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Succubus (Orgomancers)

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Succubus (Orgomancers)
Flavor image of a Succubus in Orgomancers - The Dickening
Alignment Evil
Type Demon (Lust)
Publication history
Source books Orgomancers
First appearance Orgomancers Wiki
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Orgomancers - The Dickening roleplaying card game are a type of monster girl who represent lust incarnate and as such are sought after harem members.


In the game monstergirls manipulate the orgone energies of each world they arrive on. Thankfully, when they first reached the world where this game is set, some were comparatively friendly, and helped some humans learn the secret or Orgomancy. Through Orgomancy, Orgomancers can work great magics, and can bind monsters to their will through vigorous sexual intercourse.

Orgomancers are charged with using this power to drive the monsters away from their world. Like all things however, this power comes with a price: Aspiring Orgomancers need to remain virginal until their 30th year, while subjecting their bodies to at least a decade of vigorous training and discipline. Since the average human has a long sexual career to look back on by this age, the number of potential adepts was extremely small during the first two generations of the campaign. As a result, humanity's role in the world has become an increasingly small one... until recently when new human Orgomancers appeared to battle the invasion.


The system uses a number of ordinary six-sided dice. To resolve an action, roll dice equal to the rank you have in a relevant Attribute. Add the results of each die together to determine what number you get. If the number is higher than the Difficulty, you succeed. When opposing the action of someone else, if the person who rolls the higher number succeeds.


Attributes are rated from one to five as follows:

  • Charisma, Wits (includes Manipulation), Intelligence (research, make orgone-fueled items), Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Endowment, Orgonomics (amount of power you can channel) and Gnosis (adeptness at using your power)


In addition to your attributes, you have two pools of points. The maximum for these pools is determined based on your attributes, and the number of points in those pools raises or lowers during play.

  • Orgone Pool: Orgone x 5 + Endowment + Charisma
  • Health Levels: Constitution x 5 + Strength


To attack, roll Dexterity. The opposing character also raises dexterity to resist. Whoever roll higher succeeds in attacking, and then rolls strength. The loser of the Dexterity roll loses Health equal to the result of the Strength roll. When one individual is reduced to 0 or less health, the individual is considered helpless until it reaches a positive Health score. Any other character may choose to kill the helpless individual, to initiate sex, or do anything else to the helpless character.


You have a Deck, composed of all of the Cards your character has. Each turn, you draw cards until you have as many cards in your Hand as your Magery score. To play a card, pay its Orgone cost. If it is a Summon card, the creature comes into play under your control. If it is a Spell card, the effect listed on the card occurs.


Each character rolls Endowment. The difference between the two values is subtracted from the Orgone Pool of the character who rolled the lower value, and added to that of the character who rolled higher. When a Monster is reduced to 0 or less Orgone, it becomes a card. When a human is reduced to 0 or less Orgone, he or she orgasms, and becomes helpless.


A classic and well-known monstergirl, succubi represent lust incarnate and as such are sought after harem members. They are however considered best left to more powerful orgomancers due to their natures as wicked demons that live to corrupt those around them and possessing powers that rival most orgomancers. These fiends seem to know all forms of sex magic and some claim that they are the creators of the art. Succubi live on pure orgone energy and will often build harems of their own consisting of weaker males and occasionally females from whom they can draw power. Those who fail to please a succubus sufficiently to enter her harem are drained until their dried husk collapses into dust.


Summon Cost Amount Feats and Features
Charisma 4 Sex Magic (Variable Cost) Succubi instinctively know a great number of spells, including all spells of the Mind, Body, and Divination categories. A given succubus will also know either all Tentacle or Toy magic as well. The most powerful know all spells in every category. Succubi ignore the attribute requirements when using such instinctive spells but they otherwise act as defined in the Magic list.
Wits 4
Endowment 4 Wings (Passive Cost) A succubus can grow or absorb a pair of bat-like wings at will. These allow her to fly at twice her normal speed.
Strength 2 Shapeshift (5 Cost) The succubus assumes the form of another roughly human-sized female. This power lasts for as long as the succubus wishes, but she can be revealed by either her shadow or her reflection, both of which show her true form.
Dexterity 4
Constitution 3 Desire (Passive Cost) Succubi are creature's of such mind-numbing lust that even less passionate acts with one allow them to make Endowment rolls against a victim. The victim can only resist, they cannot damage the succubus' orgone pool unless engaged in acts which normally allow them to roll Endowment. A passionate kiss, draping herself over someone, and fondling a victim through their clothes are all sufficient to drain orgone.
Intelligence 3 Consume Soul (Passive Cost) Succubi feed on the energy they drain from their victims. When one drains orgone from a victim she heals half that amount of HP.
Orgonomics 5 Alternate Forms
Already terrible in their power, there still exist even more formidable individuals among these fiendish temptresses. Greater succubi may posses any or all of the following powers.
Gnosis 5 Aura of Lust (12 Cost) The succubus emits an aura of pinkish light around herself to a distance of twenty feet and lasting for five minutes. All creatures that do not posses Aura of Lust become easily aroused unless they succeed at a roll of their Intelligence vs. the succubus' Endowment. Those who fail this roll give treat all creatures they encounter as having +1 die to their Endowment for as long as they remain inside the aura.
Hit Points 17 Detect Kinks (3 Cost) (Roll: Charisma vs. target's Wits) The succubus learns all of the target's interests in bed and how important each is to their arousal. For the next hour the succubus gains a +1 on all Charisma, Wits, and Endowment rolls against that target. After the hour this knowledge fades, although a succubus might remember some of it on her own.
Orgone 33 Words of Desire (4 Cost) Imbuing her very words with power the succubus may speak so suggestively as to roll Endowment against any victim within 15 feet. By speaking specifically to those within arms reach the succubus rolls an extra die, and whispering such temptations in the ear of a single target grants three dice. Some succubi use a variant on this power called Flesh of Desire, which works at the same ranges but is based on striking an inviting pose rather than speaking. The whisper is replaced by making even the slightest physical contact.

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