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Succubus (Riliyka)

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Riliyka Succubi
Eradan, a well-known Succubus in the White World of Riliyka
Power source Beings of Evil
Publication history
Source books Riliyka
First appearance Riliyka
Mythological origins Succubi

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the world of Riliyka are found in a place where fantasy and reality meet and are transformed. The many worlds of this universe are held within the minds of individual characters in the story. In the case of Succubi, they are part of and live in a world created by Iris Eawan who lives in an asylum in the real world, but escapes into her own mental world called the White World where the Succubi exist as her creation.

Iris Eawan

Iris Eawan is an inmate in Relandia Asylum , where she resides in cell 308. She is notable for being the second inmate in the Asylum to gain the ability to create mental worlds.


Iris is a dark-haired Caucasian woman, in her early thirties. She is rather small for her age, being only 168 centimeters tall. Furthermore, her facial expressions and many other body signs are rather reminiscent of a creation of hers. This is almost certainly not a coincidence.


Iris Eawan is a rather cruel individual, having brutally and slowly killed many small animals in the Relandia woods during her youth. She is also rather aggressive and has had many encounters with the authorities, due to verbally or physically abusing relatives, classmates and even strangers without provocation. Her darkest side revealed itself when she was caught sexually abusing a freshman during her last year at high school. This incident was the last straw, and she was transferred to the Asylum the day she would've graduated. Her hateful behavior towards others only grew there.

Due to Iris' actual wish to cause pain and trauma to other beings, she is one of the rare few entities in any world that is actually, truly and consciously evil.

Iris and the White World

In time, although she constantly tormented the other inmates at first, she began to become more withdrawn within a world within her mind, where she could escape from the loneliness of the Asylum. Much like Yin Tao is to Terra, she is a god to the inhabitants of this White World.


With the complexity of the universe, which even the greatest minds (with the exception of one) cannot comprehend, it is hard to explain what it truly is. The arguably best way to name its components is the term worlds.

What is a World?

A world is a single amorphous space, ranging in size from millimeters to an uncountable amount of light years, containing a multitude of dimensions. Although many believe other dimensions within a single world are quite different, the opposite is true. All dimensions of a single world share and obey a certain law of physics.

Examples of worlds are Real life, Relinquo Urbs , Bakataña and Omega IV.

Mental Worlds

On rare occasions, a living being within a world is brought into an immeasurably insane state of mind, often by a chain reaction of traumatic events. Such individuals, whose minds deviate from the normal mentality of their species, become able to create a mental world. It is a purely fictional world inside the mind of its creator, who somewhat plays the role of God over it. Although extremely rare, living beings within a mental world can reach this irrational state of mind themselves, thus allowing an infinite amount of mental worlds to be created inside one another.

Mental worlds are often 'modeled' after their creator. For instance, the White World represents Iris' sexual frustrations, while Terra was strict and evenly divided due to Yin's compulsive, symmetrical way of thinking- before Ihurah entered it.

Some individuals are capable of intruding the mental worlds of others through an intrusion dimension which serves as a route between one mind and the other.

The White World

The White World is the mental world of Iris Eawan. It is home to the Succubus race.


All the White World truly is, is an infinite flat plane, composed of pale, organic material. Most of it is barren and flat, although some structures stand throughout it, constructed by Succubi with material from various other worlds. Its sky is pitch black, and nothing exists in the heavens above the White World, save for Kcebbi Sol.

Succubus Architecture

The architecture of the Succubi resembles a mix between Roman designs and a prison or dungeon. The buildings are often single-roomed, and sealed with a sturdy gate. The insides of the buildings often contain various torture devices, some used by the Succubi themselves, others reserved for unfortunate beings that entered the World by accident. The few large buildings in the White World are used as political or military centres, which contain such torture cells as well. Even the architecture and design of these structures reflect the Succubi's obsession with sexual activities.

Life in the White World

Most Succubi live in it, and live a life that is warped and perverse by our standards. The planes of the White World are often the site of an accidentally 'triggered' Succubus orgy, caused by their mental instability and their nymphomania. With the exception of the few higher Succubi such as Ihurah, most are usually entangled in whatever sexual encounter has recently begun to occur.


Eradan, a well-known Succubus of the White World

Succubi are an all-female race of demon-like beings, native to the White World.


Physically, Succubi appear as slender, nearly skeletal, feminine figures composed of shadow matter, sometimes with stretched proportions. Their skin contains glands that produce a slimy pheromone, as well as porelike openings that allow them to intake and digest nutrients from the air. As with many lesser demons, Succubi have organic masks for faces. Aside from those details, Succubi are much like human females, anatomically.

Naming System

Succubi have a strange naming system, which involves the suffixes -ah, -dan, -des and -elak. It appears that Succubi will name all of their children with the suffix alphabetically next in line to their own suffix. The fact they use an Earthly alphabetical order is a subtle hint to their origins- the real human Iris. Last names of mothers are generally used unchanged by daughters, much like Earthly humans.

Thus, the Succubus Ihurah gives all of her daughters the suffix -dan (such as R'ahyedan or Eradan). If any of these daughters were to have children themselves, these would bear the suffix -des, and the children of those -elak, and the children of those -ah again in an endless cycle.

Succubus Blood Mark

Succubus blood marks are symbols (often crosses) in Succubus culture that serve to represent a specific family. The signature of a Succubus consists of the mark, followed by her name in successionspeak.


A Cenotaph (empty tomb in Greek) is a monument erected in honor of a significant deceased Succubus by her closest sisters, and often also by unrelated friendly colleagues in the Kezla Empire. While less important Succubi are often only given a (still quite impressive) tomb, military leaders, artists and respected philosophers (among others) are given multiple Cenotaphs on worlds where the most important events of their lives have occured (such as a former battlefield in the wilderness).

Generally, Cenotaphs are long, ribbed structures, with many epitaphs and other scriptures written in stylized successionspeak lined all over them. At one end of the ribs stands a tall slab of ceramic or onyx, in which the Succubus's blood mark is carved.

Imperial Council of Succubi

The Imperial Council of Succubi is a specially founded government body in the Kezla Empire, meant to govern its most important colony. Its members are the 85 younger sisters of Ihurah Jehovaen.

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