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Succubus (Metrobay Universe)

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The Metrobay Universe
Sample cover from HIPComix by AkonKid
Author Doctor Robo
Finister Foul
Various Authors & Artists
Website http://www.hipcomix.com/
Current status / schedule Active
Launch date 2004
End date Currently
Publisher HIPComix
Genre(s) Adult
Rating(s) Adult

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Metrobay universe is an online comic series universe created by Doctor Robo and Finister Foul and can be found at their website, HIPComix. The series is set in a city called Metrobay, a giant, sprawling urban center and major port into a larger country the city corders upon. In this universe heroes and villains battle for control, power, influence, or simply revenge among other plans and plots.

Succubi in the Metrobay Universe

The appearance of Succubi in the Metrobay universe has been limited. Two Succubus characters have appeared: Deminsha and Lascivia. There has also been an appearance of a demoness called Sadistra who is described as being the Queen of Hell.

While in general most beings from Hell have been seen to be evil in nature, it has been shown that not all Succubi are truly evil, though the majority are evil as the attainment of "true evil" is a goal that all beings in Hell strive for. Lascivia is an example of a "good" Succubus and her half-sister Deminsha is an example of a "evil" succubus.

Physically, Succubi can have multiple physical appearances ranging from completely demonic (red skin, horns and tail) to almost completely human in skin tone but having wings or tails.

The powers of Succubi in the Metrobay universe are generally similar to the traditional Succubi, mainly focusing on their supernatural seductive skills, unnatural sensory awareness, and hypnotic voice, eyes, and other similar physical abilities.


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