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Thorn Roseblood

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Thorn Roseblood
The Virtueverse Character known as Thorn Roseblood
Created by Necomancer
Game information
Homeland Hell
Gender Male
Race Noble Incubus
Alignment Neutral
Age Unknown
Title None
Alias None
Setting City of Heroes

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Thorn Roseblood is a player character in the Vitueverse game setting for the City of Heroes role playing game. He is described as being a Noble Incubus with many of the powers and abilities that can be found in traditional incubi.

Character Statistics

  • Name: Thorn Roseblood
  • Player: Necomancer
  • Origin: Magic
  • Archetype: Dominator
  • Threat Level: 50
  • Real Name: Unknown
  • Known Aliases: None
  • Species: Noble Incubus
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: Varies
  • Weight: Varies
  • Eye Color: Deep blue
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Nationality: Hell
  • Occupation: Part time hero and man whore
  • Place of Birth: Hell
  • Base of Operations: Hell
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: Many (See Noble Incubi Entry Below)
  • Known Powers: Mind/Mind Dom
  • Known Abilities: Powerful psychic and shape shifter
  • Equipment: None


Thorn manages to be well loved and hated at the same time. While generally very friendly and kind, he has a obviously strong biased towards women and is much more forgiving of their sins and talkative towards them. He also flirts endlessly, though he'd like to think he knows when to stop and when a woman wishes none of it. He also claims he never seduces, since he believes seduction is making someone unwilling wish to have sex with you, but people who know him might strongly disagree.

Thorn values highly two things, friendship and people's right to make their own decision. He rarely does more then give not so useful advice and very useful moral support when friends are stuck with big decisions, and this has often let him grow closer to them. Since friends are something hes rarely had in his life, he values them highly.

Thorn also saves people at times, though he never kills anymore and instead forces people into a tempory sleep like state via mental stimulus. He never lets someone come to harms way when he is about, but rarely goes actively looking for trouble. Mostly hes what he calls a socialite. Looking for social interaction when he can, with a admittedly strong biased towards women.

Notes about Noble Incubi

Thorn's race is a special kind of incubus/succubus. To be specific, its a direct line from the original succubus/incubus with no mixed blood involved. As such they consider themselves the most noble and powerful of their kind. The noble cubi live in a small area of hell no other demons or devils trespass on with good reason. Though a single one of them may not be a unstoppable force of madness they tend to stick with each other, thus making a small army of powerful demons that has a strength even the strongest lords of hell not risk angering. It doesn't help its rumored to still be lead by the original cubi.


The noble cubi live under a strict set of rules. No one is to gain power without it being approved by a higher ranking member of the family. You may not learn magic, tech, or even many forms of combat without strict permission. This is made to keep power in check and so the cubi are not constantly struggling and fighting amongst themselves in desperate power struggles. Occasionaly one disobeys this, or another, rule of their kind and are exiled. These cubi are stripped of their psychic powers and all shape shifting knowledge, reducing them in power greatly. They also lose the protection of their family. Most don't last long, as the noble cubi have made many many enemies and they rarely pass up a chance to kill one. Even an exile.

OOC notes

Noble cubi are my way of justifying all the different variety of succubi and incubi in CoX. Simply put, they all have mixed blood from other species that has weakened their over all powers, hence why they may need to eat souls or not be psychic. This by no means a noble cubi is always stronger then a normal one, they just start off with a stronger advantage.

Also of note noble cubi are very strong and I fully admit Thorn is by far my most god moded toon. The only way to kill one is either luck or very protected knowledge that has yet to be known by more then a few in existence. Still, beating one over and over will eventually yield luck. This is why I avoid combat with Thorn however, so please don't look for a fight with him. He does godmode.


Noble cubi are raised in many different ways but there is always one thing that's taught to them. Mortals are play things. They are toys. Break them, eat them, rape them, it doesn't matter. They are pointless to care about. They die so quick, they die so easily, its a small mercy to kill one and end its suffering.

Thorn was raised to do this, and cause chaos. He was the truest monster one can be. He took a mortal, male or female, became their perfect lover and met all their ideals. He secretly worked on ruining all their life, their wives and husbands, their children, their friends and family. He openly destroyed everything a person valued then denied it when accused, and he was always such a ideal lover that they always believed him over anyone else. Reading one's mind, even one's subconscious, and finding the perfect response had its advantages.

When all was said and done. When all they had was him, he'd tell them the truth, rape them, kill them, leave them to eternal misery, or a mix of all those things. He loved nothing more then to see someone's mind and soul break down as the one thing they loved most in this world turned out to have been the one thing that destroyed everything they cared for.It was the purpose of Thorn's existence.

Then one day he met her. A mind so broken, so shattered, there was nothing there he could take advantage of. She was alone, in a old ruined tower. Nothing to eat by scraps of whatever she could find, dirty and shriveled, she would surely die within a week if left alone. Thorn felt...drawn to her.

She was a mystery. A mind he could not unravel. A *mortal* mind he could not easily tap into, and so he wanted to study her. To beat her. He kept her safe, kept her feed and kept her comfortable. She relied on him, and even grew strong affection for him. Oddly despite his nature they never did more then hold each other close. He felt no need to do anything but protect her.

One day he opened his eyes and realized he cared for her, but he was afraid. Maybe she just liked him because he kept her clean, safe and feed? He decided he must know, so he stooped. He left her to her own devices, nearly letting her die but still she smiled and curled up near him. She cared for him back. Unconditionally. For the first time in his entire existence Thorn felt what it is to be loved.

He was not pretending to be someone else. Nothing was expected of him. She simply cared for him. It was the happiest he had been for a long time, and the first time he had felt so happy without anyone suffering as a result. Then...his family found out.

The head of his family actually showed up. She had helped raise Thorn personally and did not approve of his choice of suitors. Still, she figured if he was to keep her she could make her a decent pet for him. Thorn knew what this meant, it meant she would be broken and shattered. Moreso then she is now. There was no hope. He could not stop them. He was being held back, she was being taken away, and he saw but one opening. So with a heavy and desperate heart his tail snuck along the snow swept ground, white as the snow itself, and when close enough it angled up sharply and struck her heart, killing her and sending her to heaven, where his family could never reach her.

Thorn was punished for many years, but it was nothing he could not bear. After being let go all he truly did was wait and see what each day brought, and most of the time it was nothing. Everything changed however when a unlucky hellion found a book to summon succubi into the world, and got Thorn and another. They were roasted alive by the succubus and as for Thorn...well, this is where he is now.

Allies, friends and perhaps lovers

To be revealed in the future (there's a lot)

Powers and abilities

Thorn is a powerful psychic, though he rarely uses this to its full capacity. He tries to respect people's mind when he can. He also is a limitless shape shifter, able to change form and substance. The only weakness of this is he must understand a substance at a molecular level, wich takes many days of study for just about any substance imaginable. Luckily he has a large library built up already. He also knows some minor magic from a book he found, but nothing too powerful just yet.


  • Clarion Hope: "Thorn? A sweet guy if a bit shady. Always ready to throw out a compliment and brighten your day. Not all too sure if he does the same thing to dudes though. Come to think of it I'm not sure if I've ever seen him with a lot of male friends. Huh, well it's no great wonder I guess. Not too uncommon for flirty guys to have a bunch of lady friends. But you know....well....he is always shirtless....and the female friends....I wonder if h- No. Thinking too much. Thorn is a swell chum. End of discussion and speculation. Guh, images in my head I do not want."
  • (A source who wishes to remain anonymous): "All I can say is, Thorn talked me *out* of having sex with him, *twice*, which is something no other person I've met in the D before or since has even attempted."

OOC origins

Thorn started off as a tattoo. Specifically the bloom of a rose in one's palm, with a vine wrapped and coming up along the arm, then ending in another rose bloom on the cheek. I added and took stuff to this image and in the end came up with what Thorn is now. Sadly the tattoo cannot be made in game and its a bit too late in his existence as a toon to add it to his profile and say "Oh it was always there"

As for his past I got my inspiration for the insane woman oddly from Baldur's Gate 2, though not directly. I downloaded a mod that added a character to it who was a insane assassin woman obsessed with lullabies and sheep. I can't even remember the name but I think I was playing the game through as Thorn for the hell of it and she ended up becoming a part of his past. The assassin thing was dealt away with of course.

Later on I played Thorn in a MUD I frequent where he fell in love with a snake like woman and became her lover. The insane woman presumably still existed and Thorn visited her from time to time, but this didn't really feel right. Eventually the other player stopped playing and I stopped playing Thorn as a result.

I made him in the hero creation are of CoX for the fun of it as I do for many characters, and suddenly wanted to play him. I fully admit Thorn was at first a attempt to make a toon I could let out sexual frustration on but he evolved into a whole lot more. His past became perfected, his personality drifted away from a pure sex maniac, and he became what he is now. A well loved character I've made many friends with by RPing.


  • Thorn's first true love may very well have been a woman he had earlier broken and left for dead. He simply forgot about her and when he saw her again old affections came back and she clung to him. Whether or not this is true, Thorn has no idea.
  • Thorn's first true love is also watching him from heaven's gates, though this is also something he is unaware of. She wants to make sure he is happy and can move on, before going into heaven herself. Also she finds Thorn better then most TV to watch.
  • Thorn used to have a girlfriend named Claire, however I have reason to believe she's completely left the game. Since Thorn would never leave her and would wait hundreds of years for her return I decided I'm better off saying it never happened.
  • Thorn's best friends are oddly people hes either never slept with or rarely has.

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