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Surisha as illustrated in Monsters Unleashed Volume 1 #10
Publication information
Publisher Curtis Magazines
(Marvel Comics)
First Appearance Monsters Unleashed
Volume 1 #10
Created By Chris Claremont
Tony DeZuniga
In-story information
Alter Ego None
Species Succubus
Place of Origin Own Plane
Team Affiliations None
Partnerships Aesklos
Notable Aliases None
Abilities Attractive Female
Divine Powers
Siphon Lifeforce
Super Strength

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Surisha was a Marvel Comics character who was a Succubus and made her first appearance in Monsters Unleashed Volume 1 #10 in the story The Serenity Stealers. Surisha had a symbiotic relationship with the demon Aesklos who provided souls for her to feed upon. She came into conflict with Tigra who battled Surisha and in doing so eventually caused Aesklos to kill Surisha.

Character Data

  • Name: Surisha
  • Aliases: None
  • Species: Succubus
  • Gender: Female
  • Homeworld: Own Plane
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: White
  • First Appearance: Monsters Unleashed Volume 1 #10
  • Other Appearances: Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities (2007)

Character Background

Surisha appeared in Monsters Unleashed Volume 1 #10 in the story The Serenity Stealers where Tigra came into contact with her. In that story Surisha sent the demon Aesklos, who was under her command to Earth to steal the life energy and souls of innocents. Aesklos would then bring back the energies claimed to Surisha so she could sustain her existence. Surisha was unable to leave her own realm so she relied entirely on Aesklos to keep her alive and in turn, Aesklos kept itself alive by feeding on the souls it had stolen as well.

During one of Aesklos 's travels to Earth, Tigra saw the demon kill an innocent and upon seeing Aesklos kill a second innocent man, Tigra followed Aesklos back to Surisha's realm. After feeding on the souls, Surisha sent Aesklos back to Earth in search of more souls. When Aesklos departed Tigra attacked Surisha.

The two battled and Surisha tried to take the soul of Tigra, but Tigra was too strong and resisted Surisha's powers. When Tigra raked her claws across Surisha's face, Surisha summoned Aesklos back to her realm to protect her. Aesklos' predator instincts saw Surisha in a weakened state and Aesklos attacked, soon after consuming Surisha's soul and killing her. With Surisha dead Aesklos died moments later disentegrating into dust.


Surisha was a succubus and as such had many of the abilities of the Succubus of legend. She was capable of stealing the life energy or souls of others, needing to do so to sustain her existence as she aged very quickly if she did not. She also shared a symbiotic relationship with the demon Aesklos and was able to consume the life energy or souls he had taken directly from him. She had super strength and was able to battle with Tigra, holding her at bay for some time.

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