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Succubus (Parthos)

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Succubus (Parthos)
Representative image of a Parthos Succubus
Alignment Evil
Type Demon (Lust)
Publication history
Source books Parthos Wiki
First appearance Parthos Wiki
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Parthos role-playing game are demons of stunning and sinister beauty who's goal is to tempt mortals.


Parthos is a Role-Playing Game run in The Parthenon, an AIM chatroom (or AOL chatroom) during scheduled sessions. It is played largely through imagination and writing, between a group of characters (the players) interacting with one another and the world around them. It is run like a table-top RP, with dice to determine some outcomes, and not a freeform game. Most of the game takes place in the Inn of the Parthenon, where adventurers gather to talk, spar, and wait for work from PGMs, be it slaying a local menace, protecting cargo, or furthering some ne'er-do-well's schemes.



In her natural form, a succubus is a stunning and sinister beauty. Succubi stand from five to six feet tall and weigh from ninety-five to one hundred and thirty pounds; they display the entire range of female beauty, from seemingly demure to savage, but are always lithe and shapely. Their nails are long, sharp talons. Bat-like wings spread over their shoulders, and many have small horns on their brows. Their upper canines are curved fangs.

Known Behaviors

As the embodiment of lust's corrosive effects, succubi love nothing better than to tempt mortals away from some long-held loyalty, whether it be seducing a man out of his marriage vows or tempting a priest into breaking his oath of chastity. The exact nature of the commitment hardly matters; what attracts them is the power they feel in driving someone to break it.

When encountered in Bierilon, succubi are usually there either to corrupt a specific mortal target on behalf of an evil power (or sometimes simply for their own amusement and ambitions) or because they have been summoned to gratify their caller. In the latter case, succubi are sometimes loyal enough to fight beside their summoner -- especially if he has enough power to make that a winning proposition -- but are just as likely to abandon him and feign innocence to escape his enemies.

Known Range

  • The Abyss, anywhere in Bierilon

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