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World's Shyest Succubus 5: Adjustment (eBook)

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World's Shyest Succubus 5:
World's Shyest Succubus 5: Adjustment eBook Cover, written by Taylor Knobb
World's Shyest Succubus 5: Adjustment eBook Cover, written by Taylor Knobb
Author(s) Taylor Knobb
Series Philos University
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date May 12, 2016
Media type eBook
Length 25 Pages
Preceded by World's Shyest Succubus 4: Sisterhood
Followed by World's Shyest Succubus: The Collection

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World's Shyest Succubus 5: Adjustment is an eBook written by Taylor Knobb. It is the fifth work in the Philos University series by this author. In this work the character Adina is transformed into a Succubus and the character Chastity is a Succubus as well.


  • Title: World's Shyest Succubus 5: Adjustment
  • Author: Taylor Knobb
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: May 12, 2016

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Plot Summary

It’s been two months since Adina’s change from shy, quiet student to angel-featured succubus, and while she’s adjusted to a lot of her new situation she’s shocked at the sudden surge of rage and predatory instinct when someone takes advantage of one of her friends. Confronted with the truth of her nature and precisely what it means, Adina must work to take control before she does something that she will truly regret!

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on May 15, 2016

Time has passed for Adina and along the way she’s learned to control her abilities, deal with her hunger, come to terms with her faith… and found herself someone to love. An encounter takes her to a place she’s never been to before, revenge. A dark thing she needs to control for her own sake if not for the person that she feels deserves her wrath.

The story is an abrupt change from the prior work in the series, mainly because Adina goes from not having much control over her needs to being in complete control of them. She’s able to control her feeding, alter the memories of those she feeds from, control her power to the point where everything she wears is transformed into making her look as sexual as possible.

Further to this change, Adina now has a love, she’s settled her faith, managed to get back to her studies in college and, one expects from how things are mentioned, that overall she’s happy with her new life and has come to deal with it.

The problem is, however, that none of this character development is explored, explained, or commented on. It just happens and the story skims over these points by just explaining that time has passed, Adina has learned, and this is how things are. It feel like a lot of story was cast to the side in doing so, passing over all of the interesting aspects that could have been told for the sake of coming to the conclusion of the series.

Seeing Adina in control of her life is one thing, and overall it was expected that she would do so. But it’s really leaving her character development to the winds and instead the story focuses more on Adina seeking revenge, of a sort, upon someone that has hurt someone Adina knows.

This in itself is an interesting story, how that builds up over time I think works well, and how Adina uses her succubus powers to gain a measure of revenge makes sense. But the internal struggles within herself, knowing that if she loses control, she might kill someone, doesn’t seem to have as much focus as it should considering how much this mattered to Adina in the past.

The question of Adina’s personal life, her new found love, how her succubus sister Chastity helps and teaches is also skimmed over. Some points are mentioned, in passing, but otherwise there’s just not enough time spent in the details overall. There is some erotica in this work, but again it’s fleeting, almost skimmed over, in the rush to draw this series to a conclusion. Just overall a lot of things that needed to be focused on and weren’t.

I feel like there are about two stories, possibly three, missing between the prior work and this one. I’m not sure why the author felt the need to draw Adina’s story to a close so rapidly. The work floats on the edge of telling a satisfying story, of bringing Adina full circle and leaving her in a place that fits were she started and all that she has learned about herself, about being a succubus, but more so, about being true to herself. It would have been nice to see all of that, but it wasn’t there.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Ending the series in the way it did left a lot of story untold. Skipping over so much character development, so much change in Adina, telling the story of her love, her new outlook is the real shame here. It’s a jarring jump from the prior work to this one and it didn’t need to be this way. I wish the author had taken the time to develop the characters and story further before tossing this ending to the series and calling it over.

According to a note at the end of this work, Adina will appear again, at least in some smaller role, or cameo, or something else, as the overall series this work is part of, Philos University, continues on. I hope the author will spend more time interweaving their characters into the series, telling their stories, and allowing the entire story to be told in its own time.

Rushing to a climax is never a good idea, and for a succubus it’s rather a poor thing to do… It leaves them… disappointed.

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