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The Succubus Zem'Jil, Servant of the Goddess Wee Jas as illustrated in
Dragon #350
Series Dungeons and Dragons
First appearance Core Beliefs: Wee Jas
Dragon #350 - Page 33
Created by Sean K. Reynolds
Game information
Gender Female
Race Transformed
Succubus Servant
Class Medium Outsider
(Lawful, Demon,
Evil, Extraplanar)
Alignment Lawful Evil

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Zem'Jil is a Succubus NPC character created by Sean K. Reynolds who appeared in the Core Beliefs: Wee Jas article published in Dragon magazine issue 350. Her history is a unique one in that she was transformed by Wee Jas, the Suel goddess of Magic, Death, Vanity, and Law, into her servant on the Material Plane. In doing so, Zem'Jil's natural alignment was changed from Chaotic Evil to Lawful Evil, she lost some aspects of her Succubus nature, but also gained some new abilities. She is completely loyal to Wee Jas and serves at her will in whatever capacity is desired by her Goddess.

Character Information


Zem'Jil is described as being a transformed succubus servant of the Suel goddess Wee Jas. Originally Zem'Jil was an ordinary succubus bound into a talisman by a wizard. Wee Jas came into possession of the enslaved demon as an offering from wizard who had bound Zem'Jil in exchange for knowledge about a spell he was researching. Wee Jas left Zem'Jil in the talisman, keeping her in a vault for 500 years while Wee Jas tried to decide what to do with her. Eventually Wee Jas came to see that she could make use of the demon and made Zem'Jil an offer. She could submit to being bound to the goddess forever as her lawful servant or remain unsummoned until the end of time. Lonely and bored from her confinement, Zem'Jil agreed, and she was transformed into a lawful succubus-like creature completely devoted to Wee Jas.

Physical Description

Zem'Jil's true form is that of a tall, slender, cruel-looking but beautiful woman with fair skin and bright red hair. She prominently wears a holy symbol of Wee Jas, and a revealing dress that accentuates her curves. She is lawful evil in alignment and has the lawful subtype rather than chaotic. As a result her weapons are treated as lawful weapons rather than chaotic. As well she cannot summon vrocks, but otherwise has all the normal powers of a succubus.


Zem'Jil has a haughty, sarcastic, and snide attitude. She only enters combat if greatly rewarded for doing so and if she is ambushed or surprised she is more likely to flee than fight. Zem'Jil serves Wee Jas as a messenger, adviser, diplomat, and seducer, all of which she does willingly for minimal rewards. She could act as an assassin if the target isn't dangerous to her, but this is rare and not in her usual actions. As payment for her assistance, she prefers jewelry and magic items.


No statistics were given for Zem'Jil in the article she appeared in. However, the basic statistics for a standard Succubus found on page 46 in the Monster Manual could be used with modifications to reflect her Lawful Evil alignment and other features. These include her inability to summon vrocks and her weapons that should be treated as Lawful in nature and not Chaotic.


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