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Transcend: Children of Lilith (eBook)

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Children of Lilith
Transcend: Children of Lilith eBook Cover, written by L. M. Gose
Transcend: Children of Lilith
eBook Cover, written by L. M. Gose
Author(s) L. M. Gose
Series Children of Lilith
Publisher Tablo Publishing
Publication date May 1, 2020
Media type eBook
Length 345 Pages
Preceded by Ascend & Descend: Children of Lilith

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Transcend: Children of Lilith is an eBook written by L. M. Gose. It is the third work in the Children of Lilith series by this author. In this work Lilith appears.


  • Title: Transcend: Children of Lilith
  • Author: L. M. Gose
  • Published By: Tablo Publishing
  • Length: 345 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B08KHD22F4
  • Publishing Date: October 31, 2020

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Plot Summary

Rejoin the Children of Lilith Series as the twins continue their journey with all the characters they have come to know and love for the third installment of this epic fantasy coming of age saga Arya and Xavier Morningstar find things are a bit different now that Lilith is back. Circumstances have placed her as sovereign. As a result, Hell is in turmoil, leaving the twins plenty of time to explore their unique gifts, discover ancient secrets and realize they are still learning.Just as they’re embracing their new lives, Baan and Aya return to the realm as part of the royal family. Forced to forgive and forget, the twins use the ancient wolf and vampire’s experiences to navigate the Kingdom of Hell. Knowledge is power, and they intend to take as much of it as they can get if they’re going to defy their destinies.Arya has taken to her Wiccan magic, channeling her grace into her spell-casting. Xavier’s newest gift is uncontrollable, a terrifying power he must master before he puts everyone he loves in jeopardy. Their woefully poor understanding of the realm they will one day rule is nothing when they learn of a threat amassing in the outer universe. In order to stand a chance, the twins must restore Lucifer to his rightful place of power, but will they really risk everything to return him to the throne? Can the twins possibly learn enough to Transcend their fate?

Book Review

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