewery
Country of origin Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Introduced 2008
Discontinued Still In Production
Alcohol by volume 10.30% ABV
Colour Amber
Flavour Abbey-style Tripel beer
Variants Succubus

Incubus was a bottle conditioned ale produced by Sly Fox Brewery of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. In 2010, the anniversary of the company, they also produced Succubus as a special production run. Incubus is a year-round available Tripel beer the company produced.


A golden in color, dry and spicy ale brewed with German Pils malt and German hops.


On the first Friday of every month, and only on the first Friday, a single keg of Incubus Tripel is tapped at noon at the Phoenixville location.


  • Ale (Bottle Conditioned)
  • Alcohol: 10.30% alcohol by volume
  • Price: $8 US per bottle

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